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Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Beth

Chris nervously backs away from the Avatar. He points out that he fully supports everything it does. The Avatar says the word "shame" again, and Chris asks what he did. He trips and falls to the ground, asking again what he did to make the Avatar come after him. He admits he's not the nicest guy in the world, but he never hurts women--at least not physically. What does the avenger want with him? He's stunned when the Avatar lifts its hood to reveal the identity of the host.

Unhappy at seeing Alison in Rafe's arms again, Jack confronts Rafe and orders him to leave her alone. He made his choice and should stick with it. Alison protests, but Rafe agrees he should stay away from her. He tells her to let Jack take her home, then rushes off. Furious, Alison tells Jack this was none of his business. He says he's just being a friend, but she informs him he's acting more like a jealous boyfriend.

Marissa and Jamal go back to the bike shop after their ride. She thinks it's strange that the television is on, but Jamal explains that they leave it on for security. Sitting down with a cold drink, they talk about the motorcycle ride. Marissa tells him he was right; he's very good. He's obviously talented, and experience just makes him better. The same thing can be said for her writing, and she admits being a workaholic at times. Writing isn't the only thing she likes, though. She likes Jamal. She says this somewhat shyly, then looks into his eyes, and he's a bit shy too. She reaches for him and kisses him for the first time. Jamal stops. He wasn't expecting anything like that. She doesn't know why; they've been hanging out together a lot, and they obviously like each other. Jamal explains that he wasn't looking to get involved with anyone, but Marissa tells him that's something people figure out as they go along. He admits he feels great right now, and she kisses him again.

Outside the bike shop, Jack wants clarification of what Alison meant back there. She tells him that he almost seems territorial with her. He can't believe it. They're friends, and he wants to be there for her the way she was for him when he almost became a vampire. Alison suspects there's more to it than that, but if she's wrong, she'll shut up. Jack says her friendship is important to him and he would never jeopardize it. She apologizes, and they open the door of the shop and see Jamal and Marissa, who are heavily into their kiss. The slam of the door announces their arrival.

While Ian leaves a message for Rafe to call him, Rafe shows up at his door, saying they have to talk. Ian knows that; he's left several messages for the slayer. He has a confession to make. He really screwed up. He thought Chris Ramsey was the host, but he was wrong. The Avatar followed him to Chris' apartment and knocked him around. Rafe admits he also had a run-in with the Avatar. He went down to the docks, knowing it had to stay near the water. It relies on people's complete loyalty to its cause, and the host already has very strong ties with Port Charles. Rafe tried to scare it out of town, and it should have worked, but instead, Rafe just managed to tick it off royally. Rafe does have some good news, though. It's obvious that the human side is still there, because it didn't kill Ian when it had the chance. Now it needs to find a new lair. Rafe disrupted its pattern, and that's a good thing. He forced it to change tactics before it was ready.

Embarrassed, Marissa and Jamal say they went for a ride--on a motorcycle. Alison announces that Lancelot is neither a human being nor a hero. She just saw it up close and personal, and Rafe said it's the Avatar. Marissa is very interested in this. Alison stresses it's not a hero the way Marissa claims in her article. Jack is tired of hearing about Rafe, but Alison reminds him that he's a vampire slayer. This really gets Marissa's attention; she thinks Port Charles is really cool. The gang's attention turns to the television screen, where Chris is doing an interview in which he claims to have met Lancelot.

At the police station, Doree prepares for dinner with Chris by removing the file on the avenger and trying to sneak it out of the station. Andy catches her and asks what she's doing. Doree claims she just wants to do some extra work to try to catch Lancelot. Andy reminds her that files aren't supposed to leave the precinct. He thinks she's been distracted lately and wonders whether she's been seeing Chris again. Doree says that's none of his business. Andy apologizes; he works with Doree and cares about her, and he just thinks she can do better than Chris Ramsey. Another officer calls their attention to the live interview on television. Doree can't believe it.

Karen tells Ricky her new schedule while he covers her neck with kisses. They both enjoyed their week in New York, but now it's time for her to get back to work. When the interview comes on, Karen, Ricky, and Colleen gather in front of the TV, and Frank joins them. Colleen's impressed that Chris knows Lancelot, whom Ricky calls the "Grim Reaper." Karen admits that Lancelot helped her one day in the park, and she wasn't scared at all. Ricky doesn't want her to talk about it. Karen decides she has to talk to Chris now. Ricky and Frank go with her.

Seeing the interview, Rafe asks about Chris. Ian says he's a great doctor but has no scruples. He's not easily influenced unless power or money is involved. Rafe says he's not the host, but he is the Avatar's stooge.

According to Chris, the people of Port Charles are being graced with the presence of a man who wants to keep their town safe. He prefers to be called Lancelot. For some reason, he has chosen Chris to be his spokesman. Lancelot feels misunderstood. He's just an ordinary man who seeks peace and justice. Chris can't reveal his identity, but he is a real man who wants to remain anonymous and continue his good work. His actions speak for themselves. Chris cautions that there are envious and opportunistic people who want to spread lies and conspiracy theories. The truth about Lancelot is in how safe they feel, thanks to him. Chris assures everyone that Lancelot is here to stay.

Ian thinks this is unbelievable, but Rafe tells him not to be surprised if Chris runs for office. He's the official mouthpiece of the Avatar, and he's doing a good job so far.

The bike shop gang gets a good laugh out of it, and Jack thinks his brother's making a jackass out of himself again. Marissa gets the idea to interview Chris. After all, this story is why she's in town. If Jack will introduce her to Chris, she'll do the rest. He agrees, and they all set out to find him.

After the interview, Chris talks to some of the bystanders until Jack and the others show up. Jack introduces Marissa, who asks for an interview. Chris is happy to oblige. Alison goes to Rafe when she sees him, while Jack keeps an eye on them. Ian, who just arrived with Rafe, speaks out. He has a question for Chris. He wants proof that Chris isn't lying about knowing Lancelot. He wants to know who Lancelot really is.

Who do you think is the "Shadowman" or "Avatar" or "Lancelot"? 

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