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Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By Beth

Marissa has decided to talk to Ricky about Casey. She wishes she'd had a chance to meet her sister. Ricky thought the world of her; he never thought he could fall in love, but she showed him how wrong he was, changing everything for him. He gets out a box of Casey's belongings, and when Marissa wonders what her twin felt like when she was wearing such unique things, he encourages her to try them on and find out. She excuses herself to try on an outfit, and when she returns, her resemblance to Casey floors Ricky. It isn't just her clothes and jewelry, or the fact that they're twins; he thinks she has Casey's eyes. Uncomfortable with where this is going, Marissa wants to change back into her own clothes, but before she can do that, Jamal knocks on the door. Not seeing Marissa at first, he tells Ricky he's been looking for her but she's blowing him off. He looks past him and sees her standing there looking exactly like Casey. Embarrassed, Marissa tries to explain how this all came about, but Jamal says he's just glad she was finally able to talk to someone, and Ricky was the obvious choice since he knew Casey better than anyone else did. Marissa runs after him when he leaves, thinking he's mad at her for talking to Ricky instead of to him. She tells Jamal that he's the one she's crazy about. She doesn't think she should even have to tell him that, but she figures he's holding back out of fear she'll hurt him the way Alison did. She wants to change back into her own clothes and then talk to him, but when she turns to go back inside Ricky's place, Jamal disappears. Ricky apologizes for what happened. Marissa thinks it was a mistake to come to him about Casey when Jamal so obviously wanted her to talk to him. Ricky offers to talk to Jamal but she declines his offer and rushes out.

Alison begs the Avatar to let her and Danny go. As she stands on the edge of the cliff, Rafe comes to her rescue, followed by Ian and Kate. The Avatar vows to show all of them; this is their last warning. When the Avatar leaves, Ian grabs Danny out of his stroller and holds him close. Alison is visibly shaken by the experience. As she loses her footing, Rafe reaches out for her but is too late. She falls down the cliff. Rafe reaches for her from the top but his arm isn't long enough, and she's down too far to be able to touch him. Rafe vows not to let anything happen to her. He came back for her, and now she has to come back to him. Somehow, he grabs hold of her arm and pulls her to safety. She throws her arms around him. She's okay but knows she shouldn't be. She went over a cliff and he couldn't get to her, but all of a sudden he did. Some kind of magic came out of him. How did he do that? Rafe has no idea other than the fact that he just couldn't let her fall. Alison reminds him that he said he came back for her. What does that mean? He doesn't know, but maybe he was talking about coming back to the park to save her and Danny. She wants to know why the Avatar came after her instead of Livvie. It's obvious to her that it was to hurt Rafe. Rafe doesn't know what she wants him to say. Alison doesn't voice her thoughts that the Avatar knows what Rafe won't admit: that she's his one true love. Rafe pleads with her to let it go. He has to get back to Livvie now. He offers to take Alison home, but she turns him down. After thanking him for rescuing her, she walks sadly away. Rafe looks at his hand, remembering what it was like to hold hers, remembering how, months ago, he knew he was connected to someone like a vine.

Karen orders a pizza, and Lou from Pizza Shack remarks that he really thought he had Lancelot pegged until he saw Ian's interview. That got him thinking; they need to find out more about their hero. "Frank" appears behind Karen, and one of the first things he does is tell her that he misses and still loves her and that will never change. Karen doesn't know what to say, but he doesn't want her to say anything. He wanted her to know how he feels, since he doesn't think her relationship with Ricky will last. Karen thinks he seems different, but he says he's learned to express his feelings, and it's very liberating. He says he'd probably have a better chance if he were Lancelot. Frank thinks she'd give anything to know who he is, but she claims she already does. She knows he's a good, quiet man who's been through a lot and is stronger because of it. Frank says that's impressive, and sure does make it hard for the rest of the men in town. Karen admits she felt a connection to Lancelot the night he rescued her in the park. Frank agrees that Lancelot probably felt it as well. He kisses her forehead and leaves. Karen sits down alone, then senses that Lancelot is nearby and asks him to show himself. Frank's shadow changes to that of the Avatar.

Kate puts Danny to bed while Ian makes up his mind to go tear the Avatar to pieces. Kate won't let him go. Danny's fine, and Ian was the one who started this by doing that interview. She wants him to calm down and let it go. Ian won't do that. Kate asks him to dance with her, thinking it would calm him down just as it did her in the elevator. Ian thinks they're two entirely different things. He's going to go kill the Avatar. To stop him, Kate kisses him. She's embarrassed by this and realizes it was inappropriate, but she wanted to stop him. Ian admits it did calm him down. He won't try to kill it tonight after all. Kate rushes out, telling herself she can't do this. She gets out her phone and buys a one-way airline ticket to New York. Inside, Ian picks up a framed photo of Eve.

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