PC Update Wednesday 9/4/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Beth
Proofread by Nicole

Finding Ricky's door open and hearing him groan, Marissa goes inside and finds Ricky on the floor. He's been beaten up, and Marissa's shocked to learn that Lancelot is the one who did it. She calls an ambulance, and Ricky's really not happy to see that "Frank" is one of his paramedics. Ricky insists he didn't do anything to deserve this, but Frank tells him that Lancelot never attacks without provocation. Ricky says he was just hanging out with Karen, whom Lancelot has a "thing" for. She'd already left before he showed up. Since Ricky carried Karen to his place, Frank says Lancelot must have thought he'd kidnapped her.

Karen's the attending physician, and she's outraged to learn that Lancelot did this to Ricky. She shoots accusing looks at Frank, who explains matter-of-factly that Lancelot thought Ricky had kidnapped her. Karen apologizes for Lancelot's behavior; what he did was brutal and unforgivable. She was obviously wrong about her so-called hero. She stitches Ricky up and apologizes again; he certainly didn't deserve this. Ricky points out that a couple of crazy guys are watching her back: Frank and Lancelot. Karen promises he won't have to worry about either one. She goes to get him some painkillers, and Frank follows her. She confronts him about his violent act against Ricky, but Frank feels completely justified. He saw the state of her apartment and thought she was in trouble. Karen reminds him that she was gone by the time Frank got to Ricky's place. She can't forgive him for this. Frank doesn't believe that; he just hurt Ricky enough to make him stay away. Well, it worked on her too, because she's going to stay away from Frank as long as he's out of control. When she goes back to Ricky, Frank tells himself that he can't be controlled.

In Karen's absence, Marissa stays with Ricky, who confirms her suspicion that he and Karen have broken up. In light of what's happened, Marissa has made a decision. She's going to start writing different stories and give their "hero" a different name. Ricky doesn't want her to do that; she might get hurt if she messes with him. Marissa says that she went by his place to tell him about the rumor that Lancelot didn't die in the fire. She also wants to talk about Casey some more. Ricky says she's a lot more like her sister than she realizes.

Rafe tries to calm Livvie down, but she's ranting and raving like a lunatic, saying over and over that she can't find her father. When Rafe asks what she means, she goes into a rage. Rafe keeps trying, and Livvie says she didn't know Kevin was coming over, and didn't know it was him. Then she starts talking about how Rafe had told her that the Avatar was gone, but it's still alive. She thought she was finally going to be happy, now that she has the love of her father and her husband. Rafe's confused. He asks whether she thinks the Avatar has Kevin. All Livvie knows is that none of this would have happened if she didn't always have to worry about everything. Everything always gets taken away from her. When she thinks Rafe is going to question her sanity, she screams that she's not crazy. She's not like her mother and grandmother and uncle; she just wanted to have a family, and she thought Rafe wanted the same thing, but he's never there for her and the baby. Rafe's trying to help but doesn't know what she wants. She seemed fine, but now she's going off the deep end. Livvie accuses him of always being too busy caring about Alison instead of just being with her and their baby. At this point, Rafe's had it. He's so sick of her overreacting all the time, and now she's trying to blame everything on him. Well, that's it. He wants to go to Bermuda and get away from all this. He wants to be free, and feel free of all responsibilities. He wants to be free of feeling he has to protect the world. He just wants a normal life like everyone else.

Livvie apologizes and says he's right, blaming her outburst on hormones. Rafe thinks there's much more to it than that. Livvie tries to explain why she's so upset. Kevin was supposed to come over but he never showed up. Rafe points out that she's already contradicting what she said earlier. Livvie explains it away by saying it all reminds her of the last time he disappeared, when she thought he was dead. She probably was overreacting, just as Rafe said. Kevin's probably on an emergency housecall or something, and she's just being paranoid. That's no excuse for the way she treated Rafe; she knows he's trying to protect them. She didn't mean anything she said. What concerns Rafe most is that she said she doesn't deserve to live, but Livvie says she didn't mean that. He and the baby are her life. Rafe holds her against his chest, then says he's going to go pick up something to eat. He wants her to calm down and relax, and he'll make some phone calls when he gets back with the food.

Alison goes to the Recovery Room and is too distracted to realize that Jamal is talking to her. He finally gets her attention, and he admits he knows she cancelled out on Jack because of Rafe. Alison doesn't want to talk about that right now, but Jamal's sure there's something she does want to talk about. Alison doesn't think he'd understand, and he agrees with her, but they sit down at a table and talk anyway. According to Alison, this is even worse than life and death; it's the worst thing anyone could ever imagine. She has to get Rafe to fall in love with her again so that he doesn't spend eternity rotting in hell. Unaware of Rafe's true nature, Jamal just thinks she's referring to his marriage to Livvie and considers herself the only person who can save him from that hell. Alison refuses to let Rafe give up on love; this is the biggest thing she'll ever do, and she has no idea where to begin. Jamal advises her to shake things up by making Rafe think he's lost her. He'll happily pretend to be her boyfriend. Alison can't believe he suggested that. He's obviously forgetting about Marissa. Jamal thinks she'll be fine with it; she loves undercover stuff. Alison won't do it. She can't trick Rafe; he has to come to her on his own. When she sees him come in to order some food, she joins him. As they chuckle about how they're always running into each other, Jamal comes over and plants a big kiss on Alison's mouth. He then informs Rafe that he and Alison are back together. Alison is clearly unhappy about this. So is Rafe.

As soon as Rafe's gone, Livvie calls the guy who sold her the drug and demands that he come see her right now. Against his better judgment, he does as she asks. When he gets there, Livvie demands to know what happens if somebody takes too much of the drug. She claims her friend took a double dose by mistake. The guy says if that really happened, her friend has either gone crazy by now or died. He gets out of there as fast as he can. Out in the hall, the shadow of the Avatar is visible on the wall.

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