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By Beth
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In his apartment, with the door partially open, Ricky reads the notebook he took from Marissa's purse. Unbeknownst to him, Marissa arrives just outside. Seeing the open door, she lets herself inside and announces her presence. Startled, Ricky hides the book behind a pillow. Didn't she ever hear of knocking? He could have been naked! Marissa's not impressed. Ricky inquires about Jack, but there's no news. The kid who stole his bike was a dead end. That's not the only reason she stopped by Ricky's place. She's been thinking about the kiss she gave him while sleepwalking. She admits she likes him. She thinks he's cute, funny, and even honorable--in his own weird way. However, if they're going to be friends, he has to realize that he's not her type. Annoyed, Ricky wants to know what else she wants. Marissa admits there's one more thing. She wants to know what he's hiding. She saw him stash something behind the pillow. Ricky claims that it's a magazine. Marissa doesn't really believe him, but she pretends it doesn't matter. When he gets up to see her out, she rushes to the couch and reaches behind the pillow. She's furious to find her own notebook. Where did he get this? What's he doing with her stuff? She's been looking everywhere for this. Ricky explains that he found it in the Recovery Room. He was going to give it back. Marissa wants to know when that was going to happen. After he finished reading it? To avoid answering, Ricky calls her attention to the song on the radio. He thinks it's kind of cool. Marissa is familiar with it. It's by the Stephen Clay Experience.

Ricky admits to reading what Marissa wrote in her notebook. He was curious. He wanted to see whether she was writing about him. He didn't know she wrote poetry. In his opinion, some of it is truly beautiful. This upsets Marissa. Ricky insists that he's no expert, but it's really touching. He especially likes what she wrote about Casey. He thinks that she should read it aloud. To prove his point, he grabs the book and begins reading. Marissa grabs it back and starts tearing out some of the pages. She accuses him of ruining everything. Ricky stops her senseless destruction, and tries to calm her down. Marissa says that he ruined the poem by reading it. As the song still plays on the radio, she accuses him of stealing her private thoughts from her. Ricky reminds her that he loved Casey. He doesn't think that Marissa should hide such beautiful things. Casey would have loved her poetry. She would have loved Marissa with all her heart. Too upset to listen to any more of this, Marissa leaves. Ricky picks up the torn scraps of paper.

Assuming that the wild, dark-haired girl is Livvie, Jack demands to know what kind of game she's playing now. The cave girl act isn't working. What was she going to do with him? Jack grabs her. It's no secret that Livvie has completely gone crazy, but this is a little too much, even for her. She can stay and play in her little cave if she wants. Nobody in the real world wants anything to do with her anyway. At that, he finally leaves the cave. The girl sinks to the ground, humming and rocking her doll.

Above ground, Jack still can't figure it out. He thinks that the girl has to be Livvie. She's completely out of her mind. Just when he thinks he has it figured it, he sees Livvie nearby, giving him a weird look. Livvie rushes forward to hug Jack, but he pushes her away. He doesn't understand how she got here. Livvie says that she's been walking around in the woods for hours. Jack still doesn't get it. How could she be wearing those clothes? He was just talking to her back there, and now she's here. Livvie has no idea what he's talking about. She asks why he's limping, but Jack simply states that she wouldn't believe him. He's not sure he believes it. Livvie doesn't know what to think. She says that she needs him to listen to her. There are things that she needs to say. She doesn't blame Jack for wanting to get as far away from her as possible. He can try all he wants to hate her, but she knows he doesn't hate her at all. Jack admits that hatred doesn't begin to describe how he feels. Livvie continues. As she was walking through the woods, a really strange feeling came over her suddenly, and then she ran into him. He's her safety net. Some greater force keeps pushing them together. Although Jack tells her to fight it, she can't. She wants another chance with him. Jack accuses her of being out of her mind. Livvie claims that he's the only man she's ever really loved, but Jack thinks that's only until the next time she tries to kill him. Livvie says that she knows he's angry, but she also knows that they can get back what they once had. Jack insists that they had nothing. It wasn't love. It was a bad habit that he's trying to break. Livvie begs him to give her a chance. She just poured her heart and soul out to him, and all he can do is walk away. Jack confirms that this is exactly what he's going to do. With a declaration of hatred, Livvie walks away. Jack is still puzzled. There can't be two of her. He decides to go back to the cave. He thinks it will be empty. It must have been just a bad dream.

On Jack's front porch, Alison and Rafe talk about the future. Alison has no second thoughts about accepting Rafe's proposal, but she is worried about what Livvie might do to stop them. Rafe doesn't want to think about Livvie anymore. He truly believes that he and Alison have a future together. They will get married and spend the rest of their lives together. As they share a happy kiss, they hear a chuckle. Jamal isn't impressed to learn of their plans to marry. After all, Rafe is married to someone else. Alison insists that she's happy, and she wants all her friends to be happy--especially Jamal. Jamal half-heartedly claims to be happy for her, but Alison knows that he's lying. Jamal states that Rafe's history of leaving town makes it hard to be happy for her. He confronts Rafe, stressing how hard his last departure was on Alison. When he left so suddenly, she pushed away all her friends, and she was almost convicted of a murder she didn't commit. All she wanted was for Rafe to come back to her. Instead, when he did come back to town, Alison had to watch him parade around with his new bride. Jamal is tired of talking. So is Rafe. They're ready to fight. Rafe tells Alison to go inside, and Jamal suggests that she go bake some muffins. Alison thinks that this is ridiculous. She's not going to let them fight. She tells Jamal to put his shirt back on, then tells Rafe to go inside while she talks to Jamal alone.

Alison informs Jamal that there are some things she can't tell him about Rafe. Maybe someday soon, she'll be able to tell him, but not now. He should respect that. It's the same as when Jamal won't tell her about Marissa; it's a two-way street. It's really important to Alison to have Jamal's blessing. Jamal doesn't think he has a choice. He hugs her. Maybe he's just in a bad mood because of Jack. Alison has no idea what he's talking about. He fills her in on Jack's disappearance, including the recovery of his stolen bike. Jack seems to have completely vanished into thin air.

Inside Jack's house, Rafe hears the Stephen Clay Experience song on the radio. It really gets to him. He turns it off and goes out on the porch. Learning of Jack's disappearance, he offers to help. Jamal asks him to wait at the house with Alison, just in case Jack shows up. Jamal admits that it was stupid to pick a fight with a vampire slayer. Things still aren't "cool" between them, but they're getting there. He strongly advises Rafe to stick around town this time. When Alison gives Jamal a dirty look, he winks at her, kisses her cheek, and leaves.

Alison wants Rafe's opinion about Jack's disappearance. Rafe has a feeling that he's all right. In that case, Alison wants to know why he has that look on his face. Rafe admits that he feels a little strange. Maybe it's from being back here. Alison asks whether he thinks that Livvie could have done something to Jack. Rafe wouldn't put it past her to try, but no one knows her better than Jack does. That's why he thinks that Jack is probably avoiding her like the plague. When they go inside, Livvie steps out of her hiding place.

Back in the cave, Jack calls out to the girl, apologizing for lashing out at her. He thought she was someone else. He asks her to come out; he won't hurt her. He finds her crouched in a dark corner, where she is humming and playing with her doll. She stands up and gets a little closer to Jack. Pushing back her hair to see her face more clearly, Jack asks, "Who are you?"