PC Update Tuesday 8/20/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Beth

As Chris complains about the conditions, Doree and Andy bring Kevin by his cell. Kevin's been asked to make a psychiatric evaluation of Chris; he already has his own opinion, but he needs to make it official. He questions Chris in the presence of Andy and Doree, and Chris cooperates. He's helping Lancelot because of the money and power; he's just being himself. He agrees with Lancelot that the police should work alongside the town's hero. The crime rate is down forty-seven percent, tourism is booming, and property values are skyrocketing. All Lancelot wants is to remain anonymous. Doree thinks he should train with the police and go about this the right way. Chris cooperates until his attorney, David Harmon, arrives and informs the officers that his client is suing them personally for false arrest. Chris points out that the lawsuits are for one million dollars each. When Kevin voices the opinion that this is ludicrous, Chris warns him not he could have his license pulled for questioning him without his lawyer present. The attorney hands Andy a copy of the statement he'll be giving in a press conference later in the day. Kevin takes Andy aside and advises him to take Chris up on his offer to work with Lancelot. Andy thinks this is crazy until Kevin points out they'll have a better chance of finding out his identity this way. Andy tells Chris he'll be released soon, and he wants to go over the terms of the agreement in his office. They leave Chris alone in his cell, while Kevin stares him down from outside the locked door. Chris happily thinks he's won, but Kevin doesn't think he should be so confident.

On her way to the airport, Kate drops off some papers with Colleen, asking her to make sure that Amanda gets them. Ian is on the sixth floor at the same time and she informs him of her decision to quit her job and move back to New York. At first she's very evasive and won't give a reason other than that it's personal, but then she admits it's because of Ian. He would really like more information than that, but Kate feels that kissing him was awkward enough. Talking about it would be much worse. Besides that, Port Charles is a small town, and she can't trust herself when she runs into him, because she's still very much involved with Brennan even though they're not officially together. She loves Brennan and wants to go back and try to make things work. She gives Ian a goodbye hug before getting on the elevator.

Alison's surprised to get a visit from Lucy, who's acting quite nervous. Lucy has a tiny confession to make. She was talking to Rafe and ended up telling him that he's an angel. Alison can't believe Lucy did that. She thinks he must have freaked out at the revelation. Lucy admits he did, and she's not sure he's speaking to her now. Alison points out that she never told him because she didn't think he could handle it. The way Lucy sees it, Rafe probably thinks she's just crazy, but she thinks the universe wanted her to blurt it out and jog his memory. Alison says he's moving on and she's trying to do the same. In fact, she's going to Bermuda with Jack. This news shocks Lucy. Alison and her cousin are soulmates. Alison reminds her that he's married to Livvie and they're expecting a baby. Lucy points out that Jack is her rebound guy, and she should know that they never work out. Alison insists they're just friends going on an assignment. Lucy accuses her of going to Bermuda just to try to forget about Rafe for one minute. Alison says thats not true; she's trying to forget about him forever. She just can't care about him anymore. Lucy realizes it's hard to wait around for him to come to his senses, but Alison can't just give up on him. Alison admits she would never do that, but that's not the problem. Rafe already gave up on her. Lucy reminds her that Livvie tricked him into marriage and his heart is leading him back to Alison, where he belongs. He used his heart and mind to save her, which means he's starting to connect everything; that's why he came back for her. Alison doesn't believe that God would be so cruel as to send him back to her only to see him marry her enemy. All she knows is that Livvie got to him and that she herself is going to Bermuda. Lucy's convinced this is the start of good things, but Alison can't get her hopes up again, because it just explodes in her face every time, and it hurts. She's going to Bermuda with Jack. Love isn't everything. Lucy disagrees. All Alison knows is that her heart is breaking and she can't do this anymore.

At Pizza Shack, Jack looks over some travel information while on the phone with the magazine. Seeing Rafe at the counter, he stops to ask how things are going. Rafe sees his travel brochure and says he's heard Bermuda is beautiful. Jack says that he landed a photography gig and he and his model are going there for the shoot. He holds Alison's photo behind his back. Rafe thinks it's great that Jack has a chance to do this. On the other hand, fighting evil is in his blood, so he'll be sticking around trying to destroy the Avatar. Wishing him luck, Jack turns to leave but bumps into another customer, dropping the photo. Rafe picks it up and asks why Jack didn't tell him that Alison was the one who would be going along. Jack says he just didn't want Rafe showing up in Bermuda and messing with her head, but Rafe says he wouldn't do that. He knows she's very vulnerable. He tells Jack to take care of her, and Jack wishes him luck fighting Lancelot. When Rafe says he wants to find its weaknesses, Jack says it's too bad it doesn't have a talisman, because that's how they finally beat Caleb. He wishes the slayer luck, and leaves. Rafe immediately calls Ian, saying he thinks he found a way to catch the Avatar.

Lucy tracks Kevin down at the station. She's been trying to remember the name of the man who brought Amy and Paige to the lighthouse. Kevin remembers that his name is Ed. She knew he'd know! Kevin goes to talk to Andy and will meet her for coffee afterward. Lucy decides it's time to meet with Ed again and get some answers about her cousin. Maybe a sťance will do the trick. She wants to know why Rafe's memory is gone and how she can put him back on the right track--with Alison.

When Ian joins him at the pizza place, Rafe tells him that every creature he's ever fought has had a weakness. There's always something that keeps it safe. The Avatar has never been destroyed; it's always gone from one host to the next, over the centuries. The one thing it needs to be the Avatar is its shroud. Rafe plans to take that shroud. Ian doesn't know how he's going to manage that. While he gets some coffee, Rafe tells himself he has to focus on figuring this out, without thinking about Alison.

Jack stops by Alison's to show her the brochure for where they'll be staying. He nervously informs her that they'll be sharing a condo.

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