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The morning after their exhausting day in New York City, Cristina finds Lucy and Ian asleep together on the couch. She wakes up Lucy, who tells her that "mommy and daddy" need a little more sleep. Christina then asks an important question. "Is Ian my daddy now?" Ian is the first to recover. He tells the little girl that he and her mommy are just good friends. He's Danny's dad, and Kevin is her dad. Lucy jumps in, explaining that they were both very tired and fell asleep. Kevin is still Christina's daddy, and he always will be. Lucy was just dreaming about him. She knows that he misses them just as much as they miss him. Kevin is trying to get better so that he can come back home to them. Christina announces that she's going to draw a picture for when Kevin comes home.

Ian tells Lucy that she handled that better than he would have. She managed to explain what Christina saw without making a big deal out of it. Lucy thinks this might be a big deal after all. The fact that such a thing even occurred to Christina says a lot. Lucy and Ian shouldn't be spending so much time together. Lucy appreciates what he's trying to do, but maybe she really should be with her husband. Ian reminds her that she tried that already. Kevin doesn't even know who he is right now. Ian asks her not to go, but Lucy is insistent. She picks up her suitcase, and they fight for control. Lucy accuses Ian of having an ulterior motive. She thinks that it's because he's never liked Kevin. When Ian scoffs at the idea, Lucy concludes that it must be about her. Ian obviously wants her all to himself. They do have a history. Ian is flustered. Why is she even bringing up the past? Lucy doesn't think that he would get so upset if it weren't true.

Ian protests. She's making it sound as if he wants to be around her all the time. The truth is that she's not as much of a joy to be around as she thinks she is. As soon as she finds a moment's peace, she can't stand it. She's only happy when she's torturing herself and everyone around her. He should have put her on the first flight to Switzerland. That way, she could bore the poor, unsuspecting Swiss into oblivion with her never-ending hand-wringing about Kevin. He mocks her. "Oh, Ian, should I do this? Should I do that? I don't know what I'm going to do here." Ian complains that it never ends.

Lucy takes offense at being called "boring." Ian admits that he didn't mean that. What he meant to call her was "tedious." She's a tedious bore. Lucy's outraged at this. Ian is amused at having broken her. She has nothing to say, which must be a first. Lucy informs him that she has something to say, and she's going to say it. She hits him in the face with a pillow. Then she does it again. Ian points out that this is very childish. Lucy agrees, but says that it feels very good. Wanting a reason to feel good, Ian picks up a pillow and hits her. Feathers fly as an all-out pillow fight erupts. Tired, they fall onto the couch. They're startled to hear, "Hi, honey. I'm home." Kevin has found them.

On the phone, Livvie informs someone that she can't wait. It has to happen now. She verified that the name is Rafe Kovich.

Jack marvels at how much the wild girl looks like Livvie. Pointing out that his leg is almost as good as new, he asks how she learned how to do that. There are so many questions he wants to ask. He just doesn't understand why she looks so much like Livvie. He's aware that she understands him, but he also knows that she can't speak. Thinking about what to do, he gets an idea. She could go back to town with him. The girl backs away. Jack explains that his brother and some of his friends are doctors, and they could help her. The girl runs, and Jack asks whether she's still afraid of him. In response, she approaches him and touches his face, and he takes her hand. Jack gently explains that he understands why she's afraid, but she doesn't have to be. He makes her a promise. If she'll let him take her to the hospital, he'll never leave her side. He just wants to help her the way she helped him. She runs, and he stops her. He won't make her go anywhere. She can stay in the cave, but he won't leave her alone. If she stays, so does he. He reminds her that he really should call his friends to let them know that he's all right. He asks her for his phone.

After making a call, Rafe informs Alison that there's no news about Jack. Alison is very worried, but Rafe is certain that he'll be found. Jamal and Marissa stop by with the latest news. The police searched the entire area where Jack's bike was found, but they didn't find anything. The good news is that Jack's not at the bottom of the river. Hearing the ding of the oven timer, Alison goes to the kitchen, then comes back with some muffins. They're Jack's favorite kind. She and Jamal sit down together and have muffins while they reminisce about good times with Jack. They laugh about the time they made him pretend to be Chandler, but Rafe and Marissa don't see the humor. While Jamal throughly enjoys a muffin, Marissa reminds them all that there's no proof that anything's wrong. Jamal thinks that Jack will turn up any minute. Almost on cue, his phone rings, and it's Jack. The gang is happy to hear this. Jack explains that he isn't far away. He needed to get away. Alison grabs the phone from Jamal and chastizes Jack. He's surprised to hear her voice, then asks her to please say she didn't come back to town because of him. Alison admits that she came back with Rafe. When asked, she confirms that Livvie's still around. However, Rafe will be getting their marriage annulled. There's one more thing; Alison and Rafe are getting married. "Wow." Jack is stunned. Alison asks him to be her "man of honor." Jack repeats this, laughing. This causes the girl to laugh. Alison hears her, and accuses Jack of shacking up with some girl. Hearing this, Jamal takes the phone. With all the drama Jack has caused, this girl had better be gorgeous. "You can't even imagine," replies Jack.

While Jamal and Alison talk to Jack, Marissa and Rafe talk. Rafe had a feeling that they'd find Jack alive, and he was right. Marissa had the opposite feeling. That's no surprise, with all the "stuff" going on in her head. When Rafe inquires about that, Marissa says that it's about people dying really young. Rafe realizes that this is about her sister. He tells her that he knew Casey quite well. Marissa laments the unfairness of it all. She grew up with a great, loving family and a nice house, but her sister had nothing. Casey died at nineteen, before they ever had a chance to meet. It's all over for her. Rafe doesn't believe that. He thinks she's up in heaven. She had "guardian angel" written all over her. In fact, he wouldn't be surprised if Casey is watching over Marissa right now.

Jack repeats that he's okay, and Jamal orders him not to disappear again. Jack congratulates Alison; he would be honored to be her man of honor. They hang up. Turning to the girl, Jack points out that he heard her laugh. That's a good thing; she has a very beautiful laugh. He just can't get over how much she looks like Livvie. He wonders whether the girl knows Livvie, but realizes how unlikely that is. In any case, they could pass for twins. What if they are? Jack wants to call the girl something. Noticing the name "TESS" sewn on her doll in capital letters, Jack decides that's what he'll call her. He tries to get Tess to say his name, but he wisely decides not to push her. There are so many things he wants to know about her. He doesn't think she'll ever tell him, though. He's pleasantly surprised to hear her say his name.

After talking to Jack, they all sit around talking about what they just learned. He's shacked up with some girl. That's fine with Alison. She doesn't care if the girl has three heads, as long as the girl isn't Livvie. Marissa alerts her that Livvie is standing at the door. Livvie asks whether it's true. Is Jack seeing someone? Livvie tells them not to worry; whoever it is, Livvie won't set her hair on fire. This statement doesn't reassure anyone. Livvie announces that she came to see Rafe. Jamal thinks it's time to go, and he tries to take Livvie with him. Rafe and Alison tell him it's okay, and Marissa drags him away. Livvie announces that she has something to give Rafe. It's actually for both him and Alison. She reaches menacingly into her purse, frightening Alison.