PC Update Friday 9/13/02

Port Charles Update Friday 9/13/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

As Lucy tosses out her tarot cards, Victor stops by to check on her. She knows this is hard on him too and therefore doesn't want him to worry about her. Victor finds it almost incomprehensible to think of Kevin away in "that place," but Lucy thinks it's even worse--if that's possible--that Kevin himself is gone and Ryan has taken his place. Victor hugs her, then notices what she was up to before his arrival. Lucy explains that she was throwing away everything that was supposed to keep her in touch with the universe, which is obviously just junk. The entire universe completely failed her. As she tosses out her crystal ball, she points out that if any of it had worked, she would have seen this coming. The universe did absolutely nothing to stop it. Looking at their wedding photo, she's reminded of a time when they had everything they'd ever wanted. Victor agrees that Kevin had never been happier in his whole life. Lucy wants to know how life can be so cruel; they've survived so much already, and now this has happened. She thinks Victor must know how to fix this. He knows Kevin better than anyone, so he must know something they can do. Sadly, Victor advises her simply to pray and not give up hope, but Lucy's afraid that's not going to be enough this time.

Alone again, Lucy's trying so hard not to shed any more tears. She thinks about their wedding day, when Kevin spoke in his vows about how the key to being alive is opening the heart and listening to the soul. Lucy just can't do it; she can't let him go. There has to be something in the cards to help her. Back from Manhattan, Ian comes in to help, but she doesn't want his help. She wants him to leave. She never should have called and expected him to run back to town for her. She has to stop doing that. Ian puts his arms around her and she finally lets it all out.

When Livvie gives her okay for Rafe to spend time with Alison and figure out what's in his heart, he wants to know why she's suddenly all right with this. She explains that she's tired of feeling this constant threat hanging over their marriage. She's also tired of feeling jealous and insecure, wondering whether he'll be coming back home whenever he goes out. She can't live like that. They've made a life together and they're expecting a baby, but in spite of that, he still questions whether he belongs with her. Livvie knows more than ever that he doesn't belong with Alison, but he needs to find that out for himself, for the sake of their family. Rafe thanks her, glad she finally sees it that way, but she stops him with a condition. If he spends time with Alison and decides he can't live without her, Livvie will never bother him about this again. If, however, he decides to come back home to her, he has to agree to leave town for good. There's nothing left for her in Port Charles, and she wants a chance to build a life with him away from Alison. He has to promise to stay away from Alison and stop fighting evil, so that the three of them can live in peace and happiness. Rafe agrees, and when Livvie tries to embrace him, he pulls away from her touch. He wants her to understand that he can't promise to come back to her. Livvie tells him to go do what he has to do. He leaves, and Livvie thinks she's won. It's too bad it has to end this way, but Alison's refusal to give Rafe up is going to cost her life.

Thinking he's late, Rafe runs to the park bench and is surprised that Alison's not there yet. Rehashing their earlier encounter, he anxiously waits for her to get there. He's rather uneasy about her absence. This is what they've been waiting for, so he doesn't understand what's taking her so long. Something's not right. He calls Alison's to see whether she's still there, but gets her answering machine.

Livvie breaks into Alison's place and starts packing her belongings to make it seem that she's left town. Then she writes a farewell note to Rafe, signing Alison's name at the end. In the note, "Alison" admits that Rafe has always loved Livvie and that she's finally accepted that. Rafe's worried call comes in, and Livvie listens as she seals the letter inside the envelope, confident that her husband will never see Alison again.

The Avatar has Alison tied up in front of a tree, and she wants to know why this is happening. Rafe will be worried, because they're supposed to meet. She asks the Avatar to untie her and in return she'll pass along any message he wants to give Rafe. Instead of untying her, the Avatar blindfolds her. Alison tries to make him understand what an important day this is for her and Rafe. They're supposed to spend the day together, to figure out whether they can get back what they once had and see whether he remembers loving her before. She thinks he's already starting to remember, and nobody can stop that--except for the Avatar. She doesn't know whether her captor believes in any of this, but it's not just about love. It's about saving Rafe's eternal soul. If her captor has any heart or any soul whatsoever, or if he's ever loved anyone that much, he has to know how important this is. Why won't he say anything or let her see him? Why's he hiding? Is she just talking to herself here? Through her blindfold, she can't see that the hooded figure who abducted her is now Frank. She thinks she knows the reason for his silence. It's because he knows she's never done anything to deserve this. He's supposed to be a hero and protect women, but this certainly isn't heroic. Is he trying to get back at Rafe, or does he hate Alison? Suddenly she realizes it's because someone hates her, all right, but not her captor. He kneels down and tells her she should have stayed away from Rafe; "she" warned Alison. Her suspicion confirmed, Alison asks why he's helping Livvie. What kind of hold does she have on him? Alison pleads with him not to let Livvie make him a monster. Frank thinks about the tape Livvie made, and her subsequent threats. Alison doesn't want to die, but the Avatar, now the shrouded figure again, informs her that she has to. She begs him not to kill her. She knows he doesn't want to kill an innocent person. He's much better than that; he's noble, honest, and good, and he doesn't have to do this. The Avatar insists that he does. As Alison tearfully recites the 23rd Psalm, the Avatar tells her he's sorry.

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