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Port Charles Update Monday 9/23/02

By Beth
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Ian stresses that Frank is out of control. They have to stop him. He doesn't want to hurt him, but they can't let him hurt anyone else. He wants Karen to take the shroud without letting Frank know her intentions. When Karen protests that she can't do this to the man she loves, Ian reminds her that Frank almost killed Chris. Karen still sees it as a betrayal, and wants Ian to find another way. Ian reminds her that he and Rafe will be much more sympathetic than the police will, because if this keeps up, the police will kill him. If she really loves the man inside the Avatar, she'll find a way to get him back. This just doesn't feel right to her, but she'll consider it--on one condition. Frank has to walk away from this in the clear, because this isn't his fault. Ian agrees to protect his identity if they can destroy the shroud. Then Karen and Frank can have the life together that they've always wanted. She has to find Frank, convince him to become the Avatar, and take his shroud. Ian and Rafe will take care of the rest. Karen still thinks this is a betrayal.

Karen leaves the hospital and walks through the park, looking for Frank. She tells herself she'd never hurt him; she'll fight for him no matter what happens. Frank suddenly appears to her, sensing that she's upset. He knows she's frightened of what's inside him, but she doesn't have to be. They kiss, and she admits she's not afraid when she's with him. Frank recalls their first kiss, and their fear of getting involved. Karen is very confused. He tells her to trust him the way he trusts her. He wants her to go home with him, so they can be together, and he can prove she can trust him. She decides she can't.

Ian leaves a third message for Rafe, who hasn't been answering his phone. He wants Rafe to call the minute he gets this, because it's urgent. He has a way to beat the Avatar, but he needs Rafe's research.

Doree talks to Chris, taking his hand in hers. She's so glad he pulled through. Realizing he's in a lot of pain, she goes to get a nurse for him. As soon as she's gone, the Avatar appears at his bedside. Frank informs Chris that they have some unfinished business. He sits on the bed, and points out that if he'd wanted to kill Chris, Chris would be dead. He never should have pushed the Avatar by offering to become the host. Chris insists he only did that because Karen is so determined to retire Frank from the position. Frank pushes the sheet up to his neck, and threatens him. Doree returns with the news that a nurse will be right in. With a veiled warning not to overdo it, Frank leaves. Doree insists on talking to Chris, despite his protests that he's too tired. She's here because she cares about him. She's also a cop, and she needs to know who did this to him. Accusing him of protecting Lancelot, she wants to know how he can justify doing that. Chris insists that Lancelot isn't the one he's protecting. He's protecting Doree. The person who did this is a maniac, and Chris doesn't want her to get hurt. Reminding him of her vocation, she says she can take care of herself, but Chris wants to do one thing right by her. He can't put her in danger. Doree now remembers why she liked him in the first place.

Rafe feels incredibly lucky to be standing with Alison, seeing the love in her eyes in spite of everything he did. Loving her is like breathing; she gives him life. Truly happy now, for the first time in a long time, Alison tells him he may kiss his bride. Rafe calls her his wife and his Alison. As they kiss, a shot rings out; Livvie is standing just inside the barn, a gun in her hands. Rafe calls Alison his angel, just as he used to before leaving the last time, and falls to the floor of the barn. A large bullet wound is visible on his back. Livvie tosses the gun to the side, and runs away. She runs through the woods, crying, then stops to get her breath, telling herself that this is all Rafe's fault. He made her do it. Reliving what just happened, she says that Rafe shouldn't have left her; she's his wife.

Alison wants to call 911, insisting Rafe needs a doctor, but he doesn't want her to leave his side. All he needs is his Alison. He has all these amazing memories coming back to him now. He remembers their first real kiss,, and how wonderful it was. Alison remembers every single second of every kiss they ever shared, and every time they made love. Rafe won't let her get help, because he's okay. He's better than he's ever been before, because he has the most important thing in the world--in the universe. He has his Alison, and he has all the memories of their time together. This makes him the luckiest man who ever lived. Alison insists on trying to get him some help, but he tells her there's not much time. Now he has to tell her something,, because he might never see her again. He knows life on earth is shorter than life in eternity, but he made a deal out of love for her.

Alison tells him she knows; he's not lost, because he fell in love with her again and saved both of them. Rafe doesn't think she understands. He explains that he sold his soul because he needed to see her so badly. Alison again tells him she knows. She also knows that this didn't end with the bargain he made, because she got a sign saying that if he fell in love with her again, his soul would be spared. He did it, against all the odds. She's so sorry for selfishly calling him back to her, but Rafe insists he probably would have come anyway. He wanted to say goodbye, since he didn't get a chance to do that before. Alison promises to love him for the rest of her life. She'll be okay, and she'll live life for both of them. She's just grateful that he's here now. She'll miss him forever, but she's ready for him to go back where he belongs. Rafe promises that he's never loved another woman or called any other woman his wife in his heart. From the doorway, Livvie cries. Alison pulls Rafe to her and holds him. A bright white light comes over them, as he's called back to heaven, leaving Alison alone. In heaven, Ed embraces his son and gives him a warm welcome.

As Alison sits alone, two paramedics come to the barn, having received a call about a gunshot. Alison invites them to look around, but insists it's all a mistake. Believing it was a false alarm, the paramedics leave. Alison closes the barn door, and tells Livvie to come out from wherever she's hiding. She knows she's here, and she knows what she did. She demands that her enemy come out and face her. Accepting the challenge, Livvie comes out of hiding.

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