PC Update Thursday 8/29/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Beth

Still at the Recovery Room, Ricky calls Karen, who's late for their date. He gets her machine again and lets her know he's a little worried since she's always on time for everything. He adds that he heard about Lancelot getting burned up in a fire, and he hopes she's not too upset about that. He really can't wait to see her. Hanging up, he looks toward the door, but Karen isn't there.

After pulling "Frank" out of the fire and dragging him to safety away from the others, Karen tries to revive him with CPR. As she works, she tries encouraging him to come back to her by telling how how she feels about him. She should have known all along that he was her hero. She fell in love with the Avatar because she fell in love with Frank. Thanks to her efforts, Frank regains consciousness. He marvels about how she went into that inferno, risking her own life to save his. When he asks when she realized he was the Avatar, Karen replies that she always knew, deep down. She has so many questions for him about how he came to be the Avatar. Frank's been wanting to tell her but she figured it out on her own, which proves how strong their connection is. He relates how he came to be the Avatar. After they broke up, he threw himself into his work. One night as he was finishing up the late shift, he went to the locker room but realized he wasn't alone. He turned and caught the faintest glimpse of a shadow on the wall, and it was approaching him. Suddenly a shrouded figure stood in front of him and spoke, asking whether Frank is a just man. Frank replied that he is indeed a just man. The shadow identified itself as justice, the avenger of all those who suffer, then asked whether Frank would become one with it and fight its fight. Frank gave his consent. Immediately, he felt the change. The figure seemed to move right through him. He felt an amazing jolt of strength and the Avatar gave him a great gift; it gave him back his life. He had been searching for something just beyond his reach, but because of the Avatar, he now has a purpose. He's been charged with an incredible mission; he knows what he's supposed to do. Now that Karen has saved him, he can do so much more.

Kevin insists on talking to Rafe right now; it's serious and can't wait. He's kept quiet until now for Livvie's sake, but he wants to know how Rafe feels about her. She risked his life for him just a few minutes ago, and he doesn't think she should have to risk everything for nothing. He's giving Rafe a chance to tell him the truth about whether or not he really loves Livvie. Rafe replies that although he doesn't remember falling in love with Livvie, he knows she trusts him to be there for her. He made a promise and he's going to keep that promise. Kevin points out that he still hasn't answered his question. His daughter deserves love and stability, and she shouldn't die trying to prove herself to her husband. Rafe accuses Kevin of not giving their marriage a chance. He knows how important being loved is to Livvie. Kevin reminds him that she's not like other women. She's done things a reasonable person would believe were crazy. Rafe promises not to let her end up in an institution. He's her husband and he's going to take care of her. Right now, he wants to take her home. Before he can do that, he's interrupted by one of the firemen, who needs to speak to him.

Karen takes Frank back to her place. She wants him to rest, but he can't do that until she really understands what's happened to him. Karen assures him that she does, and it's amazing. Frank wants her to understand that he's a changed man. He knows he did awful things to her, and even though she knows why it happened, it still hurt her deeply. He couldn't handle the memories from his childhood until he took on the power of the Avatar, which healed him. The old Frank is gone, and a better, stronger version has taken his place. Karen, who's been wiping the soot off his face, says it broke her heart to watch him drift away, but Frank thinks that maybe it had to happen in order for him to be chosen. Karen thinks he was chosen because he's a kind, honorable man who helps women and who even went back in time for her. He's the man she fell in love with. Frank's glad to be able to talk to her now. There are others who still don't believe and will never understand that he only tried to help people. Ian and Rafe trapped him, and they'll try again to stop him. That's why he has to stop them first. He doesn't understand why they're doing this, after all the good he's done. Karen thinks maybe they're scared because he's been somewhat overzealous in his methods, but Frank insists that he did what he had to do. He can't let them stand in his way. He's been given a sacred trust, and he has to finish what he started. Karen tries to dissuade him from going after Ian and Rafe. After all, it's all over and they believe the Avatar died in the fire. Most importantly, the two of them are back together the way they should be. Frank is adamant. Ian and Rafe must be taught a lesson. Karen warns him that revenge is never the answer. They've wasted enough time being apart. Frank points out that right now, it's just the two of them, and he wants her so much. They share a passionate kiss at the front door, unaware that Ricky has just arrived at the other side of the door.

Livvie talks about how fast it all happened. She hopes the Avatar burns in hell. Alison thinks the most important thing is that it's all over now. Livvie asks whether she really believes what she said before about her heart being connected to her soul. Alison does believe that everything they do in life will come back to them. Livvie sits down, feeling far from all right. The reality of what could have happened suddenly hit her. They all could have died. She feels too weak to move. Concerned, Alison asks Livvie when she last ate, but Livvie doesn't know. Alison digs around in her purse and pulls out a candy bar. Livvie laughs because Alison always did keep a secret stash in there. They agree that they've come to each other's rescue a few times. Livvie shares the candy with her benefactor. Alison thinks this is weird, as if they're friends. Livvie agrees; she always thought they'd both get married and have kids who would play with each other. Alison thought they'd be friends forever. Livvie thought the same thing. Alison says that all changed when her so-called friend married the man she loves. Didn't she feel even the slightest bit of guilt about that? Livvie knows Alison will never forgive her. She knows she still loves Rafe, and she sees the way he looks at her, but that doesn't change the fact that an innocent child deserves to be raised by his parents. She admits it would be so easy for Alison to take him away from her, then asks Alison whether she loves Rafe enough to let him stay with his family. Does she love him enough to just walk away? Alison replies that it isn't up to her. Rafe needs to save his soul. This confuses Livvie, so Alison tries to explain. Rafe came back in human form for a reason. Livvie thinks it was to marry her and have a baby, but Alison tells her that's not true. That was Livvie's doing, but Rafe needs to make his own choices and his own destiny. Livvie refers to the baby as the first real thing he's ever had. Before Alison can continue, Rafe returns, and Livvie claims she was just thanking Alison for saving their lives and putting their child before her own concerns. Rafe's ready to take Livvie home, and she urges Alison to think about what she said. After they leave, Alison thinks about her message from heaven and Livvie's request regarding the baby's destiny.

Weak, Livvie can barely stand, but she just wants Rafe to hold her. She's so sorry this happened. Rafe takes the blame, thinking his carelessness caused the fire. Livvie says she'd fall apart if she ever lost him, but Rafe assures her that won't happen. She's his wife and they're making a life together. When he tells her he loves her, Livvie throws her arms around him.

Kevin phones the hospital and orders all Livvie's medical records to be pulled right away. He needs to look over them.

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