PC Update Friday 10/4/02

Port Charles Update Friday 10/4/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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Still in New York, Ian tells his friend Tim that he can't make lunch tomorrow, since he already has plans with Lucy. Tim is obviously aware of their history, because Ian isn't exactly pleased when he asks whether she's "that Lucy." Ian confirms this, adding that there's no need to bring that up. When he hangs up the phone, he continues picking up toys from the floor. Remembering Tim's inquiry as to how Lucy's doing, he tells himself she's doing as well as can be expected for a woman whose husband tried to kill her. Hearing Lucy scream from the other room, he drops the toys, and Ian rushes to her rescue. He returns, carrying her to the couch. Wearing only a bath towel, Lucy is embarrassed about her accident. She slipped on Christina's rubber ducky. She's afraid she twisted her back when she tried to catch herself. Ian wants to take a look, but Lucy has a strange aversion to doctors. She's serious. She just wants to use meditation to end her pain. The skeptical doctor watches in amusement as Lucy tries to open up her chakras and focus on the white light. It still hurts. She thinks her white light is broken. Ian thinks this is ridiculous. She has a twisted back, and he's going to get her some medicine for it. When Lucy objects, he offers an alternative solution. He can massage it instead, until it loosens up. Lucy's afraid he could break her back, but Ian insists he's done this before. She asks for a minute to prepare, yelling even before he touches her. Ian stares at her back, lost in thought. Finally, he says he needs to lower the towel to examine her back, and she consents. Ian becomes distracted again, then refocuses. He says that Lucy's loosening up. She agrees that her back does feel better. His hands aren't just amazing; they're magical. Ian doesn't think so. They're just hands that are trying to separate some vertebrae. Her skin is ... He can't finish his sentence. Suddenly, something hurts, and Lucy sits up. The sudden action causes her towel to drop. After arranging it in a more modest manner, she says she wants to try to stand. With Ian's help, she does, but it hurts at first. She thanks him for his help. She has a pretty good doctor.

Now wearing her bathrobe, Lucy joins Ian as he pours each of them a drink. They make a toast, but Lucy senses that something's wrong. She says he went all "dark and broody" on her. Ian says it's all part of being Irish. Lucy disagrees. She thinks he was really worried when he heard her yell. He obviously thought Kevin was after her again. Ian denies this at first, then reluctantly admits he did think that, but only for a moment. Lucy's grateful to have him looking out for her; he's her very best friend. Uncomfortable, Ian suggests they both turn in for the night. He's exhausted, and it's the kids' fault for running them ragged. As he rambles on about what they'll end up doing tomorrow, Lucy dozes off. He covers her with a throw, causing her to stir in her sleep. She snuggles up to him, putting her head on his shoulder. Ian isn't sure how to react. He struggles with what to do, then gives in. He lays his head on top of hers.

In Switzerland, a nurse dresses the wounds on Kevin's hand. When her back is turned, he removes a set of keys from her pocket.

Livvie shakes herself loose from Rafe's grasp, but he grabs her again. He listened to her lies for months, and now she's going to stand still and listen to the truth. When Livvie insists she was there for him when he didn't have anyone else, he becomes even more angry. No one wants to hear the garbage she continues to spew. Trying to get under Alison's skin, she reminds him of how she was there for him--in every way. When Alison accuses her of using Rafe, Livvie says they used each other's bodies. Alison informs her that she knows all about what happened when she was trying to get Rafe to want her, but Livvie continues to rub it in. She won't forget how he could never get enough of her. Now he's trying to act as if it never happened. Well, he and Alison are just a couple of losers. Alison reminds Livvie of the methods she used to get Rafe into her bed. He never would have been with her if she hadn't lied and said they were already lovers. In any case, she never really got what she wanted. She got him into bed, and even got him to marry her, but she never captured his heart. That's because it always belonged to Alison. Who's the real loser, Livvie? Livvie doesn't care what they think. Rafe set up a really beautiful wedding for her. Hearing this, Rafe screams that it was because he felt sorry for her. He felt sorry and guilty about disappointing her, but he never loved her. Livvie says he's pathetic for trying to convince himself of that. As always, she blames Alison for turning everyone against her. It's Alison's fault that she lost Jack, who is the only man she ever really loved. Alison points out that Livvie herself is the one who drove Jack away, but this falls on deaf ears. Livvie insists they were happy together. Rafe is astonished. She never loved him at all. This was all about revenge against Alison. Livvie admits he's right. She wanted Alison to see what it felt like to lose the person she loved most in the world. Alison points out that Livvie's the one who is all alone now, but Livvie disagrees. She still has her baby, and she's still wearing her wedding ring. Rafe can't believe this. Livvie assures him she won't make it easy for him to get away from her and have a life with Alison. This is not over, no matter how much they want it to be. At that, she leaves.

Alison is absolutely furious. Rafe holds her close for a while. Alison then paces the room. Rafe tries to get her to calm down, but she can't--not as long as Livvie's on the loose, like a wild dog. Rafe doesn't think she can hurt them anymore, but Alison doesn't agree with that at all. Rafe insists she has no power unless they give it to her. To please him, Alison agrees not to give her another thought. Rafe says he wants something that only Alison can give him. She starts to kiss his lips, but he backs away. That's not what he's thinking. Something just doesn't seem right to him. They had a nice pretend wedding, but he knows it's not what she'd always dreamed about. Alison doesn't understand, because she thought it was very lovely and special. Getting down on bended knee, he asks her to marry him. Alison's eyes fill with tears of joy. Rafe wants a big, fancy wedding, complete with dancing and a big cake. He wants to see her walking down the aisle to him, wearing a beautiful wedding gown. All their friends should be there, as well as everyone in town who ever said a little prayer for them, and everyone who believed in miracles. Overwhelmed, Alison doesn't know what to say, so Rafe repeats his proposal. "Alison Barrington, will you marry me?" Alison very happily accepts.

Gloved hands place a photo of Alison into a small overnight bag.

In his underground prison, Jack really wants to know why the dark-haired girl tied him up. What does she want with him? Why won't she talk to him? Instead of speaking, she offers him a plate of sliced apple. He kicks it, knocking it out of her hand. He doesn't want food. He just wants to get out of there. She can't keep him tied up like some kind of animal. He demands to know what she wants, but his anger scares her away. Jack doesn't know what to do now, but he knows he has to think of something fast. He tries unsuccessfully to get loose. At least the girl performed some kind of miracle on his leg, because now he can move it. Seeing her knife on the ground, he can't believe his luck.

Returning to the cave, the girl finds the rope that once held Jack. She picks it up. Jack comes out from hiding and grabs her, turning her around. He's stunned. She looks exactly like Livvie.