PC Update Friday 8/30/02

Port Charles Update Friday 8/30/02

By Beth

As Karen and "Frank" renew their passion for each other with a kiss, they're interrupted by a knock at the door. Karen thinks it could be Ian, since he guessed that Frank was the Avatar, but Frank looks through the peephole and sees Ricky. Karen wants to talk to him alone but Frank prevents that by opening the door and announcing that he and Karen are picking up where they left off. He thanks Ricky for looking out for Karen and then tells him to hit the road. Furious, Ricky gets up in his face, but Frank grabs him and almost breaks his arm. Karen demands that Frank let him go, which he reluctantly does. Karen then tells him to leave so that she can talk to Ricky. Frank doesn't like it, but he leaves. Knowing how upset Ricky is, she apologizes for hurting him, but he refuses to let her get back with Frank. They go inside, and Karen talks about the history she and Frank have. Ricky doesn't care about that; it's in the past. Frank may have been a nice guy at one time, but now he's a bully. Ricky saw him abuse Karen, and he heard what he called her. He won't let her go back to him. He compares her to the patient who kept going back to her husband after he abused her. Karen disagrees with his comparison, but Ricky persists. After all, he did get a panicked call from her one night because she was so afraid of Frank. He thought they had a great thing going. What happened? Karen admits it all started to change when Lancelot started rescuing people. He always made her think of Frank; that's why she fell for him, and that's partly why she went back to Frank. She just got so wrapped up in the idea of what a hero Lancelot was because that's how she's always seen Frank: as a hero. Ricky reminds her that Lancelot's dead. Karen says she'll always love Ricky for being there for her. Ricky thinks this is crazy, but Karen insists it's her own life and her own choice. Not willing to accept that, Ricky picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. Her struggle to get him to put her down results in an overturned lamp and chair, but Ricky determinedly carries her out the door.

Rafe and Livvie go to the Recovery Room for breakfast since Livvie claims there's no food at home. Rafe's still upset about how they all could have been burned alive. He can't help wondering about the Avatar, but Livvie reminds him that no one could have survived that fire. Besides, the fire isn't the only thing that happened last night. For the first time, Rafe told her he loves her. After that, on the way home, he was really quiet. Livvie wants to know whether he meant what he said. Rafe regrets not telling her a long time ago, but Livvie doesn't mind. She's just glad to hear it now. She thinks she finally sees a really big light at the end of the tunnel. The Avatar's gone, and they're happy, and she thinks she made peace with Alison, who's starting to understand how much the baby means to both of them. Seeing Ian come in with Danny, Rafe goes over to them. Livvie gloats about how everything's going her way.

Rafe tells Ian he got his message, and asks what's up. Ian has decided to take Danny to New York to stay with a friend, just in case there's more trouble. They both think that if anyone died in the fire, there should be human remains. Ian confirms that he hasn't seen Frank since the fire. Whoever it was, it must have been someone in town. Rafe reports that he's been doing more research and taking a lot of notes, which he'll fill Ian in on later. Livvie joins them to play with Danny, unaware that Frank is watching her from outside. Frank chastises the absent Livvie for being such a bad girl and setting the fire, because they both know what happens to bad girls. When Ian leaves the bar, he's stunned to see Frank outside. Frank says that Karen told him what he thought; he doesn't know whether to be flattered or to knock some sense into his friend. Ian's glad he's okay, but does think it's kind of sudden how he and Karen are talking again. Frank remarks that things have been put back into their natural balance. Ian tells him that he and Danny are going away for a while, and he leaves Frank alone. Back inside, as Livvie rambles about a Lamaze class they're supposed to attend, Frank walks over to their table and asks to join them.

Lucy rushes to the hospital after receiving a call from Ian about the fire, and she's obviously relieved to see that her husband's fine. Asking her to give him a minute, he gets Livvie's records from Lisa, one of the young nurses. He's not exactly sure what he's looking for. He tells Lucy that Livvie's been doing such strange things and he's trying to find out whether she's crazy. He wants to see whether her blood shows the same markers that Grace and Estelle had; if so, then he'll know. She's become a magnet for danger and he needs to know why. He needs to look over the records alone, so Lucy offers to wait for him in the lounge, but before she gets that far, Alison gets off the elevator. Lucy calls her over, saying she heard about her saving Rafe and Livvie from the fire. Alison has something else on her mind. She knows Lucy thinks they got a loud and clear sign from above, but she's not so sure. She's wondering whether fate has something else in store for the baby. If it were just a matter of Rafe and Livvie's marriage, she'd take great pleasure in taking Rafe away from her, but unfortunately there's more to it than that. Livvie's pregnant, and they're really trying to make their marriage work. Lucy points out how wrong the whole situation is, and Alison doesn't deny that, but a child's future is at stake. Lucy reminds her she has to make Rafe fall in love with her again. Otherwise, his soul is lost forever. Alison's worried that Livvie would take the child away and never let Rafe see him, out of revenge. Lucy tells her to stop right there. She got a sign saying she's the only one who can save Rafe's soul. Alison still doesn't know why God would want to break up a family before the baby's even been born. Lucy doesn't know either, but she does know there's a plan. Alison doesn't know what the plan is or what the right thing to do is. Deciding she should pray for answers, she heads to the hospital chapel. In the chapel, Alison's mind replays the night she and Lucy found the message from heaven, as well as her latest conversation with Livvie in which Rafe's destiny was pitted against the child's. She starts to pray. She knows she got a sign, and she really appreciates it, but she needs another one. This isn't just about loving Rafe and saving his soul anymore. It's so much more complicated than she ever thought it could be.

Kevin notices that some of the charts leading up to Livvie's pregnancy are missing. Lisa has no idea what's going on, but Kevin sees Summer's guilty demeanor and asks what she knows. Summer admits that Livvie blackmailed her, forcing her to change the results of the paternity test. Livvie told her to get rid of the real results but Summer kept them, just in case. Kevin orders her to go. Then he looks at the results, full of remorse at what his daughter has done. Seeing that he looks upset, Lucy asks what's wrong. Kevin informs her that Livvie lied about everything--including Rafe being the father of her baby.

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