PC Update Thursday 10/3/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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While Jack lies unconscious below ground, Ricky insists that he really did hear something. He's just not sure what it was, or where it came from. Jamal decides it's not important; finding Jack is the only thing that counts. He tells Marissa to stay with Ricky while he hikes up to the top of the rise to take a look around. Marissa doesn't like this, and becomes even more annoyed when Ricky sits down to rest. As he sits back and closes his eyes, Marissa wanders off, still calling out Jack's name. Suddenly, she screams. Ricky jumps up and finds Marissa hanging onto the edge of the pit, unaware that the wild dark-haired girl is just below them, wielding a knife. After some effort, he manages to pull Marissa to safety. Jamal rushes back, having heard his girlfriend's scream. She runs into his protective arms, and Ricky does some investigating. He calls their attention to the size of the pit Marissa almost fell into. Maybe that's what happened to Jack. What if he's trapped down there? Jamal thinks there's only one way to know for certain. He tries to get a good look with the flashlight, but he doesn't see the unconscious Jack, the knife-wielding girl, or the pumpkins and dried flowers all around. He briefly thinks he sees something, but it's just too dark. Marissa wants to come back in the morning, when it's daylight, but Jamal won't leave until he knows for certain that Jack's not down there. In fact, he's going to go down there himself and take a look. There's some rope in the trunk of the car, and they can tie it to the bumper. Marissa protests, and before Jamal can argue, his cell phone rings. It's Doree, with the news that Jack's bike was found down at the river. They need to go to the Recovery Room to talk to her. Down in the pit, the dark-haired girl has some rope of her own.

Jamal, Marissa, and Ricky rush back to town, and learn that only Jack's bike was found. Doree informs them that the scuba team will start dragging the river bottom at daybreak, just in case. Taking her aside, Jamal insists there must be something they can all do to find his best friend. Marissa's really worried about Jack. She thanks Ricky for pulling her to safety back in the woods, and apologizes for yelling at him about Casey. Deciding to join Jamal, she inadvertently leaves her purse behind. Ricky tries to tell her, but she's not paying any attention. He notices the book she's been writing in and decides to remove it from her purse. He'll still give it back, just a little later. Doree heads out, leaving a very worried Jamal. Trying to reassure her boyfriend, Marissa suggests the possibility that Jack's just camping, and that they shouldn't think the worst, but Jamal says it's hard. Together, they leave the Recovery Room.

When Jack reawakens, he finds that he's been propped up. He's also tied up. He yells at the girl with the doll, but she continues to hide. Furious, Jack demands to know what she wants with him. When is she going to let him go? Ever? Never? Her voice chills him to the bone. "Never."

Livvie waits for Jack to come home. She won't let him leave her the way everyone else did. She finds an old photo of the two of them. Convinced he still loves her, she begs him to come home to her.

Upon returning to Port Charles, Alison and Rafe go straight to Jack's house. Alison thinks their train ride was the most romantic trip ever. Rafe apologizes for rushing back, but he just had a feeling about it. Alison assures him it's all right. He'll soon see that she can face anything--even Livvie--now that they're together forever. He's worried about her inevitable encounter with her former friend, but Alison tells him not to worry. Now that they're here, she really wants to speak to Jack alone. Rafe doesn't mind; this gives him a chance to visit Lucy. He heads over to the lighthouse, and Alison prepares to knock on Jack's door. Seeing lights on inside, she assumes he's still awake, but when he doesn't answer the door, she lets herself in. She and Livvie are very unhappy to see each other.

Rafe's disappointed not to find Lucy at home; he really needs to talk to her. That song from the train keeps going through his head, and he has a weird feeling about it. He doesn't want to say anything to Alison, because it's probably nothing. He realizes he's standing on the footbridge again, talking to "the boss," just like always. He starts to fill Ed in on what's been happening, then realizes he probably already knows. He thanks his dad for being there for him. They'll probably never see each other again--at least not for a very long time. Rafe will miss him, but he won't miss being told what to do all the time. "Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hold on a minute, kid." It's Ed, in the flesh. "Now, is that a way to talk to your old man? Hmm?" Rafe is pleasantly surprised by his father's appearance. They sit on the bridge together. Ed likes it here; it's very peaceful. He asks his son how it feels to be back now that he has a free pass with no time limit. "It's amazing! It's the most incredible feeling ever," Rafe admits.  Ed advises him to cherish every minute of it. Rafe points out that his dad's still telling him what to do. Ed has a little reminder for him. Rafe may not be an angel anymore, but Ed will always be his old man. Rafe thanks him for everything he did, but he can't believe his dad risked everything for him. They could have lost to James! Ed knew he was betting on a winner. He's very proud of his son, and he loves him a great deal. Rafe returns the sentiment. Ed gives him a fatherly hug, and kisses him on the cheek. It's time for him to get back upstairs, but Rafe isn't ready for that yet. He needs advice about the train and the weird song. Is something going on? Telling him to always trust his instincts, Ed fades away.

Livvie thought Alison left town for good, but Alison informs her that someone made a very big case for her to return to Port Charles. Livvie taunts her cruelly with how hard the past few days must have been for her without Rafe. Livvie sees the smirk on her face, but doesn't get the joke. Not quite ready to let her in on the big news, Alison confronts her about why she's at Jack's. Rafe would rather be dead than with Livvie, yet she thinks her old tricks are going to work on Jack again. Livvie doesn't see why not; she and Jack were always good for each other. She admits she was "a little bummed" over Rafe's death, but now she's completely over it. She finally realized she never loved him the way she loved Jack. Alison tells her off. Does she honestly expect anyone to believe she gave a damn about Jack? Livvie doesn't care what anyone thinks. She and Jack will work things out. Alison tries to shake some sense into her. Jack doesn't love her. He's over her! Livvie really is crazy. If he did succumb to her lies again, Alison would be right there to bail him out. Livvie insists it won't work, because deep down, Jack never stopped loving her. She blames Alison for getting between them, and turning Jack against her. Alison points out that Livvie's the one who drove him away with her bitterness, hatred, anger, and lies. She does this to everyone who's ever loved her. Well, she got exactly what she deserves. She's alone now, and she always will be. Livvie laughs at this. She's not alone as long as she still has her baby--and the chance to be with the man she loves. Alison, however, has lost everything. When Alison seems to deny this, Livvie looks around. She doesn't see Rafe. He's dead. Alison will never get over her great love. She'll grow old and gray and wasted, still pining over poor Rafe. She'll die waiting for him. She'll never have him again. At that, Livvie opens the door to leave and finds Rafe on the other side.

Tears come to Livvie's eyes as Rafe backs her down the steps. She can't believe this is happening. Rafe is very confrontational, telling Livvie she looks like she's seeing a ghost. It's funny how things turn out sometimes, and the good guys win after all. He gets to spend a lifetime with the woman he loves. As usual, Livvie blames Alison for this. She must have worked some kind of black magic. She points an accusing finger at Alison, who pushes Livvie's hand down. True love did this. That's something Livvie will never understand. Terrified, Livvie tells Rafe to stay away from her, but Rafe doesn't comply with her wishes. Angry, he grabs her, and informs her that he's not an angel anymore.