PC Update Wednesday 8/7/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/7/02

By Beth

Ian interrupts Chris to ask a few questions. He wants proof that Chris is telling the truth about Lancelot. If he really knows him, he should be able to tell them all who Lancelot really is. Chris won't do that; it's Lancelot's anonymity that allows him to do such good work. Not twenty minutes ago, he busted up a crack house at 14th and Madison, hogtying all four dealers in the basement. Everyone owes a big thank-you to Lancelot for that. As the crowd cheers, the reporter makes a phone call to have this checked out. Chris warns Ian not to mess with him, since he has Lancelot's protection. Ian asks what he's doing, saying this thing is dangerous. Chris scoffs at this and challenges him to try to sell that theory to the press. He's not some ancient evil spirit; he's just a guy looking for justice. Chris knows exactly what he's doing, and so does Lancelot.

Karen's impressed that Chris actually knows Lancelot. She and Frank talk until Ricky comes to get her, but she doesn't want to leave. She wants to see what else happens. Ricky thinks Chris is scamming everyone, and Frank agrees it wouldn't be the first time, but Karen insists on sticking around.

Jamal catches Ricky staring at Marissa, and Ricky senses that something's going on between them. Jamal insists they're just friends, and warns Ricky to ease up on her resemblance to Casey. Ricky assures him that's no problem; he's moved on.

Marissa asks for Jack's help but he isn't really listening; he's staring at Alison and Rafe. Frustrated, she asks what a girl has to do to get some attention, other than be Alison. Embarrassed, Jack sticks up for her when she asks Chris for an interview with Lancelot. Chris seems unwilling to get her the interview until Jack reminds him that it was Marissa who made Lancelot such a media sensation. Chris agrees to give her all the scoops and make her his conduit to the press. She's thrilled, and even more so to learn that Lancelot really likes the name she came up with for him.

Alison can't stay out of this as Rafe asked. She tells him that the people of Port Charles pull together like a family when something is going on. She points out that vampires, talking portraits, and angels are just some of the things Port Charles has encountered, and Rafe was here for all of that. The best was at Christmas, though. Caleb was gone by then, but what he did really took a toll on everyone. Rafe admits Livvie told him about that, but he learns from Alison that he was the one who picked up all the pieces and made everything right again. He had this magic about him, and he was able to fix things and mend relationships. He made sure that people who belonged together, were together. Alison wishes he could remember what a wonderful thing he did. Rafe wants to focus on the problem with the Avatar. He has a job to do, and for the first time in a long time, he feels like himself, and feels in control again. Alison knows, because it's what he does. She knows all about his life as a slayer. Rafe admits he's scared but thinks the Avatar is still vulnerable and still has some sense of humanity that he can exploit. He tries to reason with Alison but she insists that she's going to help him.

Livvie stops Summer to see whether she knows where Rafe is, but she hasn't seen him. Not liking her snippy reply, Livvie asks what her problem is. Summer just wants to know whether they're even now. Livvie says it will be over when she says it's over. She paid Summer very well to alter the paternity test results, and she has the power to make sure she never works at GH or any other hospital again, so she'd better do as she's told. Seeing Lucy and Kevin, Livvie confirms that Summer knows what to do now. When Kevin's alone, Summer approaches him with a folder, claiming his wife wanted him to see it. Lucy comes back and Kevin starts in on her, while Livvie watches from around the corner. He wants to know when she's ever going to give his daughter a break. Lucy tries to explain but he won't listen. He can't believe she actually had a paternity test run on his poor, innocent daughter. He wants to know whether it's always going to be this way. He asked her to leave it alone, and she agreed, then did what she wanted anyway. She obviously doesn't respect him or his feelings. Lucy tries to reason with him, but he doesn't care what she has to say. No matter what Livvie's problems may be, she's still his daughter, and he'll never turn his back on her. They argue about which one is objective and which has blinders on when it comes to Livvie. Lucy has one question for him. How did he find out about the paternity test? He doesn't think it matters, but a nurse gave him the folder under the impression Lucy wanted him to see it. Lucy knows exactly what's going on, and asks him to think about who would benefit most to see them at each other's throats. Furious, Kevin storms off to "get some air."

Livvie approaches Lucy and taunts her about what just happened; Lucy messed with her life, so now it's payback time. She challenges Lucy to keep at it, because eventually Kevin will be forced to choose between them, and he obviously won't choose his wife. Lucy issues a warning. She made the mistake of telling her about the paternity test, thinking she'd scare her into being human and doing the right thing. However, if Livvie wants to mess with her life, she'd better not. Lucy's been around a lot longer than she has, and she's had a lot of practice. This is just a skirmish compared to the war that's coming. After she leaves, Livvie starts back to her room but is stopped by Summer, who thinks she found Livvie's husband. Livvie looks at the television screen and sees Rafe with Alison again.

Doree and Andy arrive with news that the crack house story checked out just the way Chris said. Relaying this information to Rafe, Ian wants to know what their next move will be, but Rafe doesn't know yet. While they talk, Alison goes over to Jack, who promises to leave her alone about Rafe. It's her life and she can do what she wants. Alison says she just misses him and loves him very much.

Doree and Andy want Chris to reveal Lancelot's true identity, and when he refuses, they arrest him. Doree gets the pleasure of cuffing him--for real this time. As they haul him away, he tells the people not to worry, because he will protect Lancelot. The crowd boos at the police.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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