PC Update Tuesday 9/17/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/17/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Ricky comes into the Recovery Room just as Jack, Marissa, and Jamal get ready to leave on their road trip. He learns about the trip from Marissa, who invites him to go with them. It's just a little north of town, and he's obviously lonely, and needs to be with people right now. Ricky thinks it's a very bad idea. Every time he looks at her, he sees Casey. He doesn't want to get to know her better, because he's already attracted to her. Jamal's his friend, and he wants to keep it that way. Marissa agrees it's better for him not to go with them, but when Jack and Jamal join them, Jamal insists that Ricky has to go along. Ricky protests, and Marissa takes Jamal's aside to try to talk him out of it, but eventually she gives in. With Jamal not willing to take "no" for an answer, and Marissa changing her mind, Ricky agrees to go with them. Jack privately asks Jamal what he's trying to prove; the potential for a problem is obvious. Jamal won't make the same mistake he did with Alison. If Marissa wants to be with him, she will. He's going to trust her. He's not going to go looking for trouble; they've already had too much of that.

Lucy notices that Ian keeps looking toward the door, and he finally confesses that he needs her to help a friend. Lucy points out that she can't talk to anyone right now. Kate joins them, confused about seeing Lucy since she thought she was having dinner alone with Ian. Ian confesses that they're both going through a rough time. This angers Kate, who can't believe he told Lucy about her situation. She turns to leave as Ian tries to explain his motive. They're both his friends, and they're both very stubborn. They can give each other some great advice--better than anything he can come up with. He's going to leave, and wants them to just listen to each other. Lucy makes the first move. She's not sure what Ian wanted, and he knows she's incapable of talking about anything. Kate doesn't want to talk either. Lucy tries anyway, telling her that Kevin was taken away, and she wants to help Kate, but she just can't. She gets up to leave, and Kate informs her that her boyfriend is in a coma. Maybe that's why Ian wanted them to talk. Lucy sits back down and listens as Kate explains what happened to Brennan two years ago. It's obvious to Lucy that Kate blames herself. She thinks the reason for this meeting is to make them realize they can't give up hope. Kate tells her about Ian's desire to bring Brennan to Port Charles, and Lucy latches onto this idea. She can't be with Kevin, but Kate can be with Brennan, if she'll let Lucy help. Maybe they'll both feel a lot better. Kate thinks she may be able to be Kevin's legal counsel should that become necessary. That's how they can help each other.

Ian visits Eve's grave, which finally has a headstone. He tells her about getting Lucy and Kate together in the hope that they can comfort each other. As for Ian, he comes to Eve for comfort. He opens a book and begins reading Shakespeare's Sonnet 29, "When, In Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes."

Rafe returns to the park bench to re-read the letter he received, supposedly from Alison. Livvie joins him, at his request, acting concerned and interested in his meeting with Alison. When Rafe tells her that she never showed up, but instead left him this letter, Livvie reads it, pretending it's for the first time. She talks about how Alison obviously agrees with Livvie, but Rafe doesn't believe Alison really wrote that letter. He knows she didn't, and he's beginning to wonder who did. Although Livvie insists it's Alison's handwriting, Rafe knows Alison didn't do it. Why is Livvie trying so hard to convince him that Alison really wrote this? Livvie demands to know why he's trying so hard to ignore what's staring him in the face. She knows he's hurt, but this is for the best. This way, they can concentrate on their baby. Rafe points out that everything turned out exactly the way Livvie wanted. Livvie says she doesn't want to fight with him. This should be the happiest time of their life together; everything will be better now. Rafe is starting to put things together. He points out the fact that she's always been more than willing to fill in the blanks in his life, even telling him what to think and feel, and in spite of his instincts, he believed every word. She's tried so hard to convince him to forget about chasing his past. Whoever wrote that letter made a big mistake, because he believes Alison's promise not to give up on him. Separating them is what Livvie's wanted all along. Livvie denies having anything to do with this, but Rafe doesn't believe her. It was obviously all her doing. She suddenly became so understanding of his desire to see Alison, and then this phony letter showed up. It all points to Livvie. Well, he's not going to follow her lead anymore. He's going to follow his instincts. He asks point-blank what she did to Alison, refusing to let her righteous indignation dissuade him. She agreed to let him talk to Alison because she knew Alison wouldn't show up. He didn't want to believe it, because he didn't want to think the worst of her, but now he's concerned with finding Alison. He wants to know where she is. Livvie denies knowing anything about it, but he warns her to rethink her answer. Livvie tries to leave, but he grabs her and stops her. They're going to find Alison together, and Livvie's not going home until they do.

Alison lies on the ground, her foot bleeding from being caught in a trap. She weakly calls for Rafe to come to her. She sits up, and tries to free her foot, but it's no use. Very weak, she lies back down. She needs her own personal angel to come back to her. He always does when she needs him, and she needs him one last time.

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