PC Update Thursday 9/12/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Beth
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Ian and Kate go out for drinks at her favorite restaurant. Near their table, at the bar, patrons make one toast after another to the many heroes of September 11. As Ian looks over Brennan's medical charts, Kate explains that she's already had several specialists and doesn't know what Ian thinks he can do. For his part, Ian admits he's not looking for a miracle cure, but just wants to look at it with an open mind and fresh eyes. She's carried the burden long enough. Ian wants to take Brennan to General Hospital. He knows it's none of his business, but he doesn't think she can pay for private care anymore. Determined to do what's best for Brennan, Kate won't allow money to be a factor in his care. She let him down once and it cost him his life. Ian points out she gave him her own life. She should look around at the people in the bar, in the city, and all around the country. In one hour last September, everything changed. Yet all anyone can do is keep going. They do it for the people who gave their lives on that tragic day. They do it to say "no" to the darkness. One year later, the greatest city on earth is still here, and the people are stronger than ever. Whatever the tragedy, the important thing is to keep going. With that, he joins the other patrons at the bar in a toast, and Kate breaks down crying. When Ian rejoins her, he's somewhat embarrassed about the sermon he gave her; he doesn't know why he does that. Kate thanks him for making her feel that she's not alone. She admits she cares about Ian, and that's part of the problem. How can she let the man she's attracted to take care of the man she loves? Ian advises her to just do what's best for Brennan. He's not saying they should ignore their feelings, just that GH is a pretty good place and he's a pretty good doctor. He'll give her all the room she needs. Kate agrees to think about it, so Ian takes the medical file with him as he leaves, and she cries some more.

Rafe goes to see Lucy, but not until after Alison finally managed to get her to sleep, and she doesn't want him to awaken her. There's been no change with Kevin, but the police have decided not to pursue it right now, thinking he might get better at some point. Rafe marvels at how he keeps crossing paths with Alison. It's really amazing, and he wants to know what they're going to do about it. He already told Livvie he needs to figure this out. She took it pretty badly, obviously, but he's here now, and so is Alison, who has never given up in spite of everything that's happened. Alison explains how hard it would be to give up. She loves him with all her heart and soul, and that love gives her the faith to hold on and wait for him no matter how long it takes. Rafe feels so lost sometimes but he believes in Alison, and he knows that walking away from her means walking away from a deep part of himself that he still doesn't understand. He needs to know, once and for all, what they have. He needs to spend time with her, and he's willing to follow this wherever it leads. He won't run away ever again. Holding her hands, he admits he still can't remember anything, but touching her feels right. That's all he knows. Alison assures him that's enough for now. Rafe wants to have a day just for the two of them, to be open to whatever happens. Is today too soon? Alison thinks it's perfect. They plan a picnic lunch in the park, where Rafe will meet her in a little while. As Alison helps him with his jacket, her sweater gets caught. They stand very close together, and Rafe caresses her face as they confirm their date. When he leaves, she begins to cry tears of hope that things will be all right after all.

At the Recovery Room, Jack gives out some big news. His photo shoot in Bermuda landed him another gig, to shoot the launch of a new bike. In fact, he managed to get Jamal included as well to actually ride the bike for some action shots. It's a road trip with pay! Jamal asks Marissa to go with them, and at first she resists because of her Lancelot stories, but then the guys talk her into going with them after all and doing a feature on a new bike and the hot, daring guys who ride it. Jack warns her that chasing monsters gets kind of old anyway. Over by the bar, Chris is threatening to sue the Port Charles Herald unless he sees a retraction of Marissa's inflammatory article about Lancelot. While he's on the phone making his threats, Karen shows up and disconnects his call. Chris argues that Lancelot's work is important, but Karen informs him that his hero's fighting days are over. She's aware that Frank is the Avatar, and he's now retired. Chris reminds her that the man she knew is long gone, having lost control to the spirit of the Avatar, but Karen disagrees with that assessment. Frank needs her help to fight this, and she's going to give it to him. Chris scoffs at this. Does she actually think a hug will make the bad stuff go away? Karen knows better than that; what she plans to do is make a home for Frank, where he'll feel safe and loved. Love does work miracles. Chris and his greed are bringing out the worst in Frank, but Chris isn't dealing with Frank anymore. He's dealing with Karen now. At that, she leaves the Recovery Room. Chris walks over to Marissa's table and tells her to print a retraction of her ridiculous article, but Marissa stands by what she wrote. Jack asks his brother to go along on their road trip, but Chris turns down the invitation and leaves.

Curious about why Livvie summoned him, Frank goes to her apartment. She puts down her baby names book to answer the door, and tells Frank she needs him to do something for her. He has to get Alison away from Rafe. Frank tells her to talk to her husband about it, but she knows it's no use; he and Alison are like magnets. She wants Frank to kill her, and the sooner the better. Frank taunts her; the only way she can hold onto her husband is to do away with the competition. This is outrageous, even for Livvie. Why would he do that for her? Livvie thinks it's simple, really. He'll do it for Karen. Does she actually buy his noble avenger act and think she's in love with one of the good guys? Frank orders her never to talk about Karen, but it does no good. Unlike Karen, Livvie knows all his dirty little secrets, and how hunger for power turns him nasty. She knows what it's like to carry his child. Like Karen, she also knows how his bare skin feels against hers; she knows his desire and his kisses. Maybe she and Karen should compare notes. Frank threatens to kill Livvie right now, but she's one step ahead of him. She holds up a tape, which Karen will receive if anything happens to Livvie. On the tape, she tells Karen how terrified she is of Frank and says she wants to tell her everything. She claims that he raped her, and now she's afraid of what he'll do to her or to his baby, so she made the tape to protect herself and Karen. Frank is angry and disgusted to hear these lies; Livvie begged him to give her a baby to save her phony marriage. Livvie claims that her memory's a bit hazy about that night. Does he actually think Karen would think a poor, defenseless, pregnant woman would be lying about this? Frank doesn't see any reason to believe Karen would buy Livvie's story. Livvie tells him to get rid of Alison today or find out which one of them Karen would believe.

Rafe goes home and tells Livvie he can't go on with things the way they are. Livvie blames Alison, but says she's been thinking, and maybe it's wrong to keep them apart. If he needs to be with Alison to find out what's in his heart, Livvie won't try to stop him anymore. That way, they'll deal with the Alison problem once and for all.

Karen goes home and lights a candle. Picking up a framed photo of herself and Frank, she recalls the promise she made to hold onto him and not let go. She knows the good side of him is stronger than the bad side. They're going to fight this together and win.

Alison hears a noise outside and goes to the door, thinking it must be Rafe. No one's there, so she closes the door and wanders around outside, looking for the source of the sound. As she looks around and calls out to whomever might be out there, the shadow of the Avatar appears on the wall and grabs her.

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