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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/25/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Ricky's confused to wake up and find Marissa so close to him on the motel floor. In a trance, she says she knew they'd get another chance. They're going to have so much fun. She's been waiting a long time for this. Ricky doesn't like what's happening and looks around for the others. Marissa kisses him, then pulls away, saying she can't be late. She's meeting Casey at the beach and doesn't want her sister to be out there alone. She heads out the door, with Ricky close behind. He follows her to the woods, where she kneels down on the ground. He tells her this isn't funny; Casey's dead, and she knows that. And what was up with that kiss? She's really freaking him out.

Out in the woods, Jack and Jamal are confronted by a burly man. He doesn't know what kind of game these big city boys are playing, but they're tangling with the wrong man. When he accuses them of stealing his rations, the guys protest their innocence, but he doesn't believe a word they say. He knows they've been poaching, and they're going to pay. Jack refuses to be bullied. Getting right up in the man's face, he says he's not afraid of him. Nothing compares to the evil they've been up against, straight out of hell, and it was right here in these woods. He'd better get out of there before Jack gets really mad. The man agrees to leave, but wants to know what they're doing out in the woods. Jack says it's a top secret assignment, and if they tell him, they'll have to kill him. The man leaves, and Jamal starts laughing. Jack tells him not to ever let him do that again. They get back to the reason they came back to the woods. Things were normal for maybe five minutes, but now things are weird again. Who or what is messing with them? Jamal thinks some kids are just playing a prank on them, but Jack doesn't think so. Jamal's ready to get back to the motel before the others wake up and Marissa starts worrying. A scream from nearby alerts them that Marissa's in the woods, not the motel room. They run to her, and find Ricky's hands on her shoulders. Jamal pushes him away, but Ricky defends his actions, saying that Marissa started going nuts and then took off from the motel. He was just trying to help her, but she started flipping out. Marissa explains that she was sleepwalking; it used to happen a lot. Embarrassed, she apologizes to Ricky. They hear something rustling again, and Jack quickly snaps a photo. He got something; there's definitely something out there.

Ian asks where Rafe is, but Livvie wants to know how he got inside her home. Ian admits he broke in because he needed some information from Rafe, and couldn't wait any longer. He wants to know what happened here. It's obvious from the looks of the place that something's wrong. Livvie claims that Rafe just disappeared from the face of the earth. They had a fight, and he left her. Ian doesn't believe that for a minute. Rafe wouldn't leave town while the Avatar's still around. Livvie bitterly claims he's not the big hero everyone thought he was. He only cared about himself. Ian still doesn't buy it. It just doesn't add up. Going on the offensive, Livvie becomes irate, demanding an explanation for Ian's presence in her home. Ian explains again that Rafe was doing research on the Avatar. He needed his notes, so he came and got them. He's going to destroy the Avatar. Livvie says she won't let him do that. They don't know what will happen if he does. Ian is understandably suspicious.

Ian thinks Livvie must have some connection to the Avatar, but she denies his accusation, claiming to be afraid for everyone if Ian tries to destroy the spirit. She suddenly complains of a bad pain, and Ian helps her to the couch. When he runs to get his medical bag, Livvie jumps up and looks around but realizes he took Rafe's papers with him. She has to get them back, because she won't let anything happen to her baby. Alison's wrong; her baby is going to love her forever.

Frank stops Karen from getting away with the shroud. Despite her protests that she's just trying to help, he throws her across the deck and changes into the Avatar. Karen defends her actions; the Avatar's out of control, and they have to stop it. They have to drive out the spirit before it consumes him. The Avatar replies that it can't be destroyed. Karen wants to save Frank. That's what he wants, and she wants him to be the man she loves. She won't let him scare her. She won't give up on Frank. The Avatar insists she can't have him, but Karen repeats that she won't give up. Frank's just a host to the Avatar, but to her, he's everything. He's the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and that's why she's going to stop him. The Avatar informs her that it's too late; Frank's gone. Karen doesn't believe that. He's always been her hero. There's no need for a shroud. The Avatar rages, turning around and stirring up some strong wind. Karen continues; the spirit is making Frank hurt innocent people, and it's getting worse. Eventually it will force him to get rid of her for standing between them. Is that what Frank wants? Frank begs for her help. The Avatar continues to rage, but Karen insists that Frank is stronger that that monster. She knows it's hard, but he has to fight. Frank tells her he's trying. The Avatar calls him a traitor, and Frank tells Karen to run. She refuses. Instead, she runs to him, but he pushes her away. She won't leave him; she loves him. Everything goes dark. When the light returns, Frank is on the ground, minus the shroud. He's just Frank. He did it. He fought off the Avatar, with Karen's help. The shroud is on the ground.

Livvie gets a weird feeling, and becomes concerned that something's really happening to the baby. Ian returns with his medical bag, and tells her to sit down. She's convinced she's going to lose the baby. This is all Ian's and Rafe's fault. Livvie says it hurts for real this time, a statement not lost on Ian, who informs her it has nothing to do with the Avatar. He wants her to relax; her blood pressure's a bit high. He calls an ambulance.

Frank and Karen walk hand in hand through the park. They're so happy to have finally vanquished the evil spirit that lived inside Frank. Her love is what saved him. They kiss, and he expresses a desire to celebrate by getting the presidential suite at the Port Charles Hotel, along with some champagne. It will be just the two of them, and a king-size bed. Karen wholeheartedly agrees, and suggests they stay two or three days. As they start walking again, Karen is a little ahead. She turns around and sees the shroud enveloping Frank. She panics, unable to get any closer to him. Frank warns her to go.

Livvie feels better now, but Ian insists on having her checked out at the hospital anyway. It's the wise thing to do. He calls for a status report on the ambulance, then asks whether Rafe might have called in. Meanwhile, Livvie vows to ensure that nothing happens to the Avatar.

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