PC Update Tuesday 10/1/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/1/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Livvie goes to the house she used to share with Jack. She knocks on the door and calls to him, and when there's no answer, she lets herself in. Remembering how they rediscovered each other at the house, she asks herself what happened. How did it all go so wrong? She had everything but ended up losing it all. True to character, she places the blame on someone other than herself. It's all Alison's fault. She hopes Alison rots in hell. Livvie and Jack were so happy at the house, but that seems like a million years ago. She decides to make herself comfortable on the couch. She dozes off, and Jack finds her there. He urges her to get ready, because Alison and Jamal are coming over for dinner. Confused, Livvie asks why he's not angry with her, but Jack doesn't see any reason to be. When she mentions Caleb, the candle shop, and lying about her father, Jack has no idea what she's talking about. She concludes that it must have been one huge, horrible nightmare. Jack assures her he could never stop loving her. They kiss, and Livvie stirs in her sleep, mumbling that Jack loves her. They all still love her. Back to her dream, she thinks this is reality. The other life was so horrifying and real. She felt so empty without any love. Suddenly, Jack isn't there anymore. Livvie panics, and awakens from her dream.    She sits up and looks around for Jack. Sobbing, she curls up again on his couch.

In Switzerland, Kevin awakens, apparently himself and quite lucid. Calling out for Lucy, he says he needs to talk to his wife. He's given a phone so he can call home. He doesn't know what he was thinking by telling her not to wait. She must be glued to the phone, waiting for his call. Instead, Kevin's disappointed to reach the answering machine at home, where Lucy's voice informs callers that she'll be at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Hearing Ian's voice in the background, urging her to hurry, Kevin becomes angry. He can't believe it; she's with Ian.

Lucy, Ian, Christina, and Danny return to their hotel after a very full day in New York. A very happy Christina's carrying a large stuffed animal, and Ian has an even bigger one for Danny. They went to the park, zoo, and carousel, then did some shopping--all before lunch. Ian thinks this must be a record, even for Lucy. She puts the kids down for a nap, and they fall asleep immediately, which doesn't surprise Ian. Lucy laughs, remembering Ian's antics on the carousel. It's hard for her to handle having a good time while Kevin's in the hospital, but she knows he wouldn't want her to feel guilty; he'd hate that. He even told her not to wait. He said she should move on, which was certainly a stab in the heart. She thanks Ian for suggesting this trip, and for everything else, and he returns the sentiment. He really had fun today. He thought he'd forgotten how, but maybe some of his preaching applies to him as well, and time really does heal a lot of things. Good friends also help. Lucy points out that he's her best friend, and she wants him to be happy. She thinks someone will come along for him. It's different for her, though. This is worse than when Kevin was missing. She knows where he is, but it's not really him. Instead, it's just some evil thing with the face of the man she loves. How can she move on from that? Lucy apologizes, but Ian understands. She can't mourn because Kevin's still here; she can't allow herself to heal. He wishes he could tell her everything will be fine, but she knows he can't do that. He does know that they both have to be strong, capable, and in control, for their children's sake. When Eve died, he was a mess, but he had to snap out of it for Danny. Lucy owes it to Christina to do the same. Lucy admits he's right but wonders about how they're going to do it. With a hug, Ian promises to take care of her. She checks on the kids, and reports that they're still asleep. The phone rings, and Lucy thinks it must be the call she's expecting from the concierge. Ian picks up the phone, but no one speaks on the other end. He tells her it must have been a wrong number. Hanging up, Kevin knows he got exactly the right number. His voice is filled with contempt as he utters Ian's name.

Alison and Rafe wake up together in the sleeping car. She wants to stay on the train forever, and Rafe is willing if they can remain in bed. He can't get over it. They're going to be together for a whole lifetime. Alison thinks about how different it is this time. Before, they always had a ticking clock hanging over them, but now they have a future, and can make plans. For his part, Rafe's happy in the present. Alison thinks they really could stay on the train if they want. She was planning to leave Port Charles anyway. Rafe doesn't have any ties there, except for Lucy, but he can always send her a postcard. The baby isn't his, so there's no tie there. Alison asks how he feels about that. She knows he really liked the idea of having a family, but Rafe insists he wanted it with Alison. They agree it will happen someday, but right now they just want to be together as a couple. Maybe they should stay on the train after all, taking it as far as they want, and see where it takes them. They're both so lucky to have each other. Alison traces something on Rafe's chest, making him guess what she's spelling. It's "I O U" for her life, love, and everything. She's going to enjoy every single minute of repaying him. They make love again, and Rafe wants to mark the IOU paid in full, but Alison doesn't think it's paid yet. She turns on some mood music, but Rafe quickly turns it off. He just got a weird feeling. They have to go back to Port Charles.