PC Update Friday 8/23/02

Port Charles Update Friday 8/23/02

By Beth

Jack goes to Pizza Shack looking for Jamal, who thinks Jack looks as if he's lost his best friend. Jack's afraid that's exactly what will happen. He informs Jamal that he and Alison are going to Bermuda, but Marissa joins them before he can give any details. She plants a big kiss on Jamal, then realizes she interrupted something. She gives them a few minutes to talk while she conducts some interviews about Lancelot among the patrons. After seeing Jamal and Marissa together, Jack thinks his friend is moving on, and he's right. That's why he's cool with the Bermuda trip. He considers Jack and Alison to be his closest friends ever, and he doesn't care what they do as long as it doesn't mess up the friendship the three of them have. Jack's relieved to hear this, but Jamal still thinks he's crazy to get involved with Alison, knowing that he'll always be second place in her life. Jack claims he doesn't think anything will happen between them anyway, but Jamal's convinced he's lying to himself. Marissa comes back, and Jack leaves. Marissa admits she heard the guys talking about Bermuda and wonders what Jamal thinks about it. He insists it's their business; he's completely over Alison. As they kiss, Jack watches from around the corner. He thinks about Alison and decides there's no reason they can't be together; after all, she can't be hung up on Rafe forever.

Alison can't believe what she's hearing. Lucy wants to hold a sťance to try to contact Ed? Lucy shushes her; she doesn't want Kevin to hear them talking. She insists that they need answers to their questions, and Ed should be able to provide them. Alison doesn't want any part of this. Lucy knows it's crazy but she's convinced it will work. Alison holds the opposite opinion. Rafe has told her about Ed, and she's even tried talking to him herself, but he never answers. She knows he's a very by-the-book kind of guy, and that's why he won't answer them. Lucy points out that Alison may have tried, but she hasn't, and that's what she's going to do. Alison begs her to just let it go, saying it just doesn't matter anymore, but Lucy's adamant. Rafe married Livvie without knowing the truth, and Alison can't turn her back on him now. This may be her last chance. Alison reluctantly agrees that she's right, and she's not ready to give up on Rafe yet. They sit together on the floor and hold hands. Lucy instructs Alison to close her eyes, breathe deeply, and concentrate. She tells the universe that they need a big favor. They need to contact Ed, and she has a feeling he can hear her talking. They need his help. Lucy knows there are rules, but there are also exceptions, and she's asking him to make one now. She reminds Ed how very much Rafe and Alison love each other. She can't believe he would be so cruel as to send him back with no memory, only to marry Livvie. Alison keeps interrupting Lucy and finally manages to stop her. She doesn't believe they can connect with Ed through a stupid sťance. Suddenly, the terrace doors blow open.

Stunned, Alison writes this off as being the wind, but Lucy thinks they struck a nerve with Ed and he's trying to answer. She tries to persuade Alison not to leave, but Alison insists she doesn't want answers because she just can't be with Rafe anymore, when there's absolutely no hope. Lucy thinks there's not just hope; there's proof. When Alison was at her lowest point, Rafe found a way to come back to her. She has no idea why he's with Livvie now, but she knows he would do anything for Alison. She talks it through, trying to think of things he would do to be with Alison. First she says he would lose his memory. When she says he would sell his soul, the stereo turns on. Eerily playing "Iris," by the Goo Goo Dolls, the lyrics seem to reflect Rafe's situation. "And I'd give up forever to touch you." Lucy realizes that's the answer. What if Rafe sold his soul and this is an awful trick being played on him? Alison doesn't want to believe that's possible.

As Karen signs herself out, she recalls Ian's words about setting a trap for Lancelot. She won't let that happen; she has to find Lancelot and warn him, because she knows Ian won't let it go. She tries in vain to call the elevator, and ends up taking the stairs. Ian emerges from his hiding place, ready to let Karen lead the way to the Avatar.

At the Recovery Room, Livvie begs Rafe to take her home, but he refuses. Victor agrees; he's "babysitting" her while Rafe does battle with the Avatar. Livvie's expected to do her part by staying safe, and Victor tries to encourage her by listing the board games she can choose from. Worried that "Frank" will reveal himself as her baby's father, Livvie tells Rafe she has to go. Rafe wants to know what's so urgent that Livvie thinks she has to do, and she claims there's nothing. Victor thinks she's just worried about the danger her husband will face. Rafe gets a message from Ian that it's time to go, and learns from Victor that the supplies he needs are waiting out back. Rafe rushes out, and Victor tries to interest Livvie in a game, but she doesn't want to play. Announcing that she's a grown woman and can do what she wants, she starts to leave. Victor agrees, then states his intention to follow her. He gave Rafe his word, and she's stuck with him. Bob, one of the employees, comes out of the kitchen prepared to slice some fruit, and Livvie asks to help. It will give her something to do while she waits. Bob assigns her to cut lemons while he does limes. She manages to cut the back of his hand deeply with her knife, and when Victor goes for the first aid kit, she sneaks out the door.

Karen goes to the park, calling out for Lancelot. She knows he can hear her; she can feel it. She hears something and thinks he might be nearby, but it's Ian, and when she goes to look, she doesn't find anyone. She believes she's perfectly safe, thanks to Lancelot. Convinced that someone is following her, she says she knows he's there and she's not scared, because if he lays one hand on her, Lancelot will come to her rescue. Seizing his opportunity, Ian grabs her, and they struggle. She calls to Lancelot, and although Ian calls her by name, she doesn't recognize his voice. The Avatar appears and threatens Ian, who attacks the evil being. The Avatar pushes him down as Karen tries to stop him. Suddenly a net is cast over the Avatar. Karen is furious. The Avatar threatens to kill them all, which Rafe says will be a nice trick since the net holding him can't be broken. Karen doesn't understand why they're doing this. Ian and Rafe prepare to pull off the Avatar's shroud, as Livvie peeks through the shrubbery, worried that it's too late.

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