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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/10/02

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Karen opens her door and Frank bursts in, anxious to talk. He realizes he overreacted and promises never to bother Ricky again. Karen wants him to know that she fell in love with the good parts of him. That means his nobility, heroism, and justice--not revenge, violence, or cold, calculated brutality. Frank understands that, and he needs her help. He'll keep fighting, but when the Avatar chose him, he received the power to see justice done and punish the unpunished. Karen points out that he's no longer defending the weak and innocent, and saving women and children, but he already knows that. The whole time he was beating up Ricky, he knew he didn't deserve it, but Frank didn't have a choice. The Avatar is forcing him to give it what it needs most: control. It needs to dominate everyone and everything. Frank doesn't know how to stop it, because it's grown so strong. The man he used to be is fading; he can feel it. Karen is the only one who can save him. He wants a life with her, the life they worked so hard for. He really doesn't know what she should do. All he knows is that her love is his only hope; she gives him strength. He needs to stay himself and not let the Avatar completely overtake him. Karen offers to do whatever he needs. After making love, Frank asks Karen to please not let him go. She assures him she's holding on tight and will save him.

Livvie pulls Alison away from Rafe and orders her to get her hands off him. What is she doing in their home? She orders Alison to leave, but Alison's already on her way out. Livvie angrily tells Rafe that this has to end now. His first responsibility is to his family, and he has to stay from his little blonde shadow. Rafe can't promise to do that. In any case, he'll always be there for the baby. Livvie accuses Alison of destroying their marriage while she herself is trying so desperately hard to save it. She can't do it alone. Reminding Rafe that he told her he loved her, she asks him to give up Alison. Rafe doesn't know whether he can, or even whether he really wants to. Livvie yells about how much she's given up for him, which angers Rafe, because he's given up a lot for her. He stopped looking for his past simply because she asked him to. Livvie says she's sorry it's been so rough, but she really wishes they'd left town when they had a chance. If they had, everything would be different, and Alison wouldn't be a problem anymore. She asks Rafe a question. If Alison asked him to run off with her, would he? Livvie insists it's not a tough question. Would he leave with Alison if she asked? Rafe doesn't know. Livvie's obviously upset. Their marriage would be completely different if Alison weren't in the picture. Rafe admits it's possible, but the fact is that Alison is in the picture. Something is drawing them together, and even though he doesn't know what it is, he can't lie to Livvie anymore. Bitter, Livvie tells him to do what he has to do. He does; he walks out. Livvie tells herself she'll also do what she has to do. She picks up a pair of scissors. Cutting some flowers to arrange in a vase, she tells herself that destiny isn't real. People decide their own fate, and it's time for her to put her fate back into her own hands and reclaim what's hers. After finishing with the flowers, she throws them down. Picking up one flower, she crushes it and bids Alison goodbye.

"Ryan" tells Lucy that Kevin's gone forever, but she doesn't believe that. He's Kevin, the man she loves with all her heart and soul. She wants him to look at her, because she knows he can feel their connection. She begs him to come back to her. He tells her to come close, and when she does, he kisses her softly near her ear and asks her to help him. Believing she's reached Kevin, she unties his hands, against Victor's better judgment. Lucy talks to Kevin about love and family. He's a wonderful father to the girls, and he has an amazing father in Victor. He just has to remember that he holds the key to her heart. Kevin places his hand on her face and asks what he's done. Lucy hugs him, and he claims not to know what happened. Tears well up in his eyes, and a look of panic comes over his face. Lucy explains gently that he thought he was Ryan. He looks devastated, remembering that Ryan used to attack blondes. He knows he attacked someone. Victor asks to speak to Lucy out on the deck. Outside, he tells her that the police called and the woman who was attacked positively identified Kevin as her assailant. The police are on their way over now to arrest him.

While they're outside, Alison arrives at the lighthouse. Kevin lets her inside and has her sit down. She wants to talk to Lucy about the big mess she just made of everything, but Kevin tells her that Lucy's not there. He puts an arm around her and says they can put their heads together. Very uncomfortable, Alison asks whether something's wrong. No, he just never noticed what a beautiful head of blonde hair she has. This makes Alison very nervous. She gets up and tries to leave but he won't let her. He locks the terrace doors, and Alison tries to run but he blocks her. Seeing what's happening, Victor breaks the glass and runs in to protect Alison while Lucy distracts Kevin. Then Victor picks up a fireplace poker and knocks him out. Alison wants to know what's the matter with him, but Lucy just says he's not himself. She has Alison get a towel and some ice. Hearing a siren, Victor reminds her they have to do something right now or else the police will take him away.

Alison is still there when Lucy answers the knock at the door. It's Andy and two officers. Lucy pretends to believe they're on a fundraising mission, but Andy informs her they're conducting official business. They come inside, and Andy notices the broken glass on the terrace door. He informs Lucy that they've come to take Kevin down to the station because he's the prime suspect in an assault case. Lucy claims he's not home. He left town, and she has no idea where he went or when he's coming back. Andy asks whether she'd tell him if she did. Lucy promises that he's somewhere where he won't hurt anyone. She's not sure where, but it's someplace safe.

Rafe goes to the park. Seeing a flower, he picks it and smells it. He thinks of his last conversation with Alison, then sits down on the ground and prays for help. He knows he's married, but he doesn't know how much longer he can stay away from Alison.

Jamal apologizes to Marissa for the huge misunderstanding. He was just trying to help Alison but didn't think it through. Softening, Marissa wants him to keep telling her how great she is. This is their first official fight, and as far as she's concerned, the best part is making up. As they kiss, Ricky comes into the Recovery Room and interrupts them, and the condition of his face shocks Jamal. Holding up a newspaper with the headline, "Lancelot: From Hero to Thug," Ricky asks Marissa whether she has a death wish. The three of them sit down at a table, and Marissa explains that Ricky's half the reason she wrote that article. He's afraid she's really angered Lancelot, but Marissa's confident she can take care of herself. She doesn't have time to argue, because she has a story to cover, and she'll be late if she doesn't leave now. She doesn't even have time to tell them what the story is, but if they're really that interested, they're welcome to come along. They do.

A candle-lighting service in remembrance of September 11 is held in the park. Marissa, Jamal, and Ricky join the others, which include little Christina, Serena, and Gail Baldwin. Kaitlyn Maggio, playing Christina, dedicates the service "To the heroes."

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