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Ian is stunned by what he sees inside Kate's apartment: a man in a hospital bed, hooked up to all kinds of equipment, with a nurse in attendance. Kate is furious to discover that Ian followed her home. This is none of his business. As a doctor, he can see that Brennan's in a coma. What he can't see is that she's the one who put him there. She explains that two years ago, on the anniversary of their first date, they planned to meet for dinner, but she let work come first. She called him at the restaurant and told him to go on home, promising to bring dinner to him. Unfortunately, she lost track of time until two in the morning, then tried to call home but there was no answer. She assumed Brennan was angry with her, and decided to keep on working. When she finally got home, she found him lying on the floor. He'd had a massive coronary. If she had been there, she might have been able to help him. Ian doesn't want her to blame herself, but she insists it is her fault. She shuns his offer to help, saying she's managed for two years without it. She absolutely refuses to put Brennan in an institution; she owes it to him to take care if him at home. She's spent everything she has--and much more that she doesn't have--on his care. Now she just wants Ian to go away and leave them alone, but he has no intention of leaving. They sit down to talk, with Kate speculating on how things would be if she'd been home with Brennan when she was supposed to be. Ian doesn't like to hear about what could have been. He's done plenty of that kind of thinking himself, wondering whether Eve would still be alive if he'd gone with her to get the tickets the night she died. The thing is that this type of thinking just keeps people awake at night and never provides any answers. Seeing how much Kate loves Brennan, Ian thinks he must be a very special man, which means he certainly wouldn't want her to do this alone. He asks again to let him help. Kate cries on his shoulder.

Kevin follows Lucy downstairs, finally catching up with her and pushing her down. His hands close around her neck. From outside, Livvie cries as the Avatar makes sure she knows this is all her fault. She did this to her own father. She watches as Lucy manages to push Kevin away and begs him to stop. Lucy knows he isn't really Ryan. The Avatar informs Livvie that Kevin thinks he's her Uncle Ryan, the serial killer. She begs the Avatar to do something to help, because this will destroy her father, but the Avatar insists that this is her punishment. Kevin grabs Lucy again, and she begs him to let her go. The terrace doors burst open and the Avatar enters the lighthouse. "Ryan" can't figure out what in the world is going on. "Shame. Justice." The Avatar sends him flying across the room. Lucy runs to her husband and asks the Avatar not to hurt him because he's not evil, just sick. The Avatar roars.

Victor rushes over to the lighthouse and finds Kevin in a chair with his hands tied. Lucy explains that he really believes he's Ryan. She thinks something truly horrible must have happened to him. He tried to strangle her, and she'd probably be dead if it weren't for Lancelot, who saved her, tied up Kevin, and left. Kevin comes to and isn't happy to see Victor, whom Ryan thinks is a miserable excuse for a father. Knowing how much this must hurt Victor, she reminds him that it's really Kevin, not Ryan. She takes him aside to talk, but Victor receives a call from the Jasmine Island constable. They found a blonde prostitute who'd been attacked, and she gave a description of her assailant. It matches Kevin. Victor says they have to put Kevin in a hospital, but Lucy won't hear of it. She has to help him. She believes she's the only one who can. She sits in front of their captive and tries to reach her husband, but as she talks to Kevin, Ryan answers. Lucy wants to know what happened to hurt him. She needs to know; he can trust her. She wants him to remember how he was lost before and she reached out to him and wouldn't let go. He has to do this for her, Victor, and the girls. He has to try.

After seeing what happened to Kevin, Livvie paces back and forth in the park. Frank appears and asks whether she enjoyed the show. Thanks to Livvie, it doesn't look as if Kevin will ever be himself again. He's probably on his way to jail or a hospital for the criminally insane. Livvie insists she didn't mean to hurt him, a fact that Frank knows all too well. She thinks she can tell them what drug she used and he can be made well again. Frank reminds her that if she does that, she'll be the one going to an institution, not to mention that when Rafe learns the truth about everything she's done, he'll leave her and never look back. She has to make a decision. Does she want to help her father or keep her hold on Rafe? Faced with this question, Livvie tries to think. Even if she tells them what drug she used, it's not likely to help Kevin's mental state. She knows her father would want her to be happy and not destroy her marriage for no reason. Frank says that's the perfect answer and exactly what he expected her to say; she always chooses herself. When she takes her usual attitude with him, he warns her not to press her luck. He showed her what she did to her father so that the image would be burned in her memory and she'd experience that pain over and over again. She saw what was happening to Lucy, and she saw what Frank can do, so she'd better not cross him again. He leaves, and Livvie tearfully apologizes to her absent father.

As Rafe and Alison talk about their secret fantasies of sailing around the world and eating brownies with no calories, Rafe makes a confession. What he really wants is Alison. Obviously, Alison returns the feelings, but Rafe immediately regrets having said anything. Alison understands how hard he's fighting to keep his obligations, but reminds him he also has an obligation to himself. He has to do what his heart tells him to do. She won't let him run from her anymore. Rafe reminds her that he's not free to be with her. He wants her to just let it go, but Alison doesn't see how either of them can do that. They've tried, and it obviously doesn't work. What they have isn't going away. He has to stop denying what his heart is trying to tell him, because it's telling him the truth. Rafe pulls away from her and admits things would be different if it weren't for Livvie and their baby. He would want to spend more time with Alison to see what it is that they have. The fact is that he's a married man with a baby on the way, and that's a huge responsibility. By this time, he's yelling. He won't walk out on his own child. Alison struggles with a decision, then asks him what he would do if the baby weren't really his. Rafe stops her from saying anything else. He knows how she feels about Livvie, but this child is already part of him and is counting on him. He can't just erase that because of his feelings for Alison. After she apologizes, he tells her it's getting late and she should go. Alison agrees but wants to say one more thing. She knows how he feels and she respects that, but she absolutely will not give up on him. Someday, when he's ready, he'll understand why. She loves him and always will, and she needs him to feel that no matter what. She puts her arms around his neck, and he pulls her close. Neither is aware of Livvie's furious presence in the doorway.

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