PC Update Friday 9/20/02

Port Charles Update Friday 9/20/02

By Beth
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Lucy meets Victor at the institution in Switzerland, where he had Kevin admitted for his mental state. She assures her worried father-in-law that she wasn't followed--at least, she's doesn't think so. Victor informs her that Kevin is no longer raging out of control, but it's still evident behind his eyes. He's trapped in his own mind. Lucy really needs to see her husband alone, and although Victor doesn't think it's a good idea, he understands and promises to catch up with her later at the hotel. As she waits for her visit with Kevin, Lucy prays for the strength to help him somehow. During the visit, Kevin wears a straitjacket and a detached look on his face. Lucy tells him how much everyone misses him. She thought he was probably missing some of his favorite things, so she brought a few of them to him. As she talks about the music and photos she brought, reminding him of the life they had and will have again, he turns his head to look at her. Taking this as a sign that she got through to him, Lucy reassures him they can get through this together, but he backs away from her to show she's wrong. Lucy apologizes for rushing things. She'll stop doing that. Nothing has changed; she still loves him and still looks forward to their amazing future together. The man finally speaks, in a very controlled manner. "I'm not Doc." Lucy insists that he is, and she's going to keep waiting until he's ready to come back to her. Telling her not to wait, "Ryan" gets up and walks to the door, which he kicks to signal that the visit is over. As Lucy begs him to look at her, an attendant takes him back to his room. Needing her husband very much, Lucy cries.

Ian, Karen, and Colleen attend to Chris after his dreadful beating by the Avatar. As they assess his injuries, he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Frank's appearance just outside doesn't go unnoticed by Karen, who gives him a very angry look while doing all she can for her injured colleague. When it seems to Karen that it's over, Ian still refuses to give up on Chris. Despite her protests that it's no use, he keeps working, and ultimately manages to bring him back. Seeing that the doorway is now empty, Karen excuses herself, not revealing her intentions. She sees the closing stairwell door and assumes that's where Frank went. Karen follows him and insists that they talk about this. Frank tries to blame the Avatar for what happened to Chris, saying he reacted to the danger Karen was in. Karen disagrees with that assessment. It wasn't the Avatar; it was Frank. He almost murdered someone tonight. The Avatar isn't a gift. It's a curse that he can't control. Frank asks what she wants him to do about it, and she doesn't have to think twice about her answer. He has to get rid of it. She doesn't care how, but he has to do it. Frank insists she doesn't know what she's asking. Karen just wants to save him, and she thought that's what he wanted, too. Frank explains that he couldn't let Chris take this away from him. This is who he is now, and absolutely no one will take that away. When Karen asks whether that includes her, he asks her not to make him choose.

Doree goes to see Chris after hearing what happened, and Ian gives them some privacy. Chris is able to talk a little, and Doree takes his hand in hers.

Ian finds Karen alone in the stairwell after hearing her voice from the hall. She informs him that Frank won't give up on being the Avatar. Ian reminds her that he almost killed a man tonight, and he's certain it's just a matter of time before he crosses that line. Ian won't let that happen. They have to force him to give this up, whether he likes it or not. He thinks Karen might be the one who can force him into it.

Rafe runs to Alison, telling her he found the trap and knows she's hurt. He looks at her leg, but she explains that it's okay now; the bleeding stopped, and it doesn't hurt as badly as it did before. She really doesn't know how she got out of the trap. She thought she saw someone coming to help her, but she was too weak and scared and ended up passing out. When she woke up, she found some food that had been left for her, so she ate a little, then started walking around until she got to the barn. Noticing the carving on the post, she asks about it. Rafe happily tells her that he loves her with all his heart. Alison cries tears of joy; she thought it would never come back to him. Rafe admits he still doesn't remember the past, but it doesn't matter. He doesn't love her because of their past; he loves her because of right now. He's fallen in love with her. Apologizing for everything he put her through, he asks her forgiveness. In response, she throws her arms around him and kisses him.

As they kiss, Rafe's memories come flooding back to him, and he pulls away in shock. He remembers everything! They share more kisses and joyful tears. Rafe is ecstatic about this. He can't believe he bought all of Livvie's lies for so long. Alison refuses to blame him for that, assuring him that all that matters is this moment. She's waited so long for this. Nothing Livvie did, or will ever do, will come between them again. Alison just wants to think about this moment and the man she loves. After they share more sweet kisses, Alison admits she almost gave up on him, but couldn't go through with it. Rafe says that's how he knew something had happened to her; he knew she wouldn't give up. Alison promises she never will. Rafe tells her she's the only woman he's ever loved. Alison reminds him of the vows they made to each other. She never knew how much they would be tested, but now she understands exactly what their words meant. She knows what it means to really love someone when it seems impossible. They kiss some more, and Rafe tells her how lucky he feels just to be standing with her and seeing the love in her eyes in spite of everything. Loving her is like breathing. Just as much as air or water, she gives him life. This is the purest, most holy thing God ever created. He loves her so very much. Alison tells him he may now kiss his bride. As they kiss, a shot rings out. Livvie stands in the doorway with a gun. To Alison's horror, Rafe falls to the barn floor.

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