PC Update Friday 8/9/02

Port Charles Update Friday 8/9/02

By Beth

Frank is at Pizza Shack when Ricky stops by to get a pizza. Ricky is annoyed that there's no one at the counter to help him. Frank comments on how weird it must be for Ricky to see Casey's double walking around town, and Ricky takes offense, knowing Frank's just trying to get him because of Karen. Just as Ricky starts to give up on getting a pizza, Marissa turns up behind him, startling him. After an awkward moment, Ricky says he saw her article about Lancelot, but personally, he's not at all interested in the guy. Marissa thinks he's the only one in town who feels that way, but he points out that he has other things to do. In fact, he's a drummer in a band. When Marissa admits that Jamal mentioned that to her, Ricky says she seems to be spending a lot of time with him. Marissa decides to cut to the chase. She knows Ricky went out with Casey, and she knows it's weird to look at her and think of Casey, but it's also weird for her to get stared at all the time. She doesn't want to talk about her sister and would appreciate it if he would respect that. Ricky is stunned. He had no idea they were really sisters. She explains that she just learned that her twin didn't really die at birth as she'd always been told. She starts to leave but Ricky stops her, wanting her to ask him about Casey. Marissa says she knows everything she needs to know about Casey's life, but Ricky says he wants to talk about her death. It doesn't matter that people stare at Marissa all the time; at least she's alive. He stares at her because he loved someone who doesn't deserve to be ignored by a self-centered girl who's nowhere near the person Casey was. Marissa takes offense at his attitude. She feels guilty about having led the good life while Casey was in the streets, and she would have given anything to have talked to her just once. If she had, maybe she could have saved her. Knowing the part he played in getting Marissa so upset, Ricky puts his arm around her.

It's Alison's turn to tell off Jack for his recent behavior. He's been a real pain in the butt lately, and she's sorry for boring him with all her babble about Rafe. She thought he would understand, but obviously she was wrong. Jack insists he's trying to be her friend. He wants her to wake up and see what's happening. Rafe is married and expecting a baby with Livvie. Meanwhile, Alison keeps banging her head against the same wall, over and over, and getting her heart broken every time. What does Jack have to do to get her to stop this? Alison doesn't appreciate this at all. She's tired of hearing about Rafe's marital status. She'd like to forget about it, and sometimes she does, but she thinks that might just make it worse for her, because when she remembers again, it really hurts. It's obvious to Jack that something else happened, so he asks her about it. Alison tells him about how Livvie showed up and hung all over Rafe right there in front of her and went on and on about their baby. As if that weren't enough, she actually suggested that she and Alison could renew their friendship. Jack makes a sarcastic remark about Rafe's reaction to this, but Alison defends him. As far as he knows, Livvie is the only woman he's ever loved. Jack can empathize, because this situation is very hard for him too. Alison apologizes for always running to him about Rafe, and promises not to do it anymore, but Jack stops her. She was there for him when he was scared out of his mind, afraid he was becoming a vampire, so he's going to be there for her now. Alison admits she wants to just forget about Rafe but doesn't know how. He puts his arms around her to comfort her as she cries. They sit down to talk, and Alison says she's tired of feeling this way. She keeps thinking she doesn't have a chance with Rafe, but then she looks for signs anyway. She was right before, when she knew he was coming back for her trial. Unfortunately, Livvie got to him first. She and Jack joke around about different road signs, such as "STOP" and "DETOUR," playing with the wording until Jack comes up with "LIVVIE'S A FROOT LOOP." This really tickles Alison, and Jack's happy to see her smile again. Jack asks her to look for the sign in his eyes, because they're sending a message for both of them: "PROCEED WITH CAUTION." He slowly leans forward and kisses her. Just when he starts to apologize, she initiates another kiss.

While Livvie eavesdrops and plays hostess, Ian and Rafe plot their next move in dealing with the Avatar. Rafe wants to draw it out. They know it loves attention. It sees itself as a protector and thinks its deeds are honorable. However, it also has an ego. Ian thinks they should discredit it publicly. Livvie points out that no one will listen to them if they try that, mentioning that there are already fan clubs in town. Ian is disgusted at this, but then it gives him an idea. He thinks Chris might be onto something, and they can use it for their side. Ian tells his idea, and Rafe admits it might work if Ian is the one doing the job. This surprises Ian, but Rafe says he's perfect for this. The Avatar already hates him, and he's a doctor, father, and respected member of the community. All he has to do is stand up and tell the truth as he knows it, and he'll convince everyone. They just have to be ready when it takes the bait. Ian agrees to give it a shot, but before they can get out the door, Livvie runs after them to try to stop them. Rafe insists they're going through with this. They go to the park, where Ian gives a live interview to Patrick, the same reporter to whom Chris spoke earlier. After introducing himself on camera, he brings up the subject of Lancelot, saying there's more to the story than most people know. Ian has seen his true face. He's not a knight in shining armor, but instead a dark, angry being that slithers away into the darkness, avoiding neighbors and avoiding questions. That's the mark of a coward. Lancelot wanted attention, so here it is. Now people can see the so-called avenger for what it really is: a fraud that wants to intimidate anyone getting in the way. Well, right now, Ian's in the way, so Lancelot should come to the park and discuss this with him.

In its new lair, the Avatar watches the interview and roars. Livvie rushes in, warning that they're just trying to trick it.

Rafe says Ian did a good job for an amateur, but Ian reminds him he's dealt with strange things before. He offers to help Rafe recover his memory but Rafe turns him down, having decided to just let it go. Dealing with the Avatar is actually helping, though, since it's the kind of thing he was born to do. He wants to try to trap it, then reason with it and do whatever they can to get through to the host, who is the only one who can force the spirit out. If that doesn't work, they have no choice but to kill the host.

In a rage, the Avatar vows to kill Ian, but Livvie tries to reason with it. Ian is working with her husband, the slayer, trying to set a trap, but the Avatar can't fall for their tricks. Livvie knows it's angry but swears she'll help it and never betray it. It just has to trust her. The Avatar thinks "trust" is a strange word coming from Livvie, but she insists it has to trust her. She pushes back the hood to reveal the face of the host: Frank Scanlon.

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