PC Update Monday 8/26/02

Port Charles Update Monday 8/26/02

By Beth

Alison doesn't want to believe that Rafe could have sold his soul just to come back to her, but Lucy thinks that's the only thing that makes sense of all that's been happening. He would do anything for Alison--even sell his soul. The fact that the radio came on all by itself and played that particular song is their proof. Alison won't listen. She turns off the radio and insists he just wouldn't do that. Lucy understands how much it must be hurting Alison to think that he did this for her, but there's no greater love than this. Maybe that's what this is all about--love is everything. Alison understands what she's saying but points out that if Rafe really did sell his soul, he can never go back to heaven.

Ed watches, seeing how close they are to the truth, but James catches him and accuses him of cheating. Ed denies the charge, the James insists they could never figure it out on their own. He urges Ed to re-read line 666 of their contract, which talks about what happens if Ed cheats. Since Rafe didn't find his way back to his one true love, he and Ed both lose their souls. James wins. He's glad Ed got in on the wager, because two souls of their caliber are better than one. Ed agrees, pointing out that one soul has been cheating and it isn't Ed. He wants to talk about the Avatar.

Lucy doesn't want to believe it either, but it explains everything. Alison sits down to reason with her; Rafe would never do this. He's a good angel, and he likes being an angel. Lucy points out that Rafe loves Alison more than he loves himself. He found a way to come back to her because she needed him. Crying, Alison refuses to believe any of it. They don't have any proof, and she'll never believe it.

James pretends not to know what Ed's getting at. Ed charges that the Avatar is in league with James. James insists it's from Ed's area of eternity. Ed accuses James of sending the Avatar to Port Charles; it's no coincidence. James reminds him that it must have a human host willing to let in a dark soul. When free will is introduced into the equation, it changes everything. Ed won't be able to do a thing about whatever's going to happen next. Ed asserts that James won't get away with this. James complains that angels do nothing but whine. He just found some new loopholes, which is what demons do best. Ed's going to take the matter to the elders to decide whether any cheating has taken place, and James will lose everything. James isn't so sure about that; Ed's son is at the center of the whole matter, and James will deny the charges, ensuring that the elders think Ed's making a false accusation and wasting their time. Ed decides to find another way. James cautions him not to cheat by getting in touch with Rafe, but Ed has something else in mind. Chuckling, he goes back through the door to heaven.

Lucy tries to reason with her. If Rafe didn't sell his soul, how can they explain what's been happening? Alison doesn't know, but if he did it, he wouldn't be able to perform any miracles. Yet he did, when he rescued her without even touching her. Lucy admits she has a point, and she wants to believe Alison's right but thinks it's the only explanation. Alison doesn't want to think about Rafe going through eternity without love and a soul because of her. It's all her fault. She asked him to come back. If that's what happened, she really needs a sign. The terrace doors burst open for the second time, revealing a bright white light. Alison's really scared now, and Lucy tells her to stay very calm. They shouldn't look at the light or even move. They don't know where the light's coming from. Changing her mind, Lucy takes Alison's hand and starts to move toward it, and it goes away. She sees something on the floor. It's a message handwritten beautifully on a piece of paper. It says, "A soul without love is a lost soul." Lucy says Alison wanted a sign, and she just got one.

James watches the screen as Ed returns, whistling and doing a little jig. James doesn't think this proves anything, and Ed says it just clued them in to what they suspect so that there's now a level playing field. James doesn't think it matters, since Livvie will never take her hooks out of Rafe. He goes back to hell, whistling happily about this and doing a dance of his own. Ed looks somewhat unhappy but not too worried.

This is amazing. Alison got an actual message from heaven. This is their proof that they were right, and Rafe's soul will be lost forever unless Alison can make him fall in love with her again.

Ian and Rafe try to get the captured Avatar to a prearranged location. Karen argues that they can't do this. They tell her to go home but she insists on going with them to protect her friend. Inside the net, the Avatar is raging. As they leave, Livvie emerges from the brush, determined not to let them discover the identity of the host. She follows them to a door, not daring to go inside. She can hear everything that's being said. Karen is angry about being used, not understanding how they could do this after all the good her Lancelot has done. Ian informs her it's actually an ancient evil spirit, and that although its intentions were good in the beginning, it changed, and even threatened Alison and Danny. From inside the cell, the Avatar states that they're lying. Wanting to know the truth, Karen addresses the Avatar and asks whether he did these things. The Avatar says they're deceiving her. Rafe tells the Avatar that it obviously cares what Karen thinks. It's fond of her but she can't return the feelings unless it proves itself worthy of her trust. It should show itself and prove there's nothing to hide. The Avatar tells the slayer to enter and see for himself. Ian doesn't think it's a good idea, but Rafe goes inside anyway. Livvie continues to listen, panicking about the possibility that Rafe's about to find out the truth. The Avatar tells Rafe to come closer, while Rafe insists that it reveal the face of the host. He reaches for the shroud, and the Avatar knocks him down. Livvie runs in and opens the cell door to get to Rafe.

Ian drags Rafe out of the cell and Karen closes the door. Seeing Livvie, Rafe becomes furious and demands to know what she's doing there. Ian points out they have a bigger problem and will have to deal with Livvie later. Getting the shroud is harder than they thought it would be. They need Karen's help. She can connect to the host. If they can't help him, they'll have to kill him. It's her choice. Karen agrees to try to help. They open the cell door and the Avatar tells them all to come inside. Karen approaches her hero, warning him that they don't have much time. He has to trust her and show her who he is. The Avatar insists that they can't know, but she says they'll destroy him. The Avatar says that others have tried. She wants to help. She reaches for the shroud. Karen won't get away from the Avatar when Ian warns her to, and Rafe thinks she's actually getting through to the host. She gets closer, fascinated. There's something so familiar. She knew he wouldn't hurt her. Livvie's about to cry. Rafe urges Karen to lower the hood. Karen knew he'd always keep her safe. She won't do it. Ian drags her away and Rafe closes the door. The Avatar vows that he will be free again, adding a chilling announcement: he's not alone. Livvie hugs Rafe close, looking over his shoulder in terror at her co-conspirator.

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