PC Update Wednesday 8/28/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/28/02

By Beth

Ian finds Kevin at the hospital and informs him that he and Rafe managed to trap the Avatar in the old grain silo outside of town. He admits they still don't know who the host is, but then asks Kevin whether he's seen Frank. This surprises Kevin, who realizes what Ian's implying. Ian doesn't know what to think and really doesn't want to talk about it until he knows for certain. He does find it interesting that Karen seems to be the only one who's gotten close to him. He asks Kevin to appeal to its human side through psychoanalysis and see whether he gets anywhere. Kevin agrees to give it a try, but he has to check on a patient first, so he'll meet Ian there.

As the fire rages, the Avatar roars inside the room where he's still shackled to the floor. Alison arrives, thinking she can talk to Rafe, and finds Livvie screeching in terror while trying in vain to rouse Rafe to get him out of danger. Ian arrives just after Alison, and they try to get Rafe out of the silo, but he's stuck. Ian lifts Livvie away from Rafe, and Alison drags her out of the building while Ian drags Rafe out. Livvie tries to stop Ian from going back inside to rescue the Avatar, but he insists on going in. She watches as Alison pleads with Rafe not to die on her. Rafe wakes up, sees Alison, and says her name. Livvie looks very upset. Rafe sits up and Alison gives him some of her bottled water. Ian returns, without the Avatar. Rafe doesn't know how this happened. He was talking to the host, and then someone hit him from behind. Seeing Livvie watching them, he calls to her. She goes to him and claims she was looking for him and found him inside, unconscious. He's worried about the baby, but Livvie assures him everything's fine. She admits that Alison saved their lives. Rafe thanks Alison, and Livvie walks away. Just arriving at the scene, Kevin finds her. She relates how worried she was about Rafe; she couldn't get him out. Kevin chastises her for being there. She could have been killed. She can't keep endangering herself. Livvie doesn't want to hear that right now.

Alison and Rafe stand up, and she tells him that Ian helped carry him out. Rafe's grateful for her help; she risked her life for him. Alison reminds him that she owed him one after he rescued her at the cliff. Rafe realizes she's supposed to be on her way to Bermuda, but Alison brushes it off by saying it didn't work out. He's sorry to hear that, but it's lucky for him that she didn't go. Alison says it's almost as if somebody up there knew she'd be needed here. She was glad to be able to help; he has no idea how glad. The fire trucks arrive, and Rafe goes to talk to the firefighters. Livvie comes back and thanks Alison for getting her out of the fire. Her death would have solved a lot of Alison's problems. It would have been so easy for her to walk away, but she didn't. She risked her own life to save Livvie, and Livvie doesn't understand why. Crying, Alison can't believe she would even need to ask that. Livvie admits that if the situation were reversed, she's not sure she would've done the same for her. Alison would like to think she would. They both knows that when their time on earth is up, it's not over. Letting someone die would cost Livvie her soul for all eternity. Livvie can't believe Alison would even think about something like that. The only thing Livvie cares about is the here and now. She's never given her eternal soul a second thought. Alison thinks she should start. Kevin calls Rafe away from the firemen to have a talk with him about his marriage to Livvie. Meanwhile, a fireman informs Ian that if Lancelot was trapped inside, there's no way he could have survived.

Chris thinks Jack's offer to go to Bermuda sounds great, but he can't just drop everything and go. Lancelot will need him. He's been given a serious responsibility and he won't take it lightly. Ready to interview Chris, Marissa arrives with Jamal. Jack goes back inside the Recovery Room, and Chris mentions his brother's offer to the others. Jamal's confused, since he thought Alison was going with him. They all go inside, and Jamal joins Jack at the bar while Chris and Marissa get a table. Chris anticipates Marissa's big questions. Where is Lancelot, and why has he been laying low? Chris claims he's taking a break and will be back on the job very soon, ridding Port Charles of crime and making it the safest city in the world. Marissa's guess is that Chris really has no idea where Lancelot is. Chris insists that their hero isn't slacking off; he's plenty busy. Marissa's curious about what he's busy doing, because all she's heard is that he threatened Ian's baby and scared Alison. Chris calls that an unsubstantiated rumor. Marissa informs him that she's beginning to see the other side of Lancelot, and she's not the only one. She wants to know where he is and why he pulled a disappearing act. Chris doesn't appreciate her suspicious attitude at all. The interview is over.

Jack tells Jamal that he's leaving for Bermuda in a couple of hours, and that Alison backed out for something more important. She got another "sign." Jamal doesn't have to be told what that could be; it could only be because of Rafe. Marissa joins them, announcing that the interview was a complete waste of time since Chris is totally full of it. Jack explains that his brother wants to be a hero, and Marissa realizes that Lancelot was his ticket to glory. Marissa used to want to ride the superhero's coattails as well, but her priorities changed. Jack takes a drink over to his brother and tries again to entice him to go to Bermuda. Chris knows that Alison was supposed to go instead, and gives Jack a hard time about being dumped. Jack explains that she has other plans, and says they could take the opportunity for some brotherly bonding. Chris admits it sounds great but he just can't. He's invested way too much time, energy, and money in Lancelot, and he can't bail now. There's some commotion at the bar, and they learn about the fire at the silo. Lancelot's reported to have died inside. Marissa makes a call and confirms the story. Lancelot was trapped inside a fire and is believed dead. Chris is stunned. He was going to market Port Charles as the safest city. People would have flocked here by the thousands. He bought up every spare piece of real estate in town, and now it's worthless. Jack asks him who Lancelot really is, and Chris says they'll eventually figure it out. He decides to go to Bermuda after all. The brothers head out, and Ricky comes in and learns of Lancelot's fate. He won't miss him at all.

Walking through the park, Karen finds Lancelot lying on the ground. She lifts the hood and sees Frank's soot-smeared face. He's not breathing.

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