PC Update Wednesday 9/18/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/18/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

As Ian wraps up his talk with Eve, Lucy appears at the grave to talk to her as well. She admits that Ian did the right thing tonight by getting her together with Kate. In fact, they've already had Brennan transferred to General Hospital. Ian obviously knew that Lucy needed to do something good for somebody else, to get her mind off her own problems. He's a wonderful man. They're both glad to be in each other's life. They're also grateful to have their children, and Ian admits he and Eve never planned to have any, but he's glad it happened despite all their precautions. They're also both glad to have a refuge in the cemetery. It's a beautiful, quiet place to think, remember good things, and forget about all the ugliness out there. When Ian's here, he truly believes that everything will be just fine. Lucy decides she needs to go to Switzerland to see Kevin. While she goes home to pack, Ian will go see Kate at the hospital. They consider themselves very lucky to be best friends.

Alison struggles to free her foot from the trap, but it's impossible. She lies down again, feeling a lot of pain. Then she hears a nearby rustle, looks up, and is frightened by what she sees.

Jack, Jamal, Ricky, and Marissa set up camp. Glad to get away, they drink to the future, unaware that someone or something is watching them. When Jack brings up Ricky's past jail time, Marissa's eyes light up; she wants to do a story. Jamal lures her away to give Ricky a break. She goes off alone, and the guys talk about how weird it feels to have things back to normal. Marissa senses someone watching her, and runs back to the campsite, swearing that something's following her. She insists that the bushes were shaking, and she heard footsteps or something, but whatever it was moved too fast for her to see anything. She's afraid it might be the Avatar, but Jack points out that they're too far outside of town. The guys think it was probably an animal, but Marissa doesn't like not knowing. Jamal suggests they pack up and go to a hotel, but before they can take action, they hear the same thing Marissa heard. They go to check it out, but don't find anything. Back at the campsite, the guys try to convince Marissa it was just an animal, but she notices something. It stole their food. They have no idea it's also watching them.

Karen visits Chris, at his request. He wants her to talk to Frank and get him to reconsider his decision to retire Lancelot. Karen won't hear of it; Frank is through with that, and Chris should just leave it alone. Surprisingly, Chris doesn't take the news badly. If Frank's finished, then he needs to pass the privilege on to someone else. Chris wants to be the Avatar's next host; he wants to be Lancelot. Karen asks whether he's insane. It's not that easy to be the host. He would bring out the Avatar's need to control and dominate. Chris insists the spirit isn't evil; it's just that Frank doesn't know how to handle the power. If Karen thinks she can fight this with a few hugs and kisses, she's living in a fantasy world. It's not about love; it's about power, and who knows how to use it. Karen grabs the phone to call Ian, thinking he can do something about Chris, but when they struggle for the phone, Karen is knocked across the room. Chris is startled to hear himself being accused of wrongdoing. "Shame." Chris urges Karen to let the Avatar know that it was an accident, and she's all right. She tells the man inside that there's no need for the Avatar to come out. She tries to talk Chris out of his plan, but it's no use. He informs the Avatar that the people still need him, and that he needs to be at full power, but Frank isn't the man for the job anymore. He wants the Avatar to choose him. When asked whether he's a just man, he replies that he is indeed.

Rafe drags Livvie to Lucy's house, where Alison has been living. Livvie insists she has no idea where Alison is, but Rafe doesn't believe her. Did she threaten Alison? Tie her up somewhere? When she protests that she's not strong enough for anything of the kind, due to her delicate state, Rafe asks whether she got someone else to do it. Livvie tries to walk away, but he jerks her back to him. He knows Alison didn't write that letter; she never would have left town or given up on him. He goes to check her room and reports that all her things are gone. Livvie takes the opportunity to try again to make him believe Alison left him of her own free will. She knows it's hard for him, but this is what Alison always does to people. At least she finally did the right thing and let go of Rafe to give him a chance at happiness. This doesn't convince Rafe, who thinks Alison must have left him a clue somewhere. In a rage, he demands to know what Livvie did to her. Livvie is brimming with righteous indignation that he would dare blame her for this. She paints a picture of Alison as a selfish, bed-hopping tramp, but Rafe doesn't believe a word she says. She wants Rafe to remember the life they were planning, but it's a life built on lies. When Livvie claims she'd take a lie detector test if he wanted, Rafe turns her down, not because she thinks she's innocent, but because he thinks she's actually beginning to believe her own lies. Tired of hearing her lies, he tells her to shut up. Livvie stops Rafe as he storms over to the door. She can't believe he really wants to leave her and their baby. Rafe reminds her he'll do whatever he can to support his child, but that doesn't mean he has to stay with her. He agrees the baby needs both parents, but it helps when they love each other. He's through pretending. He doesn't love her, and can't stay with her anymore. Livvie calls him a liar for backing out on his promise to her, but Rafe insists he tried. It won't ever work. He doesn't know what his destiny is, but he does know it's not Livvie. He can't go through this anymore. It's over. He storms out.

Livvie sits down and cries, then throws a temper tantrum, destroying much of Lucy's property in the process. She insists that Alison deserves everything she ever did to her. Picking up the photo of Alison and Rafe, she hurls it across the room, swearing that Rafe will never find Alison because she's dead.

Just outside, Rafe asks Alison to lead him to her somehow. He'll follow any clue she gives him. Suddenly, he gets a vision of her lying on the ground in the woods, weakly pleading for his help. He takes off to find her, but instead finds a trap with fresh blood on it, and a scrap of her jeans. Not seeing her anywhere, he calls out her name as loudly as he can.

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