PC Update Monday 9/2/02

Port Charles Update Monday 9/2/02

By Beth

Rafe is surprised to see "Frank," but Livvie is positively stunned. Frank tells them he heard about Ian's theory but jokes that he won't sue anybody over it. He heard that the Avatar's gone. As Livvie glares at him, he asks how she's feeling, adding that she just glows, almost as if there's a fire inside her. Frank's appearance prompts Rafe to run over to the hospital to see the forensics reports from the fire. Frank assures Rafe that he'll keep Livvie comfortable in his absence, so he shouldn't worry about her. Once Rafe is gone, he tells Livvie she might see her husband later--or she might never see him again. The Avatar's not gone, just on a little vacation. She's seen what he's capable of and still underestimates him. Livvie denies this, but Frank continues, accusing her of treating him the same way she treats that poor husband she's so desperate to hold onto. Rafe's tragic flaw is believing her and all the lies she's feeding him--especially the one about the baby. He reaches toward her stomach but she orders him not to touch her. Frank tells her it's a little late for that. Livvie reminds him that he doesn't want people to know his secret because everyone loves Frank, but he says that the real Frank is more or less gone. He's grown so strong in Frank's body that it won't be long before what's left has disappeared completely. He will have his justice on Livvie for what she's done. She may not know how, or when, but it is coming. In the meantime, pregnancy truly agrees with her. He leaves as Livvie's eyes fill with tears.

In his office, Kevin sadly fills Lucy in on what he learned from Livvie's medical records. Lucy reminds him that Livvie's always been a very complicated girl, but that's not how he sees it. His daughter is obviously losing her mind; all the signs have been there since the beginning. He doesn't want to make things hard for her, but this ends right now. He should have known, considering the gene pool Livvie came from. He can't remember how many times Lucy warned him about her, and he never listened. Lucy assures him she wanted to be wrong. She promises that they'll get through this and be stronger than ever.

Alison sits in the hospital chapel, praying for just one more sign. As she recalls her talk with Lucy about the importance of making Rafe fall in love with her again, she asks God whether that's really true. She wonders whether she should just walk away and let him spend his life with his wife and their child. She prays for God to please reach out to him and save his soul. "Save whose soul, Alison?" Rafe slipped in while she was praying. He apologizes for intruding, but Alison assures him it's okay. She says that a friend of hers is in a lot of trouble right now. She was on her way to see her grandmother but took a detour to the chapel. Rafe understands completely; he takes the same detour every time he comes to the hospital. It's the only place he feels comfort, calm, and peace. He assures Alison that God heard her prayer; he hears everyone, but especially those with a heart and soul as pure as hers. Alison takes the opportunity to try to find out how he feels about a person's soul. She asks whether he thinks his soul belongs to him, and whether it's his to keep or give away. Rafe's not sure, but he thinks his soul is the essence of who he is, and he doesn't know whether he could just give something like that away. Alison has another question for him. What if the only way to save someone he loves were for him to sacrifice his own soul. Would he do it? He believes that he would. Would she? Alison would want to do the right thing but doesn't know what that would be. Rafe looks up and sees a candle burning. He can't believe it; it's the same candle he lit months ago, and it's still burning. Recognizing the candle as the one Kevin needed to be released back into the world, Alison is full of questions. Rafe explains that he found it in the woods. He knows it sounds crazy, but for some reason he thought it could help her. Alison doesn't think that's crazy at all. Rafe continues; the day he and Livvie were supposed to leave town, he brought it to the chapel and lit it. Afterward, he experienced the most incredible, overwhelming feeling that he had finally done what he was supposed to do. He hadn't thought about it again until now. What does it mean? Alison tells him it means everything. It changes everything. She rushes out. Colleen tracks Rafe down in the chapel, saying Ian left a note to provide him with the test results. She hands over the envelope and leaves. Rafe is dismayed to learn that no human remains were found at the silo. The Avatar's still out there.

Alison rushes to Kevin's office and fills Lucy in on what she just learned about the candle. This is proof that he really did come back to earth to help her. Now it's her turn to save him, but she doesn't know what to do. Lucy tells her to sit down, because she has some news. What happened in the chapel was the first sign, but there's another one. Kevin just went to confront Livvie; they don't know who her baby's father is, but it's not Rafe. They have proof. Ecstatic, Alison and Lucy hug each other.

Back at her apartment, Livvie goes online to research a drug she just ordered. It's a psychotropic derivative, which makes it perfect for what she has in mind. A knock at the door signals the arrival of the dealer she contacted, who stresses that the drug turns people into freaks. Fully aware of that, she gets rid of him, then calls the Recovery Room and lures Frank to a face-to-face meeting at her place. He agrees to give her five minutes, but if she tries anything, they'll be the last five minutes she ever sees. Livvie hangs up and prepares the syringe.

Frank calls Karen's, but there's no answer. This disturbs him, since he just left her there a little while ago and she knew he'd be back. When he left, Ricky was there with her. He takes off to find out what's going on. Frank finds Karen's door open. Inside, he finds signs of a struggle, from where Karen knocked over a lamp and a chair in her effort to get Ricky to put her down. Frank is now in a destructive rage. That maggot kidnapped his Karen!!!

Livvie anxiously awaits Frank's arrival, and when she can't stand it anymore, she calls the Recovery Room to find out where he is. She's told he left, so she assumes he's on his way to her place. She picks up the syringe and waits. When there's a knock at the door, Livvie invites the caller inside. She's hiding behind the door as it opens, and instead of Frank, she rushes forward and jabs her own father with the needle. Horrified, she tells him she didn't know, but he screams at her to stay away. He staggers out to the hall as the drug is already beginning to take effect. Terrified at what he sees in his mind, Kevin runs off, screaming.

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