PC Update Monday 8/5/02

Port Charles Update Monday 8/5/02

By Beth

At Pizza Shack, Jack looks over the photos he took of Alison. Passing by, Chris sees them and is impressed. It's hard to believe that's little Alison Barrington. He congratulates his younger brother, assuming from the photos that he's sleeping with Alison. Jack is offended by this, but Chris is confident that if he isn't sleeping with her now, he soon will be. When Jack says she was just helping him with his portfolio, Chris points out that Alison's hot, and their exes are together, so they may as well go for it. Jack insists they're just friends, something his brother wouldn't know anything about. Just arriving for her meeting with Chris, Doree agrees with Jack. Chris makes a suggestive parting remark about Alison, making Jack want to hit him.

Chris presents Doree with a red rose as an apology for the way he treated her. She warily accepts it as he admits that things got too intense between them, and he got scared and made some mistakes. He misses her. Doree doesn't exactly trust him but reluctantly agrees to try to be friends. He asks about work, and she tells him how busy she's been with the psycho vigilante on the loose. When Chris asks whether they have any leads, she calls him a miserable, lying creep, accuses him of pumping her for information, and pours what's left of some melted ice from a drink over his head. She almost fell for it. Defensive, Chris says he really does miss her. Yes, he was curious and wanted some information, but that's not why he asked Doree to meet him, and it was wrong of him to bring up the subject. He really wants to be friends--and more, if possible. Finding it hard to trust him, Doree wants to know the real reason he's so interested in the avenger. Chris admits that he thinks it's a potential gold mine. He wants to meet the guy and cut a deal. Doree reminds him that the avenger is hard to track down. Before leaving, she agrees to think about having dinner with Chris at his place. Jack leaves just after she does.

Lucy confesses that Dr. Landrum is a good friend and in fact works for her. The little test he just did will reveal whether Rafe is really the baby's father. Livvie is furious; Lucy had no right to do this. Lucy agrees but says she didn't have a choice. She has to fight fire with fire and burn Livvie. What she's doing is wrong, and Lucy wants to set things right for her cousin and the nice young woman he loves and belongs with. She doesn't believe that Rafe is the father, and this test will prove that. A nurse comes in to check Livvie's vitals. It happens to be Summer, who owes Livvie a favor. Lucy steps out, then goes back inside when the nurse leaves. Livvie's tired of being accused to things she didn't do. Lucy says she'll have proof soon that she is guilty. Livvie pleads for an explanation as to why she's being persecuted, when all she's trying to do is make a life for herself with the man she loves. Lucy admits she can almost see why Rafe and Kevin believe her; she's very good. Livvie lays it on thick about wanting to be friends the way they used to be, but Lucy won't go along with it. Their relationship changed because Livvie changed. There's no excuse for what she's doing. Livvie yells at her to go to hell. Lucy tries to make a deal with her. If she'll tell Rafe and Kevin the truth, Lucy will rip up the test results. Livvie insists she has nothing to confess. Summer comes back and gives Lucy the file from Dr. Landrum. Lucy can't believe her eyes. Livvie grabs the file and reads it aloud, confirming that Rafe and the baby are a perfect match. Lucy wants to know how she did it. She knows very well that Rafe isn't that baby's father. Livvie picks up the phone, threatening to tell Kevin that Lucy is terrorizing her, but then decides that would make her as bad as Lucy, and she doesn't want to hurt her father. Lucy knows she's lying, but Livvie is smugly self-confident. After she leaves, Summer returns to Livvie's room. Livvie tells her to close the door, then pulls out several bills as payoff. Summer counts it and remarks that it isn't much money for such a big secret. Livvie points out that she's not the only one with a secret. That's how she knows she can trust Summer. After she orders the nurse to leave, Livvie tells her baby that nobody is as smart as she is.

Rafe calls out to the Avatar, unaware that Alison is hiding nearby. The Avatar comes, to Alison's shock. Rafe informs it that its justice is unwelcome. Stunned by what she's witnessing, Alison accidentally makes a noise revealing her presence. Rafe tells her to get out of there, but she won't leave, so he turns his attention back to the Avatar. He tells it to leave Port Charles; its work is done. The Avatar refuses, but Rafe persists. He won't let it control people. He knows it has taken a man as its host, and he demands to speak to that man. Rafe also knows that the man is just, which is why the Avatar chose him. He tells the host that he doesn't have to hide behind the shroud; he must separate himself from the spirit and talk to Rafe. Instead, the Avatar speaks and claims to be one with the host. Rafe says that Port Charles has seen enough darkness. Alison begs him to leave, but he's not afraid; he'll fight to the end. The Avatar says that since they're both protectors, they're like brothers, but Rafe insists they're nothing alike; the Avatar's protection comes with a price. It feeds off the people it defends, using, controlling, and ultimately destroying them. It's not a hero. It's an ego-driven, power-hungry fraud. Alison's terrified that he's making it angry, but Rafe is confident that he can beat it. Calling it a coward, he demands that it leave now. Enraged, the Avatar goes into its hideout. As soon as the door is closed, it blasts into pieces. Rafe peers inside and announces that the Avatar won't be back. He wants to take Alison home, but she wants to figure out how they're going to stop it. Rafe can't believe she's including herself in this, and tells her to stay as far away from it as possible. He can't go up against it if he's worried about her too. For the first time, she can see that he really feels his calling. Looking at her with love in his eyes, Rafe admits there's only one thing he feels more strongly about. Alison thinks he's absolutely amazing. They hold each other, unaware that Jack is watching.

As Chris walks nonchalantly through the park, he hears a raspy voice say, "Shame." He looks around, then finds himself face to face with the Avatar.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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