PC Update Thursday 9/26/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

While Marissa works on a story, Ricky thinks about the kiss she gave him while sleepwalking. Jack and Jamal return from their photo shoot, and Jamal apologizes to Ricky for overreacting when he heard Marissa scream.  Ricky understands. He probably would have reacted in the same way if the situation were reversed. The guys learn that instead of the bike story, Marissa's writing about what happened in the woods. She wants to do the bike story, too, but this is more her style. She really wants to solve this mystery. She admits she doesn't remember anything about last night. As they pack up, Jamal asks Marissa to tell them the weirdest thing she's ever done in her sleep. She admits she once cooked a five-course gourmet dinner, and ate the whole thing. She starts thinking about what happened in the woods, and fantasizes about making it into a screenplay. As they head out, Ricky announces his intention to stick around to meet with one of his fellow band members so they can check out a nearby club. Marissa's concerned, but he assures her he's all right. Alone in the room, he looks at a photo of himself, Marissa, and Jamal, bending the photo to take Jamal out of the picture. He daydreams that Marissa kisses him again, only this time she's fully awake. He snaps out of it, and unbends the photo.

Back from Switzerland, Lucy goes through the mail, and a dental appointment reminder for Kevin makes her sad. She answers a knock at the door, and finds Alison.  She can see by the look on her face that something's up. Alison happily informs her that Rafe remembered everything and came back to her. They were able to say everything they needed to say to each other. Lucy hugs her, thrilled to hear the good news. Then she realizes that this means Rafe will have to go home. Alison explains that he already did, with some help from Livvie. She fills her in on what happened at the barn. Livvie wanted her to suffer, but she didn't realize he would be going back to heaven anyway. Lucy's adamant that Livvie has to pay for what she did. She's convinced she had something to do with Kevin's breakdown, but doesn't know how. At this, Alison asks about Kevin, and Lucy reports that there's no change, but at least he's safe. She does believe he'll come back to her, but she can't make sense of all this. They seem to be in a constant fight with the bad guys. Alison admits she's been thinking about this, too, and she has a theory. What if Port Charles is some type of battleground, where light and darkness constantly challenge each other? Lucy thinks it's possible, but Alison wants to know how long they can keep fighting evil before they lose. She's been thinking about a lot of things, including the purpose of her life. She's changed so much since coming to Port Charles, and the best part of all has been the incredible friendships she's made. She's found the perfect family in her friends, and she found her soulmate, who taught her how to open her heart and trust what it's saying. Some part of her found some strength in the last minute, and she realized she has her own life to live. Even though she's made such incredible friendships, she thinks her destiny may lie elsewhere. That's why she has to leave Port Charles. Lucy hates to hear that, but she understands Alison's need to follow her heart and her instincts. As they give each other a goodbye hug, they don't seem to notice the bright white light of heaven shining right outside.

In Jack's darkroom, nobody can stand the suspense as he develops the film from the woods. Unfortunately, they don't see anything in the photo. Then Jack thinks he see something on the ground. He takes a magnifying glass to it right where they saw the movement in the bushes. He thinks it looks like a rag doll.

Ian has Livvie lie down and rest while he leafs through Rafe's notes about the Avatar. According to Rafe, the latest findings suggest that there may be a way to destroy the Avatar. Since the shroud is a talisman, and gives the host power, what happens when the spirit leaves one host to enter another? What if, in the transitional phase, the new host suddenly rejects the spirit? Ian thinks this may be the key to its defeat. The paramedics arrive, and Ian tries to call Karen but can't reach her. Afraid she's trying to do this on her own, he leaves the paramedics to take care of Livvie. However, as soon as he leaves, she tells them to get lost. She knows where Ian's going, and she won't let him destroy the Avatar.

As the shroud envelopes Frank, Karen can't get anywhere near him. The Avatar has an energy field that she can't break. She refuses to give up, afraid it will kill Frank. With a vow to love her forever, Frank becomes silent and still. Ian arrives on the scene and finds Karen crying. Livvie spies on them, and they all see the shroud vanish from Frank's body. Karen and Ian run to him and perform CPR. He's alive! While Karen stays with him, Ian calls out to the Avatar. To Karen's horror, Ian shouts that he is justice. He is righteous fury. The avenger of those who suffer. The last line of defense against darkness. He will fight the Avatar's fight. He demands that it take him and let him be its host. Everything goes dark as Ian makes his demand. Frank weakly tells Karen to stop him, but it's no use. Ian has taken on the shroud of the Avatar. Suddenly, he's on fire, and Livvie--still hiding--is in pain. Frank and Karen watch in horror as Ian fights the Avatar and the fire.

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