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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/24/02

By Beth
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Jamal can't believe it. Jack rode all the way back to the motel on his bike, with the pumpkin he found. He doesn't get a bad vibe from it, but he just had to show it to the others. They all agree it's weird to find a pumpkin filled with soup out in the middle of the woods. Marissa points out that whoever stole their food gave them this in exchange, as some kind of barter. It sure smells good! Before anyone can stop her, she tastes it, and it's delicious. Suddenly, she starts choking. As Jamal prepares to do the Heimlich maneuver, just like once before at the Recovery Room, she stops choking. Gotcha! It was just a joke, but she's the only one laughing. Marissa insists there was nothing wrong with the soup. Very tired, she stakes her claim on the bed, and tells the guys--including Jamal--that they all get the floor.

Jack still thinks there's something weird about the pumpkin. He lies awake, unable to sleep because of it. He gets up to go back to their former campsite to investigate.   Jamal wakes up, and tries to get him to wait until morning. When he refuses, Jamal goes with him, unwilling to let him go alone. As soon as they're gone, Marissa awakens, and sits straight up in bed, seemingly in a trance. In her trance-like state, she gets up, steps over Ricky, and crouches down beside him. He wakes up, and she leans her face toward his.

Alison thinks Livvie must be so proud of herself. She couldn't get Rafe to love her, and actually want to be with her, so she murdered him. Livvie tries to pretend she doesn't know what Alison's talking about, but it doesn't work. Alison wants to know why Rafe was the one she shot, and Livvie says she wants Alison to know what it feels like to lose everything she loves. Alison tells Livvie it didn't work; Livvie loses again. Well, now it's between the two of them. She sees Livvie eyeing the gun, and grabs it herself. Scared, Livvie wants to know what she plans to do with it. Alison's not sure what she should do. What if their roles were reversed? What if she had just murdered the man Livvie loved, and Livvie had her cornered in a barn? What would Livvie do in that situation? One thing Alison's father actually taught her was how to use a gun. He wanted all the Barringtons to be able to protect themselves. Livvie pleads with her not to shoot, using her pregnancy with Rafe's baby as an excuse. To Alison, this is more proof of just how crazy she is. No matter what Livvie says, she knows that Rafe didn't father that child. The paternity test proved it, and the nurse she paid to change the results finally confessed. It doesn't really matter who the father is, because the sad fact is that Livvie is the mother. Livvie turns to leave, but Alison follows her, still holding the gun on her. Alison feels sorry for the baby. They both know that children deserve love, but Livvie can't love anyone but herself. Still keeping her eye on the gun, Livvie asks what she's going to do with it. Alison sadly explains that there's only one thing to do with the gun that was used to murder Rafe.

Instead of shooting Livvie, Alison lays the gun on the barn floor, and bangs it with a shovel to destroy it. She points out that it's all Caleb's fault, because of all the things he did to Livvie. In true Livvie fashion, she agrees. Alison changes her mind. It's not Caleb's fault; it's Rachel's fault for abandoning her. No, it's Lucy's. Or Kevin's. Is she leaving anybody out? It's never Livvie's fault. She can't figure out why Livvie went after her and Rafe, then decides it's because she can't stand to see anyone happy. Livvie refuses to listen, but Alison forces her. The harder she fought to keep them apart, the harder they fought to come together again. Livvie points out that Rafe married her, but Alison reminds her that she couldn't hold onto him. Despite all her tricks, lies, and manipulation, Rafe didn't want her. Livvie covers her ears, and Alison continues. She and Rafe got to say everything they needed before Livvie murdered him. Livvie tries to tell her about the times they made love, but Alison says he only did it until he couldn't pretend anymore. Livvie has pushed away every person who's ever been close to her. There's a huge black hole in her heart that no one can fill. Her baby will never love her, because she makes it impossible for anyone to love her, ever. The worst punishment Alison can imagine would be to actually be Livvie, and have to live with herself every single day. She orders Livvie to get out, and she means it. Livvie leaves, and Alison sinks to the floor crying. She asks Rafe what she should do now. She decides she just can't cry anymore, knowing Rafe wouldn't want her to. She's glad she finally got a chance to tell him goodbye. Now she has to fulfill her promise to him by letting go. Tracing the outline of the carving with her fingers, she promises never to forget their special place, or their love. Then, sadly, she leaves the barn.

Ian pounds on Livvie's apartment door, then decides he can't wait any longer. He breaks in, ready to search for Rafe's notes about the Avatar. Once inside, Ian notices that the apartment is in complete disarray. He looks around, and eventually finds Rafe's notes. Livvie comes home and is surprised to see him. It's obvious that she's been crying. Ian demands to know what happened here, and where Rafe is.

Karen can't stay with Frank if he can't control the Avatar. He insists she doesn't understand what it means to be the host. The Avatar chose him for this incredible gift, and turned him into the person he's always wanted to be. People admire him now, and he's no longer second best. He makes a difference by making things right, and working miracles. Can't she understand that this is the chance of a lifetime? He admits the Avatar has changed him, but it's for the better, and he thinks she can sense that. He wants a chance to prove they can make it work. Consenting, Karen lets him take her hand and lead her away.

Frank and Karen lie on the deck, surrounded by candles. He wants her to trust him. Before they make love, he becomes the Avatar. Afterward, Frank tells Karen they can have it all. With her help, his work can continue. He falls asleep, and Karen notices the shroud next to her. She struggles with what to do, then decides to do as Ian asked and take it. She can't let the Avatar take over. Before she can get away with the shroud, Frank grabs her, and asks what she's doing. "Shame."

Jack crouches behind a bush, and takes photos. He informs Jamal that he's found something, but Jamal already knows. An ominous-looking man is standing right in front of them.

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