PC Update Monday 9/30/02

Port Charles Update Monday 9/30/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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On the train, Rafe and Alison kiss. She can't believe he's really here, but Rafe says this is the price she pays for saving his soul. Now she's stuck with him forever. Overcome with desire, he picks her up and carries her to a sleeping car, as the Great Lakes Coastliner continues its journey. They're both deliriously happy, and Alison wants him to tell her again exactly how this happened. Rafe explains that her love made him remember, and that love opened the doors to heaven so that he could stay with her. Together, they made a miracle, proving that when two people truly love each other, nothing can keep them from finding each other again. That's the good news. Alison's worried about what the bad news could be. Does he have to go back? No, he can stay and lead a normal life. The only catch is that he doesn't have his magical powers anymore. Alison laughs with joy, since having him is all that matters. Rafe just thought his powers made him stand out from all the other guys. Alison admits he's right, but she has a secret for him. The way he makes her feel is all the magic she'll ever need. As they kiss and hold each other close, Alison has a disturbing thought. She boarded the train fully intending to leave Port Charles for good. What if they had somehow missed each other? Rafe assures her that wouldn't have happened. He would have done absolutely anything to find her. Being together is their destiny. Alison wants to make herself even more beautiful for him, and in her absence, Rafe takes the opportunity to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. When he opens the door, he sees a woman pass by with flowers. When he learns they're for sale, he gives Ed a big thumbs up. "Nice touch, Pops." All he wants is one pink rose, but there aren't any pink ones. The woman persuades him to take a yellow one, assuring him that a yellow rose is better than no rose. Rafe's not so sure. He's a bit nervous about settling for the wrong color. When Alison finds him, he tells her he's officially the happiest, luckiest man in the universe. She asks what he's holding behind his back, and he reluctantly holds it out for her. It's a perfect pink rose. Incredibly happy, Alison throws her arms around her very bewildered soulmate.

As they lie in bed together, Alison says this may be the most miraculous day of her life. Does he hear that sound? Rafe has no idea what she's talking about, because he doesn't hear anything. Alison says it's the sound of them being alone for the first time ever. There's no ticking clock, counting down their time together until he's called back to heaven.  She says that she always knew she loved him, but she now realizes that their love is stronger and deeper than she ever thought possible. The darkness has been completely lifted. He made her believe. Rafe says this is what he's wished for from the first day he realized he loved her. She laughs again, thinking about how much fun they're going to have together. Fulfilling Rafe's longstanding wish, they make love again.

Karen approaches Frank and Livvie, whose conversation is clearly filled with tension. Livvie prepares to fill Karen in on the situation.   When Frank's attempt to stop her fails, he blurts out the truth in a preemptive strike. Unwilling to let Livvie blackmail him, he admits to being the father of her unborn child. Karen is stunned by the news, in spite of Frank's insistence that it was all the Avatar's doing. His guess is that Rafe figured out the truth and left her. Livvie heckles him, denying the facts. Her version of the baby's conception is that Frank raped her. As she tells her tall tale about being attacked, Karen runs out to get some air. Livvie's quite pleased with herself, telling Frank he can't be a family with her and the baby and still be with Karen. Frank's convinced she really is insane, but Livvie's defense is that she's just doing what's best for her child. She knows he'll never love her, because she doesn't believe in love anymore. Rafe left her, and Jack would rather be alone than with her. Frank's relieved that someone finally wised up and made a clean getaway. Livvie insists he can't just ignore her. If he doesn't help her, Karen's reaction will be just the beginning, because she'll be telling her story all over town. When Frank asks why anyone would believe her, she reminds him of his history of violence and fathering babies, while poor little Livvie, raped and abandoned, would get all the sympathy. By this time, Karen has returned, and she's not happy about what she just heard. She informs Livvie that no one would believe a word out of a nasty, manipulative, lying little bitch like her. How could she lie about being raped? It's despicable, and an insult to every woman who's ever truly suffered this indignity. She won't let her do this; Livvie loses this one. Livvie insists people will believe her, but Karen plans to be Frank's alibi for whatever accusations she makes. She's going to fight fire with fire. Livvie's adamant about not walking away from this. Karen feels sorry for the baby, but she won't let Livvie ruin any more lives. She's done enough damage. Livvie calls her a fool for defending Frank; she's pregnant, and Karen will just have to deal with it. At that, she walks out of the Recovery Room. Frank's amazed by the way Karen stood up to her, and she admits she hates Livvie. Frank wants to talk about this, but Karen can't do it right now. Livvie's going to have his baby, and Karen's not sure how she's supposed to take that.

After leaving, Livvie stands outside and talks to her unborn baby. She's going to be the best mother in the world, and the baby will grow up to be just like her--a survivor. People don't understand that if she doesn't take care of the two of them, no one will. Now everything's falling apart. They were supposed to have a nice house with a white picket fence, but Alison and Rafe ruined that. She'll never forgive them.

After falling into the pit, Jack lies on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. He seems to be inside a cave now, with what looks like bunches of dried flowers nearby. A girl or young woman hums as she hones a carving knife on a rock. Regaining consciousness, Jack sees the girl as well as the rag doll from his photos. He's sweating profusely. He realizes this is the person who's been following him. He tries to get up but his leg hurts too much, and he loses consciousness again. The girl approaches him with the knife and crouches down next to him. Jack has a strange dream in which he asks her to show her face, but it's the face of the rag doll. Still humming, she rips his jeans to look at the wound on his knee.