PC Update Thursday 8/22/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Beth

The doorbell rings as Alison tries to pack for the trip to Bermuda, and she gives Jack a lukewarm, distracted welcome after he went out and bought the sunscreen and lip balm she wanted. She's having trouble deciding what to pack, but Jack doesn't think it really matters, since the magazine will provide her with clothes for the shoot. Alison says she's been thinking about this, and she doesn't think it's such a good idea after all. Intuiting a problem with the sleeping arrangements, Jack explains that the magazine assumed they were a couple and put them together, but he's planning to sleep on the couch. Alison blurts out what's bothering her. She thinks that Jack thinks that they're going to sleep together. Taken aback, he tells her that never even occurred to him, and accuses her of projecting her own thoughts onto him. He knows she wants him, but he's not that kind of guy. Alison tells him to stop joking around and be serious. Jack complies, whispering to her in a serious tone that she'll have to find herself a new boy toy. Alison finally admits that she's thought about being with him, and when she thinks about the beautiful island setting, it would be crazy not to take advantage of it. Jack does think there might be something between them, but he doesn't want to pressure her, and he won't use the island as an excuse to make a move on her. He doesn't want to stress her out; he just wants her to be happy. That settled, they embrace. Jack reminds her that she did say she'd thought about sleeping with him, but Alison laughs it off.

Having stumbled upon Karen's graveside talk with Eve about her latest encounter with Lancelot, Ian stands back at first, then decides to make his presence known. He tells Karen she seems rather jumpy, but she explains that she was startled by his voice. She's in the cemetery after dark, after all. Broaching the subject of the Avatar, Ian admits her heard her talking about another incident with Lancelot, but Karen claims it wasn't anything significant. Clearly uncomfortable talking about it, she insists on heading back to the hospital and giving Ian some time alone with Eve.

Seeing what looks like Frank threatening Livvie, Rafe demands to know what's going on. Livvie claims that she was dizzy and Frank grabbed her arm to steady her. Rafe also thought Frank was yelling at her, but Livvie says he was just warning her to be safe. Rafe doesn't know why she's at the park, since she's supposed to be resting at home. "Frank" thinks she should listen to her husband; he'd hate to see something happen to her or her baby. After he leaves, Rafe tells Livvie that he was right. She should be more careful, and that means staying at home where it's safe. Livvie says she was scared and wanted to be with her husband. Rafe assures her that it will all be over soon. He's found a way to get rid of the Avatar. He thinks the shroud is the source of its power--and therefore its weakness, if they can get it off and therefore separate it from the host. He and Ian want to trap the Avatar. Panicked, Livvie warns that it will only serve to make it angry, but Rafe insists that he has to do this. He won't let it threaten his family again. Nothing Livvie says changes his mind. She points out that knowing what protects it is different from knowing how to stop it. How are they going to get close enough to take the shroud? Ian comes along with the news that he may have the answer, but he wants to talk to Rafe alone. Livvie pretends to be offended at this, and Rafe agrees that she should be present.

Ian announces that Karen is their way to the Avatar. He suggests getting together with Rafe tomorrow to discuss this, thinking it's better to leave Livvie out of their plans. Livvie assures him that she doesn't want dark forces in town any more than he does, and Ian says he knows that. Rafe wants her to know what's happening. Reluctant but resigned to Livvie's inclusion in their plans, Ian continues. Karen had another encounter with the Avatar. It carried her away and took her to its hideout. There seems to be some kind of attraction between them. She wouldn't talk to him about it, but he overheard her talking to Eve at her grave. He doesn't think she'll help them willingly, so they'll have to trick her. They need to think of a way to lure the Avatar out into the open and trap it. Rafe has an idea. Livvie asks when this will happen, and she's not happy to hear that it's tonight.

Lucy lights candles in preparation for a sťance, thinking she can reach Ed that way. She wants an explanation as to why Rafe came back and why he's with Livvie instead of Alison. Not expecting Kevin, she panics when she hears him at the door. She starts blowing out candles, but most of them are still lit when he comes in and catches her looking guilty. He jumps to the conclusion that she's planning to seduce him, and he's very appreciative. Christina is having a sleepover with Serena at Scott's, so they're completely alone. Kevin's curious about how she knew he'd be home, when he was supposed to be at a meeting, but Lucy mysteriously refuses to say. They cuddle up on the couch, and Lucy almost lets it slip that she wishes she'd thought of this, then adds the word "sooner." Happy to be together now, they share some romantic kisses, and Kevin says they can't let other things keep them from being together this way. Before they get too involved, Lucy sends Kevin upstairs to wait for her while she calls to tell the girls "goodnight." After the call, Alison knocks on the door. Lucy forgot she'd asked her to come over.

Jack calls the magazine and reports that everything's set; the model they want will definitely be there. He beams as the person on the other end compliments his choice in models.

As Karen works, the shadow of the Avatar is nearby. Sensing her hero's presence, she says she needs to see and talk to him. The Avatar follows her while managing to remain hidden, even from her. Soon, Frank approaches her and asks how she's doing. He heard she had another run-in with Lancelot. Karen doesn't want to talk about it, but Frank says that the more they know about him, the better off they'll be. She tells him to let it go, and Frank teases that she seems to enjoy seeing Lancelot. Embarrassed, she excuses herself, while Frank watches smugly.

Rafe calls Victor, who confirms that he got the things Rafe requested. Rafe says he'll be right over. Livvie says she wants to go home, but Rafe won't take any chances with her safety. He won't let her out of his sight, not even for a minute.

Ian goes to the hospital to see Karen. He tells her he's been thinking about her problems with Lancelot, and she shouldn't worry anymore. They're setting a trap for him tonight, so she won't be bothered by him again.

In his lair, Frank tells himself confidently that he knows how Karen feels; she'll come to him.

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