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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By Beth
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Livvie's in a deranged panic after injecting Kevin with the hallucinogen. She keeps telling herself she loves her father and didn't mean to do it; that drug was meant for Frank. She breaks down crying.

Lucy takes Alison to the lighthouse. Alison still can't believe they have proof that Rafe's not really the father of Livvie's baby. She's concerned about how Kevin's dealing with this, and Lucy admits he's filled with guilt and self blame, but she'll take care of him. She wants Alison to take care of Rafe and tell him the truth. Alison can't do that. She can't imagine taking away what he has, even though it's not real. She doesn't know the right thing to do, but she does think it would be wrong to tell him the truth. He has to figure it out on his own. She believes his soul depends on it. Lucy wants Rafe to find out the truth, leave Livvie, and be with Alison, but all Alison wants is for him to ultimately be able to return to heaven, where he belongs. She's afraid that if he learns the truth from one of them, it will essentially be cheating. That's why she thinks they need to stop Kevin before he can tell Rafe anything. She knows he'll figure it out, but he can't get it from them. It's the only way.

When the doorbell rings, Lucy peeks outside and whispers that it's Livvie. Alison hides while she answers the door, and Livvie barges in, calling out to Kevin. She wants to know where he is. Lucy says she thought he was with her, since he wanted to talk to her. Livvie demands to know what he wanted to talk about, but Lucy won't say. Although Lucy points out that she's even more agitated than usual, Livvie insists that nothing's wrong. She storms out, to Lucy's bewilderment. Alison's also puzzled by what she just witnessed. Lucy tries to brush it off, saying she doesn't know what happened to Kevin, but maybe he got cold feet about confronting his daughter. She thinks maybe Alison's right about letting Rafe figure it all out on his own. She promises to let her know when she hears from Kevin. She answers the phone, thinking it might be him now, but no one seems to be there. After Alison leaves, Lucy calls Victor, but he hasn't heard from Kevin. The phone rings again, and again no one speaks. Lucy announces that she can hear the person breathing, and asks who it is. The caller hangs up. The whole situation frightens Lucy.

Back from Bermuda, Jack and Chris head for the Recovery Room. Rafe's sitting on the bench outside, strategizing. He informs them that he and Ian messed up and the Avatar escaped and is very much alive. Chris is very happy to hear this, but a not-amused Rafe attacks him. Jack pulls Rafe off his brother. Rafe thinks Chris must have been the one who knocked him out before the fire, but Jack backs up his brother's innocence. When Chris goes inside to spread his good news, he finds Frank working behind the bar. Frank reminds him of their public dislike for each other; he doesn't want them to look too chummy. He informs Chris that he's back with a vengeance.

Rafe apologizes to Jack, who understands his brother can be a jerk. Seeing Rafe's notebook, he questions its purpose. Rafe admits he's been putting together some theories on how to kill the Avatar. Thanks to Jack's comment about the talisman, Rafe figured out that the shroud is the source of its power, so he just has to figure out a way to get hold of it. He politely asks Jack about his trip, and when Jack advises to try relaxing sometime, Rafe simply states that he can't. He can't give up his life's mission. Jack doesn't understand how he knows this is his true mission in life, since he hasn't made any choices for himself. Rafe admits he sometimes wonders who he'd be if he'd been raised with a choice, but now that he's lost ten years of his life, being a slayer is the only identity he knows. Jack thinks he should try mixing business with pleasure, but Rafe doesn't know how. To try to figure that out, Jack asks what he'd want to do if he could do absolutely anything. Rafe says he'd want to sit on the beach, watching the waves and thinking about absolutely nothing. Jack admits it's a good plan but there's something missing. Who would be with Rafe while he's on the beach doing nothing? Not at all comfortable with this question, he avoids the answer by leaving.

Livvie goes home and cries, telling herself it was an accident. Rafe finds her crying her eyes out on the couch. He goes to her but she violently pulls away, saying she doesn't want to be touched. As she tells Rafe that she doesn't deserve to live, he gets close enough to put his arms around her and try to calm her down.

Karen's obviously not happy to have been carried out of her own home by Ricky in an attempt to protect her from Frank. Ricky insists he's doing this for her own good, because he cares. She's going to get hurt physically if she doesn't stay away from Frank. He gives her a slice of pizza on a plate, but in anger and frustration, Karen hurls the plate at the wall. Ricky doesn't understand her problem; Frank's crazy. He admits bringing her to his place wasn't a well thought-out plan, but he didn't know what else to do. He also admits how much her betrayal hurt him. He never saw it coming. Softening, Karen says she still has feelings for Ricky but she knows that deep down they both knew their relationship wouldn't last. She can't fight her attraction to Frank any more than Ricky can fight the pull to Casey. She believes they both deserve a great love. Ricky calls this the nicest kiss-off he's ever gotten. He thought what they had was the real thing, and now she's saying that's what she has with Frank. He apologizes for "kidnapping" her, and although he wishes she'd stay, he won't try to stop her from leaving. He does give her some advice. A temper like Frank's can't be cured, so she needs to be careful. He doesn't believe her assurances that she'll be fine. Karen gives him a goodbye kiss. When Ricky goes back inside and closes the door, he's confronted by the Avatar. "Shame."

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