PC Update Wednesday 10/2/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/2/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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In Switzerland, Kevin expresses his appreciation for everything his doctor has done for him. Now he can see how overwhelming and stressed his life had become. He still can't believe some of the things he said and did, but now he can understand where it was all coming from. He really believes that being around his wife would be the best medicine. If he were around Lucy, he'd have no choice but to get better, because she wouldn't stand for anything less. Kevin's doctor insists he's not ready to leave yet. Besides, criminal charges are still pending, and it would be better to have a clean bill of health before having to face the court hearing. His medication is working well, so they'll continue with that for now. He hands his patient the meds, and waits until he takes them. After he leaves, Kevin spits the pill back into the cup.

Later, Kevin sits in bed, talking to his absent wife. He's doing much better now, but he still needs her. What's she doing in New York when she needs to be with him? He grips the hand restraints so tightly that blood oozes from both hands.

Ian thinks the silent phone call was just a wrong number, but Lucy's spooked. She remembers the last time it happened, and right now, she has a very strange feeling. Realizing that, she suspects Kevin of making the call. Ian suggests calling to check on him, but before they can follow through, Christina runs to Lucy after a bad dream. Knowing there's only one thing that will help the little girl, Lucy orders a glass of warm milk from room service, but learns they won't deliver it for at least a half hour. Ian starts to go pick it up himself, but Christina puts her tiny foot down. Her mom's the only one who knows how she likes it. The astonished adults acquiesce. While Lucy's gone, Ian stays with Christina, who rolls her eyes at him, as he tries to recover from her little demand. He suggests some ways to pass the time, but Christina knows exactly what she wants to do. She wants to have a tea party. Ian agrees, but doesn't understand exactly what's involved. Christina informs him that they have to dress up.

By the time Lucy returns with the milk, the tea party's in full swing. Christina's wearing a huge green hat with flowers on the brim, and a string of pearls. Ian's also wearing pearls, as well as some heavy makeup. From the expression on his face, it's obvious he feels silly. Lucy compliments Christina on her handiwork but says something's missing. She then places a large pink hat on Ian's head and a pink boa around his neck. She gives Christina a sippy cup full of milk, and takes her back to bed. Ian looks at himself in the mirror, and Lucy returns, amused. Ian swears her to secrecy, thinking he looks pretty ridiculous. Lucy thinks it's pretty great. She wipes a lipstick smudge, and gives him a hug. He was obviously a big hit with Christina. Lucy thanks him for being a good sport; her little girl was scared, and he made her smile again. She loves him for that. Ian's red lips kiss her forehead as payback for all the times she's put lipstick on him. He asks again whether they should call Kevin, but Lucy decides against it. When she goes to get some makeup remover, Ian tells himself he likes her smile.

At the Recovery Room, Frank phones Kate to discuss custody issues, warning her that nobody fights dirtier than Livvie. Before hanging up, he makes an appointment to see the attorney. He's then approached by Karen, who overheard. Frank explains that the thought of Livvie raising a child is pretty scary, and Karen agrees. She was up all night, thinking about their relationship. She even made a list of the pluses and minuses, and the minuses won by a mile. She wants a normal life for once, and a family of her own someday. No woman in her right mind would stick around. However, she's obviously not in her right mind, because she still loves him. After all, he did travel through time to save her life. Frank tells her he'd do it again. He knows what life was like without her, and there's nothing worse. He apologizes for driving her away with all his baggage. He's going to make it up to her if it takes the rest of his life. Karen tells him to just take things slowly.

Ricky sees Marissa writing like mad, and tries to see what she's writing about. She claims it's an article. He sits down across from her, and admits he just woke up because he was out late last night. The gig at the club went great, but he was expecting to see her and Jamal. Marissa explains that they planned to go, but Jack never came back, and they just never went back out. Jamal joins them, and says he still hasn't found Jack. He was supposed to open up the bike shop this morning. Something's not right. Marissa takes out the photo Jack took of the rag doll, and suggests that something might have happened out there in the woods. They all decide to go investigate. While Jamal goes to get the car, Ricky grabs Marissa's book. Angry, she grabs for it, and falls into his arms. She recovers and manages to get her book back, claiming she doesn't want anyone to read her articles before they're done. Ricky doesn't believe her. He thinks the book's really a diary, and she really does remember kissing him. Marissa's surprised to learn that she kissed him during her sleepwalking incident, but says it doesn't count. Ricky says that dreams are supposed to be what people are afraid to do when awake. She reminds him that she's not Casey, whom he loved and who, for some reason, loved him. Jamal interrupts their argument to get them, and they head up north to the woods.

Jack awakens again, and looks around. He notices a makeshift splint on his leg, made from twigs. His leg does feel better. Hearing the girl still humming, he asks why she's hiding from him. He really wants to see who's taking care of him. He asks her to come a little closer, but she doesn't oblige. All he remembers was running and then falling, but now he's in a cave. He just wants them to help each other through this. He introduces himself, but she doesn't say a word. Then he tells a bad joke. He's really getting annoyed. The last time he got lost in the woods, he was bitten by a vampire. The dark-haired girl laughs at this. Jack didn't think it was funny, but at least they're making progress. He asks about the song she's humming, but she stops. He asks her not to stop, but his request goes unheeded. He likes the song; it's nice. He tells her he probably has friends out looking for him, so he should call and tell them not to worry. He asks her to hand him his cell phone. Still holding the rag doll, she picks up Jack's phone, but instead of giving it to him, she drops it a little more out of his reach than it already was. Jack doesn't understand why she would help with his leg, but not allow him to call his friends. He asks for a drink of water, and when she goes to get some, he manages to scoot over to the phone. He tries to call Jamal, but there's no signal.

In the woods, Ricky, Jamal, and Marissa try to determine the exact spot where Jack took the photo, but it's too hard to tell. In the nearby cave, the girl smothers Jack to unconsciousness, but not before he manages to cry out. Ricky hears his muffled cries, and tells Jamal he heard a cry or scream. They try to track down the source, and as they approach the cave and call out to Jack, the dark-haired girl picks up her knife.