PC Update Friday 9/27/02

Port Charles Update Friday 9/27/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Jamal are at the Recovery Room, and Jamal accuses his friend of obsessing about the rag doll they saw in the photo. Jack thinks it's too weird; it was in the exact same spot where they heard rustling in the bushes and where Marissa said someone was watching her. In spite of this, Jamal has a cavalier attitude about it. Alison joins them, talking about how much she'll miss hanging out with them. That doesn't have to change, though, no matter where she's going. Jamal stops her, and she admits she's leaving Port Charles tonight, for good. The guys don't want to believe it. Alison's going to miss them like crazy; they're her family. She doesn't want to get sappy, though. She has to catch her train. She accepts Jamal's offer to take her to the train station, and he goes to get his bike. Jack tries to talk her out of leaving, but it's no use. They'll always be connected, having saved each other's life. With a goodbye hug, she leaves in search of her destiny.

Ian calls out the Avatar. He wants to be its next host. At Frank's urging, Karen tries to stop him, but it's too late. Ian takes on the shroud and immediately bursts into flames. From her hiding place nearby, Livvie begins having abdominal pains. The fire rages as Ian does battle with the spirit of the Avatar. Suddenly, Ian emerges from the flames, triumphant. He's all right. The Avatar's been destroyed. Relieved, Karen hugs him, and Frank joins their embrace. Ian explains that the only time to destroy it was at the exact moment it tries to take over another person's body. In his notes, Rafe gave him the exact words the spirit couldn't refuse. Frank recalls that they were the exact words the spirit said to him that fateful day in the locker room. Karen's certain that Eve would be proud of her husband, but he thinks she'd also be pretty angry with him. Now that this is over, it's time to pick up Danny from New York City. With a promise to celebrate with them when he returns, he leaves. Frank and Karen share a relieved embrace, and he points out that Ian's not the only hero. Karen doesn't see herself that way; she just wasn't willing to let him go, ever again, and she would have done anything to hold onto him. After a kiss, Karen wants to make a pact. From now on, there will be no more saving of anyone from anything. They're going to lead a nice, normal life. Frank likes the sound of that. With a last look at the smoldering remains of the Avatar's shroud, he walks away with Karen.

Lucy drops by Brennan's hospital room, and she and Kate exchange progress reports; there's been no change in either patient. Sometimes Kate believes Brennan's listening to her, but the doctors seem to think it's hopeless. Lucy reminds her that Ian would be the first to admit that doctors don't know everything. She gives Kate a gift she picked up on the way back from Switzerland: "The Book of Miracles." Lucy believes miracles happen every single day. They share a warm hug. Ian finds Lucy at the hospital and gives her the good news. It's a long story, but the short version is that the Avatar's been destroyed. He'll tell her the rest when he gets back from picking up Danny. He wants her to tell her cousin that his notes gave Ian the answer. Lucy thinks Rafe already knows that. She reports that there's been no change in Kevin's condition. She knows he would want her to be strong, but she can't figure out how. Ian has the answer to that. She has to take things one day at a time and lean on her friends, like him. Lucy promises to try. Ian invites her to go to New York with him. She can bring Christina and make a day of it. This sounds good to her, so she agrees, and Ian takes her hand, and leads her away.

Even though the Avatar's been destroyed, Livvie's baby is still going strong. Her problem now is to figure out who's going to be the daddy. She tries to plan her next move, wanting to find someone who would make a good daddy. As she looks in through a Recovery Room window, the solution seems clear. She goes inside, calling Jack's name from across the room. He's the only one who has ever understood her. He was right about Rafe; they didn't belong together, but she didn't realize it until it was too late. She regrets walking away from her one true love and hopes he'll give her a second chance. The time they spent together was incredible, and she thinks about it all the time. She's never stopped wanting him. Is it too much to hope that maybe he feels the same way? Jack quietly tells her that it may be possible. Maybe they should start trying tonight, alone, and see where it might lead. Livvie's thrilled, thinking she's hooked him again. He covers the side of her face with seductive kisses, then tells her there's just one problem. She makes him sick. Her husband's been gone about a minute, and here she is crawling back to him. Did she really think he'd fall for that? Well, not this time. He's through being a doormat. Livvie's exactly where she was meant to be: alone. With that, he walks away, and leaves her all alone.

Marissa's doing some writing outside the Recovery Room when Jamal finds her. She thinks he looks awful, and he fills her in on Alison's departure. Marissa sympathizes, knowing how hard it must have been for him. It was, but it's great to see her now. As they kiss, Ricky sees them from inside and decides to head out. Frank and Karen sit down at a table, and Karen expresses a desire to go away together, where they can talk about their future, and make a clean start. They share some happy kisses, laughing, until Frank sees Livvie staring at him from across the room. He urges Karen to call the hospital to schedule some time off, starting tonight. She goes to make the call, and Frank approaches Livvie. It's over; the Avatar's been destroyed, and the spirit's gone. It's time for her to move on. Now she and Rafe can raise the baby and live happily ever after. She takes her usual attitude with him. Rafe's gone, but thank goodness her baby's real father's still here and isn't going anywhere. Frank reminds her that it was all the Avatar's doing, not his, but she won't listen. Darkness is never over. He's hooked, just the way she is. Frank argues, but she places his hand on her abdomen. He pulls his hand away. Karen returns and asks what's going on. Livvie acts surprised he hasn't told her yet.

Jack takes his camera, and returns to the woods, still bugged by the rag doll. He hears the someone--or something--rush past and tries to follow, but he plunges down into a pit.

At the train station, Alison boards her train and finds her seat. She thinks about Rafe's dying words and their last moments together, then tells him--and Port Charles--goodbye. As Alison looks out the window from her seat, which faces the rear of the train, a great fog appears, and a figure begins to emerge. It's Rafe!!! As the train pulls away, they see each other. Alison thinks she must be seeing things, but Rafe's running after the train, trying to catch up. He calls out for her, and she runs through the cars, trying to have the train stopped, as she runs toward him. Rafe calls out that he was sent back from heaven to be with her. She holds out her hand, and he grabs onto it. Together, they pull him onto the train, falling to the floor from the effort. They stand up and embrace, and Alison just can't believe he's here with her. They kiss, together at last.

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