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By Beth
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Ian finds Kate making arrangements with Colleen for Brennan's care. He and Colleen assure her she's doing the right thing. Kate thanks Ian for setting up her talk with Lucy. It's just so sad that a once strong and capable man is in this condition. Ian says Brennan needs help, just as everyone does at times. Being a private person, Kate's not comfortable with everyone knowing all these details about her private life. Ian jokes that she's afraid people will find out she isn't perfect after all, but even so, he still likes her. Kate likes him, too, except when he's being pushy. She goes to check on Brennan, then returns to tell Ian he was right; Brennan's fine. The nurses have been fantastic. She was just nervous about bringing him here and getting her hopes up again. She's curious about what's in this for Ian, and he matter-of-factly explains that he likes helping people, especially his friends. He tries to get her to take him out for a burger, and she agrees until she learns he's talking about right now. As she walks away, Ian tries to figure her out. It's just a burger!

Ricky, Jack, Jamal, and Marissa are pretty freaked out. Whatever's out in the woods with them took their food, and they weren't even away from their campsite for long. Ricky discovers that their beer wasn't taken. Jack thinks it must have been a bear, and sensing Ricky's reaction to this, tries to scare him into taking off, since he didn't want him there to begin with. Marissa notices that there aren't any food wrappers on the ground, which means it couldn't have been a bear, after all. Jack agrees, knowing a bear would have trashed the camp. Therefore, it must be human. They're obviously not alone. The guys all take flashlights to look around, but don't see anything suspicious. They're pretty spooked, and want to get out of there. Marissa, on the other hand, smells a story and thinks all three guys are being wimps--until they hear wolves howling in the distance. That convinces her to get out of there now. They pack up, and instead of going in Ricky's car again, Marissa opts to ride on Jamal's bike. The three of them leave, with Jack staying behind to pick things up before meeting them at the motel. Taking a last look around, he hears something. Jack wants whoever it is to show himself, but he has no such luck. Instead, he discovers a carved-out pumpkin on the ground, thirty miles from the nearest pumpkin patch. Investigating, he lifts the top of the pumpkin and finds something inside: soup. Why would someone steal their food, and then bring them some soup inside a pumpkin?

Chris tries to reason with the Avatar, saying there's nothing they can't do together, but the Avatar will accept only a just man as a host. Chris insists he's not only just; he's also smarter and wealthier than Frank, and can serve the spirit well. He respects and believes in the Avatar. Karen tries to talk Chris out of this, but the Avatar orders her to be silent. He would never waste these gifts on someone like Chris; he has something very different in mind for his former front man. "Shame." Chris backs up, insisting he's a friend to the Avatar, but the spirit informs Chris that he's nothing, and will always be nothing. Karen urges Chris to take back everything he said, but he's too intent on proving his loyalty. As the Avatar moves closer to Chris, who's no longer of any use to him, Karen distracts the shrouded figure by asking for help with her injured wrist. Chris takes the opportunity to run out the door. The Avatar is angry with Karen for interfering. She tries talking to Frank about this, begging him not to let the Avatar take control. She reminds him of the wonderful life they're planning, a life in which Frank can use the power to do honorable and noble things. She won't let him use it for revenge or to hurt people. She won't let him kill Chris. If Frank really loves her, he'll drop this. Instead, she hears the dreaded words, "Justice will be done," before the Avatar leaves the apartment.

Rafe runs through the woods, hoping for another sign from Alison. He knows she came through here, but he can't figure out where she went. He calls out to her, but his calls go unanswered. He hears some rustling nearby, and runs in the direction of the sound, but Alison isn't there. Using his special tracking skills, he picks up her scent on a leaf, but soon realizes he's been running in circles. Knowing she can't survive much longer alone, he tries to think. Where would she go if she wanted to be safe? Remembering the day she told him about their wedding in the barn, he realizes that's where she would go. He rushes to the barn, still calling out to Alison. He lights a lantern so he can see. He's disappointed; he really thought he'd find her here, in her special place. Looking around, he can see why it's so special to her, and maybe for both of them. He goes to the post where their names used to be carved inside a heart, before Livvie obliterated the carving. He runs his finger along where it used to be, wondering why it took him so long to figure it out. It's the only thing that makes sense. He takes a knife and again carves their names inside a heart, happy to finally know they belong together. He just wishes Alison could see the carving. He sits down, willing her to come to him. Soon, she comes in the barn door, amazed to see Rafe there waiting for her.

In the hospital elevator, Chris tries to make travel arrangements. He wants the very next flight, and it doesn't matter where it's going. He's already picked up his passport. Suddenly, the elevator stops, and Chris finds that the alarm won't work. He looks up and sees a frightening sight.

Panicking, Karen tracks down Ian at the hospital. She admits that she lied about Frank being the host, and now he's out of control. They have no time to spare; he's after Chris and will kill him unless they can stop it. They try to reach Chris on his phone, and Frank on his pager, but neither one answers. Ian thinks the Avatar may have taken over completely. As they start to leave in search of him, the elevator doors open. Chris is on the floor, beaten and bloody.

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