PC Update Monday 9/16/02

Port Charles Update Monday 9/16/02

By Beth

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Lucy shows Ian some family photos, and thanks him for being there for her even when she tried to push him away. She wonders whether she even has the right to fall apart when Kevin's still alive. She just doesn't know how such a wonderful man as Kevin ended up believing he's Ryan, a man with no soul or conscience. He actually tried to strangle her, and he probably would have killed her if the Avatar hadn't come to her rescue. Why did that thing save her? Ian can't explain that either, but he's glad the Avatar showed up when he did. Lucy doesn't think anything makes sense anymore. The girls are the only thing keeping her together. If it weren't for them, she'd be tied up next to Kevin in the mental ward. She's so sick of being strong. Why is it so hard to have a safe, normal life? Ian urges her not to give up hope, but she wants to know how long she'll have to hold on. She decides that the whole thing is probably her fault. Her dabbling with tarot cards and crystals probably opened the door to evil. Ian decides to play devil's advocate. Okay, so it's all her fault. Does that make her feel any better? She's an amazing woman who can get through this just like everything else, and she won't be alone, because she'll have him. Lucy thanks him for his support, then insists that he leave her alone for awhile so that she can think things through. Ian reluctantly agrees, on the condition that she'll have dinner with him. Lucy turns him down at first, but he won't leave until she agrees. As soon as he leaves, he places a call asking someone to meet him for dinner, as a favor.

From the park bench where he was supposed to meet Alison, Rafe makes a few phone calls to look for her, but no one knows anything. He tries to think of what could have stopped her from meeting him, and realizes it must be the Avatar. He rushes off.

Karen's pleased with herself for moving some of Frank's belongings into her own place. She wants to make him feel more at home. It's a bit crowded, but it's worth it. Besides, it's just temporary, until things get back to normal. She wonders where he is, since she expected him sooner. A frantic Rafe stops by to find out whether she's seen the Avatar, explaining his fear that Alison's been abducted again. Karen emphatically asserts that he would never do anything to hurt Alison. She admits he did take her once, but he didn't hurt her. Why would he do that now? Why does Rafe think he even has her? Maybe Alison was simply held up. Rafe doesn't believe that. He's been calling all over the place and no one's seen her. If Karen's covering for her friend, now would be a good time to stop. Karen insists that the Avatar has a lot of good in him, and would never in a million years do anything to hurt an innocent person. Rafe leaves, hoping she's right.

Alison tearfully recites the 23rd Psalm as she waits for the Avatar to carry out his threat. He approaches her and says he's sorry, then reaches for her neck. Alison prays for the soul of the man inside the Avatar. She prays for the child Livvie is carrying. She prays for Rafe's soul, asking God to forgive her for failing to save it, and asking for mercy on Rafe and his soul. As she prays, the Avatar transforms back into Frank. Alison tells him to go ahead and kill her if that's what he's going to do. In the voice of the Avatar, Frank tells her that she's a good person. He's going to spare her, under one condition: She must leave Port Charles, and never come back; if she returns, he'll have no choice but to kill her. Alison tearfully promises to leave right away. Frank unties her and makes his exit. Alison removes the blindfold, crying.

Doree tracks Chris down at the Recovery Room, hoping he'll tell her that Lancelot skipped town. Chris informs her that the hero is merely taking a break. Doree's curious about why Chris would want to be the sidekick to a wannabe masked avenger. He has too much going for him to settle for being a lackey, sycophant, or yes-man. Chris explains that he stands to make huge profits when Lancelot continues his work. Doree doesn't understand this at all. Chris already has all the money he needs, so what's his motive? It's simple: more money. Disgusted, Doree doesn't know why she still cares, but she knows that deep down, he's better than this. Too bad he can't see that for himself. She leaves, and Frank shows up to inform Chris that Lancelot is officially retired. There won't be any more interviews. Chris argues that it's crazy to throw it all away, but Frank insists he's made up his mind. If Chris is smart, he'll accept that. Chris wants to know whether this is the man or the spirit talking. Frank gives him another warning. If his final act of justice is to mop the floor with Chris, he'll take pleasure in it. He leaves, just as Rafe comes in and sits at the bar. Chris thinks about what just transpired. It may be finished for Frank, but not for him--not by a long shot. With a determined look on his face, he leaves.

Bob, the bartender, hands Rafe a note, supposedly from Alison.   It's the one that Livvie wrote saying goodbye to him.  Reading the letter, Rafe becomes very upset and rushes out.

Frank arrives at Karen's place, insisting that everything's fine. She asks him point-blank whether he was with Alison. She fills him in on Rafe's visit, and her own insistence that he would never hurt an innocent person. Frank assures her she's right, and hugs her. He's pleasantly surprised to see that she's brought some of his things over. He promises that everything's going to be all right now.

Alison runs through the woods, then stops, remembering both the Avatar's order to leave town for good, and her own promise not to give up on Rafe. She makes a decision not to run away from this. She made a promise to Rafe, and she vows to keep it. With this new determination, she turns around and runs the other way. Soon, her foot gets caught in a trap. She falls to the ground, sees her foot, and realizes she can't move.

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