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Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Beth

Trying to get home to check on Danny, Ian rushes to the elevator. Kate's inside, and she compliments him on his press conference, saying it's not easy to make Lancelot look bad but he was pretty convincing. When the elevator stops, Ian calmly points out that it gets stuck all the time, but to his astonishment, claustrophobic Kate panics. He gets her to stop banging on the elevator doors and shouting by having her picture a beautiful, serene scene as he gives her shoulders and upper arms some soothing strokes. As he leads her to imagine herself dancing, Ian sways with her to the imaginary music, and she pulls herself close to him. It's been a long time since either of them has danced. Eve taught Ian, and Kate used to dance with Brennan, whom she misses more than she ever thought possible. She admits they're no longer together, although she still loves him more than anything. Things were complicated; she's a workaholic and wasn't there for him when he needed her, and it hurt their relationship. That type of thing isn't easy to fix. The elevator starts moving again, and the doors open. Seeing Carmen nearby, Ian asks the nanny where his son is.

Kevin and Lucy quietly watch television. Lucy's impressed with Ian's interview. Serena brings Christina in to see them, dressed in a black cape with a hood and pretending to be Lancelot. This greatly disturbs Kevin, who orders them to stop and never play at being Lancelot again. Serena doesn't understand. She thought Lancelot was a hero. Kevin apologizes for the way he reacted but this really bothers him because Lancelot acts so violently. Lucy agrees with her husband, and the girls agree not to play Lancelot anymore. Lucy sends them off to bed. Kevin apologizes to Lucy for overreacting, attributing it to Livvie. It's hardly a secret that she has a history with dark things. Although Lucy hasn't been hiding her feelings about Livvie's actions, she doesn't think she's involved with Lancelot. Kevin thinks that's probably true, she is involved with Rafe, whose calling is to combat darkness. Lucy believes that Rafe will keep her safe, but Kevin's not so sure. He wants to know what attracted her to him in the first place. He's not blind; he knows she forced him into marriage. Was it because of his connection to evil? They think about this and determine that it's a possibility. All Kevin can do is stand back and let her live her life, but that won't keep him from worrying about her.

While Livvie lies on the couch, thinking about what the Avatar said to her about Rafe and Alison, Rafe sits nearby, using his laptop to research the Avatar. Pretending to awaken, Livvie spins a tale of a wonderful dream in which Rafe saved her from the Avatar. Rafe listens but is pretty subdued. Livvie says that in her dream, he had several wounds that only her kisses could heal. She acts out her dream, telling him it ended in lovemaking. As she tries to seduce him, he asks why she suddenly wants him to go after the Avatar. Livvie claims her dream made her see that's what she always wanted; it was so exciting and inspiring to see him in action in her dream. She continues her seduction, and he succumbs. Afterward, Rafe feels foolhardy, thinking he wasn't careful enough considering she just got out of the hospital. Livvie assures him there's nothing to worry about. Rafe promises to be more careful and says he's looking forward to their life together with their baby. He gets up to get some water, and Livvie is extremely pleased with herself. She just knows that "Frank" was wrong; Alison's hold on Rafe is over, and he's all hers now.

"Frank" insists on giving Alison and Danny a ride back to Ian's loft, but Alison assures him they'll be fine. She leaves with Danny, and Frank follows. Immediately, his shadow takes on the appearance of the Avatar, complete with hood. As Alison walks through the park, she stops to talk to Danny, then looks up to see the Avatar looming over her. Frightened, she asks what it wants, and it tells her to do as she's told.

Back in bed, Rafe dreams about Alison. Upon awakening, he slips out of bed and makes a phone call. He tells Ian to meet him in the park right away, because the Avatar has Alison.

Alone in bed, Livvie dreams of bringing the baby home to a life in which she and the baby are Rafe's entire world.

Alison begs the Avatar to let her and Danny go. Rafe shows up, in the nick of time: Alison and Danny are on the edge of a ravine.

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