PC Update Thursday 9/5/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 9/5/02

By Beth
Proofread by Nicole

Over a drink in Manhattan, Ian brings his old friend Tim Dolan up to date on what's been happening with the Avatar. As a folklorist, Tim's anxious to visit Port Charles, but Ian thinks that's a bad idea. He's grateful to Tim's mother for taking care of Danny. As he looks around the room, Tim points out that they've been at the same bar every night since Ian arrived in town. Ian won't comment on that, but Tim's convinced he's looking for Kate. When Tim goes to use the phone, Kate appears at their table. She's going to be really angry if he's following her. Her appearance is a surprise to Ian, who didn't see her when he was looking around. He informs her that he didn't follow her. He came to New York to leave Danny with a friend until the business with the Avatar is settled. Tim returns from his phone call, introduces himself to Kate, and insists he has to go. Ian invites Kate to join him for dinner, and they move to a table away from the bar area. He's surprised to see her alone, since he thought she and her boyfriend would have worked things out by now. When Kate replies that nothing's changed, Ian says he sounds like a real jerk, considering how she gave up her job and moved back to work things out with him. This makes Kate angry. She defends Brennan, saying they used to be very close but she ruined everything by making her career come first in her life. Now, she's completely devoted to getting back together with him, and she can't let anyone interfere with that. Dinner with Ian was a bad idea. Ian wants to know why she keeps running from him. Kate just doesn't want to get involved with him, and no matter what he thinks about their friendship, she feels as if she is getting involved. After all, he did track her down at the same restaurant where he saw her before. As Ian continues to explain his motives, an older man named Sam walks directly over to Kate and accuses her of hiding from him. He cut her some slack because of her situation, but she bounced another check. Now he's cancelling their arrangement, and wants her to pay up in full, in cash.

Jamal continues his spiel about how happy he and Alison are together, and he wants Rafe to tell her that he's happy for her. She tries to stop Jamal but he shushes her. Rafe says it's great if that's what she wants, because she deserves to be happy. Alison rolls her eyes as Jamal talks about how they never stopped loving each other, and nothing will ever change that. From behind him, Marissa says that's news to her. Alison tries to explain, but Jamal stops her again. He wants to buy Marissa a drink and explain what's going on, but she doesn't want to hear it. He said he was over Alison, but he obviously lied about that to get her into bed. Alison's had enough. She appreciates what Jamal was trying to do, but it won't work. They're not together; they're just friends, and he was trying to help her out. Jamal admits she's telling the truth, but the others don't understand. Then Rafe accuses Alison of trying to manipulate him. Jamal admits it was all his idea. He didn't know Marissa would come in and hear any of it. Marissa doesn't want to talk about it. She storms out, and Alison strongly advises Jamal to go after her. She tells Rafe that she didn't want any of this to happen, but he's not at all happy with her. He accuses her of messing with his head, and he just has far too much going on for that. He doesn't need anyone else lying to him. Alison apologizes, but he leaves without even ordering any food.

Lucy's starting to panic about Kevin's absence. She gets another ominous phone call and hangs up. Victor comes in with the news that no one has seen Kevin. Lucy just can't go through this again. Victor tries to calm her down, thinking maybe he just got hung up with a patient, but Lucy knows that's not it. He's missing; she can feel it. Victor reminds her that they don't have any reason to believe that something's happened to him. Lucy tries to take his advice and calm down a bit, but she quickly becomes frantic again. Mac shows up, at their request, and doesn't understand why Lucy's so upset. She stresses that he set out to do something and knew she'd be anxious to hear the outcome. All she'll say is that he found out some disturbing information about Livvie and went to confront her, but he never got there. Victor really wants her to confide in him, but she's scared and wants to do what Kevin would want. As for Mac's inquiry about anything else she can tell him, she fills him in on the weird phone calls she's been getting. She wants to know who's calling and why. Mac offers to put a trace on the line. When the phone rings, Mac answers it, but it's for Victor, who's obviously upset about what he's hearing. He informs them that it was the constable of Jasmine Island, who keeps an eye on his old house. Kevin was seen there earlier today. Victor can't believe it. Nothing good ever happened in that place. He thought they were past all the terrible things that happened in that house. Lucy doesn't think it's about the past. It's about what's happening right now. Kevin's worried about Livvie's sanity and doesn't know how to help her. Lucy should have seen it coming. She has to go to the island. Victor tells her it's too late. Kevin was seen leaving, and the constable obviously didn't know where he was headed. Mac has a question. If Kevin didn't find what he was looking for on the island, where did he go? He dispatches every officer he can spare to be on the lookout for Kevin, then heads out with Victor. As Lucy paces the living room floor, Kevin comes in the front door. She throws her arms around him, and as he hugs her, a rather demented look comes over his face.

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