PC Update Monday 8/19/02

Port Charles Update Monday 8/19/02

By Beth

Suspicious, Jack asks Livvie why she so adamantly told the Avatar that her baby isn't his. Hearing this, Rafe would also like an explanation, and when it's obvious that no one will let it go, Livvie claims that it was after the baby and actually reached for her stomach. Jack insists that's not what he saw, but Rafe, ever clueless, comforts her and then takes her home. Alone with Jack, Alison cries softly about the way Rafe just treated her. Jack thinks he was sending a message to say that he's out of her life now. Alison found it so hard to watch Rafe look at Livvie the way he used to look at her. All this time, she kept up the hope that they'd find their way back to each other, but now she knows that will never happen. Sadly, she lets Jack lead her out of the park.

Alison's had it with Rafe, and she means it this time. He looked at her as if they were strangers. Jack thinks he's a complete jerk, but Alison realizes she's unloading on him again when she swore she wouldn't do that anymore. When Jack tells her to go ahead and complain all she wants, she takes his hand, sits down on the couch with him, and tells him to go first. They commiserate about their problems, think about how much they'd like a big change in their lives, and decide to do what Lucy does and look for signs form the universe. Suddenly, Jack gets a call from the magazine, which wants both him and Alison for their photo shoots. Alison hesitates until she learns it will be in Bermuda. Excited, she gives Jack a big hug, and they kiss. Embarrassed, they agree they both got carried away. Alison thinks this must be her sign from the universe. It's a brand new chance for both of them. While she's on the phone with Mary, Jack thinks about their kisses. After hanging up, she hugs him again.

Back at the apartment, Rafe dotes on Livvie. Things are a lot clearer these days. He knows who he is and what he needs to do. He has to drive the Avatar out of town, for his family's sake. He's ready to put the past--and everyone in it--behind him. Livvie's his future, and he knows that now. She's absolutely thrilled. Rafe talks to the baby, then tells Livvie he's not confused anymore. He knows he's going to have a very happy life, and the Avatar won't ever come for them. Livvie embraces him, crying as she remembers her confrontation with the Avatar.

In a panic about Karen's disappearance with the Avatar, Ricky runs through the park and stumbles onto Marissa and Jamal, who are making out on the ground. After apologies all around, Ricky explains that Lancelot got her, and he tried to follow but they vanished. He's terrified she's going to get hurt. When Marissa says that's not Lancelot's usual M.O., Ricky says Karen's been talking about him as if they have a special bond. Marissa tries to interview him but he makes her turn off the recorder. She thinks Lancelot is falling in love with Karen. Unimpressed, Ricky insists that he needs help finding Karen and rescuing her from that creep. They look all around, but find no trace of Karen or her abductor. Marissa wants an exclusive when they find her. This offends Ricky, who tells her to get out of there, but she insists Karen may be the only person who's actually seen the face under the shroud. She adds that he doesn't hurt women. Ricky believes the guy's crazy, not a hero. He's going to go find her.

Astonished at being alone with Lancelot, Karen asks her hero whether he remembers her. He touches her face with a gloved hand and promises to never hurt her. Karen marvels that she should be scared, but she's not; she feels safe. Reaching for his hood, she says she wants to see his face, but Lancelot stops her, taking her hand. Saying that she's beautiful, he caresses her face. He says her name, surprising her that he even knows it. Karen looks at the articles he's saved and compliments him of having the courage to stand up for those who need him. She's never known anyone like him before, even though it feels as if she's known him forever. As she goes to him, she hears Ricky calling her name. Karen promises not to let Ricky find them, but she has to go now, against Lancelot's wishes. Marissa sees her coming out of the brush, and Ricky grabs her. Karen insists Lancelot was protecting her. Marissa can't believe she didn't try to see his face. She's eager for the scoop, but Jamal picks her up and carries her away. As Ricky looks Karen over, she apologizes for worrying him, insisting that Lancelot would never hurt her. Ricky's angry that she's defending the psycho. He wants to find him, but Karen won't let him. Watching from his lair, "Frank" vows that Karen will soon be his again.

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