PC Update Friday 8/16/02

Port Charles Update Friday 8/16/02

By Beth

Karen can't believe Ricky's not interested in watching Chris give away a million dollars on behalf of Lancelot, but Ricky thinks he's grandstanding and could have found a less public way to go about it if he'd wanted to. To please Karen, he turns on the TV so she can get her regular Lancelot update. She thinks he's jealous, but he's just tired of hearing her talk about Lancelot the entire time they are together. She apologizes and admits that he's right. When they see Marissa on the screen, Karen quickly turns off the TV, while Ricky suddenly decides they might as well go to the park and enjoy the show. Before they leave, Karen looks at herself in the mirror and wonders who Lancelot is--and why she can't get him out of her mind.

Kevin fills Lucy in on his visit with Livvie. He thinks Rafe has some explaining to do, because while his wife thought he was asleep in bed beside her, he was off rescuing Alison. Lucy knows all about that; Rafe told her. Kevin's offended that Rafe told Lucy about his escapades but didn't bother to tell his own wife. Livvie believes their marriage is real, but Kevin wants to know what Rafe thinks about that. Lucy admits he's not really sure what to think about anything. She told him some things about who he is and where he came from, and he didn't take them well. She told him these things hoping they would help him find himself and know whom he really loves, but she can't tell him how to feel. Kevin doesn't think Rafe belongs with or deserves his daughter, and Lucy agrees they don't belong together. They can't do anything about it, though, because Kevin already warned Lucy not to interfere. They want Livvie to be happy but they're powerless in this situation.

Chris tosses the bills into the air, making sure everyone knows that Lancelot is to thank for their good fortune. Ian, Jack, and Alison watch from the sidelines, and Ian especially isn't amused. As Marissa starts taking notes on the event, Ian grabs Chris, demanding to know whether he has any idea what kind of hell he let loose. Lancelot tried to hurt Danny, and Ian will hurt Chris if he doesn't call it off. Jack pulls Ian off Chris, who makes sure the crowd knows that this type of violence is what Lancelot has been eliminating. Alison gives a statement about her own encounter with their "hero," which Ian corroborates. Chris insists that Lancelot only punishes bad people, so they should back off and let him take care of everyone else. Marissa busily takes notes, and Chris starts tossing more money into the crowd as proof that Lancelot loves Port Charles and its people. Ian storms off, and Jack and Alison follow to keep an eye on him. Marissa notices Jamal walking away and runs after him. She accuses him of still being mad that she talked to Ricky about Casey. Jamal's the one she's crazy about, not Ricky. They kiss and make up, unaware that Ricky is watching.

Returning to the exact spot where Livvie found him, Rafe tries to remember when his life made sense. He sits on a rock, thinking about the different things he's been told, but he doesn't remember anything that happened in Port Charles before he woke up in the woods. Lucy told him he's an angel, but that's just not possible. He heard the baby's heartbeat, and that's proof that he isn't an angel. If he were, he wouldn't be alive, and if he weren't alive, he couldn't make life. He has to stop wasting time thinking about the past and just start living for the present. He knows who he is and what his calling is, and he can't be distracted from that. He just has to forget about Alison, and start protecting Livvie and making the town safe for their child.

Livvie goes to look for "Frank," who taunts her about her misplaced husband and his obvious connection to Alison. She wants to know why he's still trying to test her; she's kept his secrets and told him everything he wanted to know about Rafe, but he's still trying to ruin her marriage. Frank knows that her marriage is meaningless. If Rafe doesn't leave him alone, there will be consequences. It was so easy to force him to use precious energy when Alison was about to fall from the cliff. Such passion he showed, as if she were his wife. Livvie insists that he chose her, but Frank points out that the choice was made without any memories or knowledge of the truth. She wants to know why he's torturing her. Frank thinks she's forgetting who and what he is. It's time to remind her that he's the Avatar. Livvie's terrified as the Avatar throws her down and vows to refresh her memory of the true father of her baby. Her screams are heard by Jack, Alison, and Ian, who rush to her side. While Jack and Alison stay with her, Ian goes after the Avatar. He calls it a coward and says it's time for the town to learn the truth, but his enemy's nowhere in sight. Rafe runs into Ian, and learning that the Avatar was going after Livvie, he rushes to his wife and she clings to him. Jack and Alison stand back, but they both want to know why she adamantly told the Avatar that this baby isn't his. Confused, Rafe wants to know what they're talking about, and Livvie claims she doesn't know. When they insist they know what they heard, she looks at Rafe, who wants an explanation.

After his run-in with Ian, Chris tosses out more money, reminding the people they can thank Lancelot for their good fortune. Watching the money fly, Karen is convinced that Lancelot wouldn't miss this. She goes off alone and thinks she can feel hiss presence. She turns to run when he speaks her name, but he tells her to stay, then beckons her to go with him. With a flash of lightning, they're gone. Arriving just as they disappear together, Ricky shouts Karen's name.

Chris is still handing out money when the police show up. He's in possession of stolen drug money, and since he won't hand it over, they arrest him again. As they take him away, he rants about injustice and incites the crowd to chant Lancelot's name.

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