PC Update Thursday 8/8/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Beth

Lucy absently watches the news about Lancelot while waiting for Kevin to finally come home. When he comes in, she chatters away but he gives her the silent treatment. She coaxes him to talk, but he doesn't know what she wants him to say. Should he reiterate that she went behind his back, and behind Livvie's back, to get a paternity test? Lucy admits she still doesn't believe Rafe is the baby's father, and Kevin wants to know what it will take to prove it to her. Lucy is confident that Kevin knows Livvie isn't being honest with anyone. He's been hiding his head in the sand, and that's not helping anyone. Kevin admits he knows that and thinks he's a rotten father. Lucy argues that he's a wonderful father, but Kevin doesn't agree since he wasn't there for most of Livvie's life. Not knowing she even existed doesn't excuse him for not being there for her. If he had been, maybe things would have been different for her and she would be different. He can't change the past, but he has to do what he can now. Lucy had no idea he had so much doubt and guilt bottled up inside, but Kevin says he had a lot of time to think when he was away. All the time he was gone, he was terrified he'd never see Lucy again, but he was just as terrified he's never see Livvie again. He's not stupid; he knows she has problems, but he can't turn his back on her. He apologizes for yelling at Lucy, admitting he should know better. He just feels like a father who's never been there for his child. He wants Lucy to promise she'll never ask him to turn away from Livvie. Lucy assures him she would never ask that of him, and he admits he knows that. He also knows that Livvie is very troubled, but he can't turn his back on her. He has to show support and try to find the best way to help her. Lucy understands and agrees to respect that from now on, but she needs him to understand something too. She won't let anything come between them; their marriage is the most important thing in the world to her. They have to hold onto each other, and everything will be okay. Finally, the big fight seems to be over, and they kiss and make up.

Kate arrives at the police station, where Ian is pacing while waiting for news about Chris. Kate wants to represent Chris, but Doree brings him in and he says not to waste her time, because he's not going anywhere. Ian asks Chris what kind of game he's playing. Chris isn't playing any games; he's making a statement and standing up for his principles. Lancelot's a hero, and Chris will die before betraying him. Marissa, who's standing by taking notes, gets her headline from his last statement. Ian then asks him what deal he's made with the devil this time. Chris is offended that anyone would associate Lancelot with the devil. Kate points out it would be more effective for Lancelot to work with the police, but Chris says that's just not his style. He thinks Ian's problem is that he can't stand another hero besides himself. He calls Ian a fool for not believing that Lancelot has bestowed a great gift on the town. Chris is the defender and keeper of that gift. Ian takes him aside and stresses that Lancelot isn't a man; it's a spirit, and it's getting more powerful all the time. Chris has to tell him who the host is before it's too late. Chris confides that it's already too late; the Avatar is too strong to be stopped. Kate's curious about what motive Chris has for protecting Lancelot, other than his real estate deals and get-rich-quick schemes. As Doree takes Chris him to a holding cell, he acknowledges the cheers from the crowd as his reason.

Rafe runs into Alison at the Pizza Shack, where she's been doing some research on her laptop. She hasn't found much about the Avatar, but she did manage to find one little tidbit. Fifteen years ago, a mysterious, hooded figure showed up in some town and tracked down a serial killer. The authorities never solved the mystery of the hooded figure, but the M.O. matches that of the Avatar. Rafe thinks this is interesting, but doesn't have a chance to say much before Livvie shows up and starts hanging all over him, saying not to worry about her or the baby because they're both fine. Alison gets up to leave but Livvie asks her to stay. Alison doesn't trust her, but Livvie says she wants to talk. It's time to bury the hatchet and apologize. Alison can't believe this. Livvie says there's no reason they can't try to be friends again. They used to be really close, almost like sisters, and although she doesn't expect that to happen again, it would be nice if they could at least be comfortable running into each other around town. She thinks they're both mature enough to get past this. Alison can't believe this is happening, and Rafe's trying to figure out what Livvie's up to. Livvie asks them what they're doing, and Rafe tries brush off her question, but Alison tells her she's sharing information about Lancelot. Livvie's unhappy to hear this, but she won't let on in front of Alison. Instead, she pretends to be behind her husband one hundred percent. She mentions how protective he is of her and the baby, which makes Alison get up and leave, telling them to have "a really swell night."

Jack looks at the photos he took of Alison for his portfolio, asking himself disgustedly what he's doing. As Jack places the photos back inside the folder, Alison knocks on his door. He pokes his head out in an obvious manner, saying he's looking for her shadow, Rafe. Alison doesn't find any humor in that; Rafe is with his wife. When Jack asks why she stopped by, Alison says she was doing research on Lancelot and wanted to know whether Jack had heard anything from Chris. While leafing through a magazine, Jack says he hasn't heard a word. Alison demands to know why he's being so cold to her, and he says he's tired of helping people who don't want his help. When Alison reminds him she does want his help, he wants to know why. Is she really onto something, or is this just to keep her close to Rafe? And what does Jack have to do with any of it? Alison doesn't know what his problem is. She goes to him because they're supposed to be friends. Jack says she's not making it easy. Every time Rafe rejects her, she runs back to Jack as her consolation prize. She can't believe what she's hearing, but Jack continues. He's out of advice about Rafe, and frankly, he's sick of the subject.

Rafe is annoyed with Livvie, who claims she tried to get along with Alison. Rafe doesn't believe her. He knows she meant to upset Alison. Livvie admits she just couldn't help it. Her feelings were hurt because he promised he wouldn't go after the Avatar, but he is anyway. Rafe points out he never said that; it's just what she wanted to hear. He fully intends to track it, expose it, and run it out of town. Livvie argues with him, but he insists it's what he was born to do. He trained his whole life to do this. He's sorry this scares her, but he can't deny who he is. Livvie tries to convince him the Avatar is really good, but Rafe admits he met it earlier, and it has to be stopped. Livvie slips up, saying to leave it alone or else "he" will ruin everything. Rafe questions her choice of words, thinking it sounds as if she knows the Avatar. Livvie says she doesn't know the Avatar, but she does know darkness. It will consume anyone who lets it in. Rafe vows to keep her and the baby safe, but tells her to stop trying to change his mind. Just as she promises to give him her support, Ian finds Rafe and asks to speak to him alone. He reports that he tried to reason with Chris but it was no use. The whole town is behind him. Rafe wants to reveal the identity of the host. Listening from around the corner, Livvie vows not to let that happen.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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