PC Update Friday 9/6/02

Port Charles Update Friday 9/6/02

By Beth

At the restaurant in Manhattan, Kate tries to reason with Sam, but he wants his money back. Kate's pleas not to talk about it here are unheeded until Ian intervenes. He tells the man to just walk away for now, and Sam wisely does that. Kate tells Ian she's had a slight cash flow problem since quitting her job, but he calls her a liar and asks what kind of trouble she's in. Kate insists she's not in any trouble, and even if she were, it's her business. She doesn't appreciate being grilled after she's drawn a line. Ian should just go back to Port Charles and have a great life, because he can't help her with this. Later, Kate arrives at her apartment with some groceries. Opening the door, she tells Brennan not to worry; they'll manage somehow. She'll get the money and never have to leave him alone again. Just outside, Ian looks into the apartment and is stunned by what he sees.

Lucy is relieved that Kevin's back home, but chastises him for neglecting to call and therefore scaring her half to death. Kevin thinks she worries too much. He just needed some time to think. He looks around the room as if he's never seen it before. When Lucy asks why in the world he went back to Jasmine Island after everything that happened there, Kevin tells her it's his home. Lucy's floored at this; Jasmine Island was never his home, at least not in any way that counts. Kevin explains that he wouldn't be who he is today if he hadn't gone through what he did on that island. He can't ignore that and doesn't think she should either. When Lucy insists he's holding something back, he challenges her to enlighten him, since she supposedly knows him so well. Accepting his challenge, Lucy says he's trying not to show how upset he is at Livvie's actions, which in reality have put him through an emotional ringer. Coming on the heels of getting lost in the portrait and being away for so long, then trying to be strong for everyone else when he came back, it's just too much. Doesn't he think she knows how much stress he's been under? Actually, he doesn't think she has any idea. Lucy wants to help him, but when she calls him "Doc," he tells her how much he loves it when she calls him that. When she agrees to anything he needs, he picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Livvie picks at her food, which makes Rafe think she's still worried about Kevin, but he reminds her she's eating for two now. He answers the phone and hears the Avatar on the other end, making threats against Alison. Rafe throws down the phone and runs out the door, promising to explain later. As soon as he's gone, "Frank" steps out of another room and greets Livvie. She orders him to leave, saying Rafe will be back any second, but Frank has news for her. He won't be back in time to help her, because he's too busy making sure that Alison's safe. All Frank had to do was say his precious Alison might be in danger, and he was out the door before the phone even hit the table. He's very consistent that way. Livvie asks Frank to just leave her alone, but he tells her that his work isn't done. He's in Port Charles to pull evil out by the roots, and there's no bigger evil in town than Livvie herself. She has to pay for her crimes, and he knows them all. He promised to punish her but she just didn't know when or how, but now she does. This is when and this is how. Livvie screams.

Alison still hasn't decided how to handle the awesome responsibility of saving Rafe's soul. In her mind, she hears Lucy urging her to make Rafe fall in love with her again, and Rafe's anger at the stunt Jamal dragged her into earlier. She realizes he could very well lose his soul if she doesn't manage to turn things around. Hearing a noise at the door, she rushes to look outside, but no one is there. She comes back inside, convinced that a tree branch made the noise. After she sits down on the couch, Rafe bursts in and asks what happened. Is she all right? Alison has no idea what he's talking about. She was fine until he burst in. What's the matter? Rafe tells her he's trying to save her from the Avatar, who called him. Realizing he may have been duped, he asks whether one of her friends made the call, but Alison swears she had nothing to do with it. Rafe doesn't understand what's going on at first, then realizes it was a ploy to leave Livvie unprotected. He runs back out, with Alison close behind.

Livvie's pleas fall on deaf ears. It's time for justice. Livvie reminds Frank that if he hurts her, he'll hurt his child as well. Frank reminds her he was still the father when she set the fire at the old silo. When Livvie insists she made a mistake out of fear, Frank acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes; he lives to see that they're paid for in full. Livvie tells him to just go ahead and kill her, but Frank thinks that would be too easy. The wonderful thing about her is that she's her own worst enemy, which gives him the chance to mete out both punishment and justice. He asks how much she loves her father. He knows all about the drug she injected him with, and Kevin sure did have a reaction. Livvie demands to know where he is, but Frank doesn't have to tell her anything. The only thing he has to do is judge and punish. Changing into the Avatar, tells her it's time for her to receive justice. Livvie screams in terror.

By the time Rafe and Alison get to the apartment, Livvie's gone. Alison finds a note from her, saying she got some good news about Kevin and will fill Rafe in later. Rafe's immediately suspicious about what just happened. Why did the Avatar send him running to Alison if he wasn't trying to get to Livvie? Alison thinks maybe he was just toying with Rafe. He admits that's possible but he's not really sure. All he knows is that he has to start thinking before jumping at the bait every time. Alison says it doesn't hurt her feelings that he got to her as fast as he did when he thought she was in trouble. It means a lot to her. Rafe asks whether she really feels that way or just wants to see his reaction. She promises on her soul that she's never lied to him and never will, about anything. Does he believe her? He does. Alison's grateful for that, but Rafe can't talk right now. He has to go check on the town and make sure everyone's safe. Alison reminds him that he has unbelievably high expectations of himself. He's only one person, and he can't do everything. Rafe points out that it's his calling, but admits that he sometimes wishes it weren't. Then he could just take off and do something he's always wanted to do, like go to Bermuda or Hawaii. Alison doesn't see anything wrong with that; she's always wanted to take an entire month to go on an African safari. Rafe thinks that's awesome. He also thinks about taking a year to sail around the world on a yacht. As they talk about their respective fantasies, Rafe finally admits what's really in his heart. "I want you, Alison. I want you."

After an apparently rough lovemaking session, Kevin shushes Lucy every time she tries to talk, saying he just wants to concentrate on her body and her breathing. It's his favorite part. He places his hand menacingly at her neck. Running his fingers through her hair, he asks whether she's ever thought about going blonde. Lucy's surprised at this since he's never said anything like that before, but he says he's never thought it before, but since they don't hide things from each other, he thought it and said it. He's ready for more sex, but Lucy wants to know what's going on. He just seems so different. A demented smile comes over his face.

As Kevin gets dressed, his chuckle sounds almost maniacal. Lucy's getting creeped out. Kevin hasn't stopped laughing at her, and it's scaring her. Kevin insists he's just being himself, but Lucy begs to differ; he's not being himself at all. He admits he isn't Doc. He'll give her three guesses to figure it out. Lucy is horrified at the realization that he's really Ryan. She runs downstairs to get away from him.

The Avatar takes Livvie to the lighthouse to look in the window. Kevin is chasing Lucy around the living room and threatening her, which the Avatar reveals is really Livvie's fault. She did this to him. Inside, Kevin closes his hands around Lucy's neck.

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