PC Update Monday 8/12/02

Port Charles Update Monday 8/12/02

By Beth

Alison and Jack are getting hot and heavy when she pulls away. Jack thinks they should talk about what just happened, but she doesn't want to. As Jack points out that they can't ignore it, Jamal comes into the house without knocking. Jack and Alison sit on the couch looking very guilty and disheveled while Jamal tries to ignore the obvious. He thinks Jack forgot he was moving in, but Jack says he was just caught up doing something, and Alison stands there wiping her mouth. Jamal takes some things to his room, and Alison wants to know what just happened. Jack doesn't know, but he does know that if Jamal hadn't come in when he did, Jack wouldn't have stopped. He laughs at Alison's astonishment; they did share a pretty intimate moment. Alison's aware of that, and she takes full responsibility. Jack can't believe her attitude. They didn't commit a crime. Alison doesn't think she should have to explain this. It's just weird. Besides, she loves Rafe, so if Jack hadn't stopped, she certainly would have. She wants to pretend it didn't happen, but Jack won't do that. In that case, she doesn't think they should see each other anymore. Saying it's just too weird, she leaves. As Jack punches his fist in the closed door, Jamal returns from his room. Jack's obviously nervous, and Jamal knows something's going on. Jack denies it but Jamal knows better and won't drop it. Jack thinks he's still hung up on Alison, but Jamal says that's not it. When Jack insists nothing happened, Jamal says that Alison may or may not be hung up on Rafe forever. Where does that leave Jack? Jack doesn't want his advice.

Rafe lies on a park bench, waiting for the Avatar. He assures Ian he'll know when it arrives. It won't be able to resist punishing their impudence. The only chance they have is to appeal to its humanity. Unfortunately, the police arrive with thoughts of their own. They're taking over now. Rafe tells them they have to get out now, but they won't listen. Andy's in charge, and he has Doree and a SWAT team with him. Rafe insists that SWAT teams won't stop Lancelot. Ian insists Lancelot isn't a normal man and won't show up if the police are around. Andy insists they're staying.

Ian can't believe it. They went to all that trouble for nothing. Mary and Colleen run into them as they're leaving the park. Mary admits she has a soft spot for Lancelot after what he did for her, but what Ian said makes a lot of sense. They leave, and Ian thinks maybe he did some good after all. Rafe points out that the Avatar thrives on adoration. They need to get the entire town against it.

The Avatar thinks that "trust" is a strange word coming from Livvie. She insists it has to trust her; they know too much about each other. She pulls back its hood and reveals Frank's face. She says they need each other too much, and it has to listen to her. She won't let it ruin everything. The Avatar tells her never to presume to order it around. Livvie insists they both have too much to lose. The Avatar knows exactly what Livvie's afraid of; she's trying to prevent her husband from finding out what a fool he is for being with her. Offended, Livvie warns the Avatar not to let all the lies being told by Rafe and Ian get to it and ruin all the good it's done. The Avatar points out that its priorities have changed. They will be punished. Livvie asks whether she's talking to Frank or the Avatar. It replies that they are now one and the same; the Frank she knew is gone forever. Livvie claims she's still on its side, but the Avatar scoffs at this. She insists she's been protecting it and will continue to do so. It asks how she would handle this affront, and she says she'd leave town. She can only imagine how hard this must be. The Avatar has single-handedly chased evil out of Port Charles. Maybe its work here is done and it's time to move on. It grabs her to tell her why it knows why she's so desperate. It would be convenient for her if it left town. She got what she wanted and now she must stop trying to handle it. The Avatar knows that Livvie is evil incarnate. Evil rots inside her like a cancer. She only continues to exist because she knows its identity, but she's certainly not on its side. The only side she's ever on is her own.

Livvie's scared but indignant, insisting she's not evil, just desperate to hold onto the man she loves. The Avatar thinks she's pathetic. She knows nothing about love. Alison and Rafe have true love. Livvie insists that's over and that Rafe doesn't even remember her, but the Avatar points out that's only because of Livvie. Despite all her efforts, Rafe is still drawn to Alison as if she's his destiny. Livvie's just a liar, and all Rafe feels for her is obligation. Furious, she tries to leave, but the Avatar grabs her, making the baby move and reminding her that it's not Rafe's child. The Avatar warns her not to cross it. Everyone in Port Charles will learn what it means to disrespect the Avatar.

Back at the hospital, Colleen gives Ian a cup of gourmet coffee to thank him for opening her eyes about Lancelot. It took guts to go on television, and they all owe it to themselves to find out more about their hero. She adds that she saw Danny and his nanny in the park. Concerned, Ian thinks they should have been home already.

When Rafe gets back to the apartment, Livvie runs to him, but he brushes her off. She's relieved that he didn't see the Avatar. Remembering the spirit's words to her about Rafe's feelings, she throws herself at him, but he's not interested. He thinks it's too soon after she got out of the hospital. He sits on the couch with her and holds her, but that's not good enough. Rafe assures her everything will be all right. He'll catch the Avatar and find out who the host is.

At Pizza Shack, Alison rehashes what happened with Jack. She asks herself why she shouldn't kiss him. They've been friends forever, and they practically died for each other. She should give it a chance. The problem is that she can't stop thinking about Rafe, and she can't talk to her best friend about it, because Jack is her best friend. She sees Danny and Carmen, his nanny, who are out late. Carmen realizes she has to pick up a prescription for her father. Alison sends her to the hospital and promises to take Danny home. As Alison prepares to take him back to the loft, "Frank" approaches. Alison's planning to walk back to Ian's, but Frank wants to give her and Danny a ride.

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