PC Update Thursday 8/15/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Beth

Chris sits in his jail cell, reminding himself how he ended up there. He's surprised to get a visit from "Frank," who informs him that the crowd's allegiances are beginning to shift. The problem with Ian has been taken care of, but some damage has been done. Chris is to help fix the damage; the Avatar's work must continue. Soon, Chris is out of jail. As he signs for his belongings, Doree tells him that Lancelot totaled an ecstasy lab near the high school. She's not sure his real motives are so pure after all, because the men whose lab was destroyed swear he made off with about a million dollars.

When Ian admits he didn't sleep much, Kevin takes him aside and asks whether this has anything to do with what he said on television last night. Ian admits the creature didn't like some of his remarks; it threatened Alison and Danny as a warning to him and Rafe. Puzzled, Kevin wonders why it didn't choose to intimidate Livvie instead, since she's married to Rafe. He rushes out to find his daughter. Ian goes to the cemetery to talk to Eve, placing a single red rose on her grave. It's during times like these that he needs her the most. All he has are memories of her. He has a huge fight ahead of him and he feels more alone than ever. This thing he's fighting almost got Danny, and that would just be it; he couldn't bear to lose both his wife and their son. If Eve's listening, he could really use some heavenly advice.

Lucy meets Rafe in the park, at his request. He couldn't sleep at all; he needs answers and he thinks she can give them to him. He wants to know everything that happened before he lost his memory. Did he have any special powers? Afraid to say too much, Lucy asks why he would ask that, and Rafe says he did something he shouldn't have been able to do. He wants to know who--or what--he was. Hedging, Lucy asks what he means by that. Rafe tells her that Alison fell and he couldn't reach her. This upsets Lucy, who cares about Alison, but he assures her she's all right. He couldn't reach her but then suddenly he closed the gap between their hands, and he has no idea how he did that. Lucy thinks it's time he found out a little more about how he came to Port Charles. She explains that they actually met in Transylvania and that he came to town a while after she and Kevin returned home. He came because of some big trouble, and he was her guardian angel. He doesn't understand what she's saying, so she continues, telling him some of the miraculous things he did. Rafe wants more information, because this doesn't mean anything to him. All he remembers is training for years to be a slayer, but that doesn't explain his special powers.

Frustrated that her cousin doesn't get it, Lucy blurts out that he came back from heaven to be with Alison. He's an angel. Rafe chuckles in disbelief. Is she saying he's dead? Lucy tries to explain, but he's heard enough. He knows this town is a vortex for the supernatural, but he's just as alive as she is. Lucy didn't mean to upset him, and she adds that she really doesn't know what he is now. Maybe he didn't come back as an angel this time. Rafe can't believe this, and asks what else he would be. A zombie? He knows he's not a monster or an angel. He's a human being. Lucy tries to talk, but he says she's crazy. He thinks Livvie was right; everyone wants him with Alison, so they're all making up these crazy stories. Well, he's not buying any of them. Everyone has a different version of who he is, and every story has an agenda. He thought Lucy would be different, but he was wrong. He storms off and sits down on a rock, telling himself that Livvie was right. Then his mind shows him Alison and Livvie, alternating between what each one has told him. Deciding to ignore that, he tells himself there's no way he's an angel.

Kevin goes to see how Livvie is, considering what happened last night. She has no idea what he's talking about, and she confirms that she hasn't seen Rafe all morning. She knows Lucy's been filling Kevin's head with a lot of nonsense, and it hasn't made things easy for her and Rafe, but despite that, they're fine. They love and trust each other. Kevin thinks it's an odd kind of trust. He informs her that Rafe wasn't with her last night; he was in the park saving Alison's life. Livvie insists he was with her all night, but Kevin asks her to stop lying, because he knows Rafe was with Alison last night. He's always going off somewhere else and Alison is always at the center of it. Livvie loses her temper, but Kevin won't be still. It hurts him to see her go through this. He doesn't care what the real story is behind their marriage, but Rafe obviously has issues about whether or not he's really in love with her. He's clearly committed to another woman, and now he's doing battle with another dark force. Kevin thinks Caleb affected Livvie more than she realizes. He's worried about her and wants her to be safe and happy, which she won't be if she's still with Rafe. He begs her to live with him for a while, but she refuses. She doesn't care that Rafe doesn't remember their love. What matters is that he fell in love with her all over again. This is the life she chose, and she's going to live it.

As Alison waits for Jack, she plays out her rescue again in her mind. Jack shows up, feeling insecure about what happened between them. Alison admits the kiss was mutual and it's not fair to blame it all on him. There's so much going on, and she wishes she could talk to her best friend about it, but Jack's her best friend, and that makes it difficult. Jack admits he got carried away, and suggests they pretend the whole thing never happened and go back to the way things used to be. Alison's glad to hear him say that, because she really wants to talk to her best friend now. She tells him about what happened last night. She should have died, but somehow Rafe managed to save her. She doesn't remember him touching her, but he must have. It's all such a blur. Everything's just too much. First she was charged with murder, then she collapsed from an aneurysm. Rafe left, then came back and took up with Livvie. Someone up there--or down there--must be having a good time torturing her by putting Rafe in front of her, then jerking him away, back and forth like a see-saw. She wants a complete change in her life. Jack tells her to just do it and erase Rafe from her mind. She pretends to, and Jack thinks this is cause for celebration. He goes to get a pizza, but Lou from Pizza Shack informs him that Chris is up to something weird in the park.

Jack and Alison run into Ian in the park, and they all want to see what Chris is up to. He's giving another interview, announcing that he has very good news. Lancelot has authorized him to give away one million dollars. Chris tosses the money into the air and watches as the townspeople go crazy snatching it up. Jack, Alison, and Ian watch in disgust. "Frank" is pleased with the results. As he stands nearby, his shadow transforms to take on the shape of the Avatar.

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