PC Update Friday 8/02/02

Port Charles Update Friday 8/02/02

By Beth

Outside Livvie's room, Lucy tries to get Kevin to warn his daughter of her presence. She doesn't want to just walk in and surprise her. Kevin agrees to butter her up for a minute. While he's with Livvie, Lucy waits for the doctor, who finds her and assures her that the test will seem like routine prenatal care. It looks just like a sonogram, and he's the only one who can interpret the findings. Neither Livvie nor her father will suspect that it's really a paternity test. Lucy is grateful for his help in determining whether her cousin is really the father of Livvie's unborn child.

Livvie is pleasantly surprised by her father's visit. She thinks he looks worried and assures him there's no reason. Kevin thinks that's a miracle, considering the fall she took. Lucy tentatively enters the room and Livvie makes a good show of welcoming her, while talking about how wonderful Rafe has been to her. Dr. Landrum comes in with the equipment, claiming it's just a simple test very much like a sonogram. Lucy looks very smug at this point. After the doctor leaves with a promise to get the results soon, Livvie talks about her realization of what a miracle her baby is. All babies, really. They come from the love and trust between two people. Kevin agrees, adding that love, trust, and happiness are the most important things that parents can give a child. He coerces Lucy to agree with him, so she adds that trust is something a child can give a parent. Kevin wants his wife and daughter to come to a truce and make him a happy man. A hopeful expression on his face, he goes to his office to give them time to make up. Lucy starts to apologize but Livvie stops her. They put on a good show, and their audience left. They can pretend to make up now, and then see each other on holidays, while Livvie prays for Lucy to drop dead. Taken aback, Lucy can't believe she almost forgot that Livvie's nothing but a manipulative little bitch, but she won't make that mistake again. She almost called off something she was about to do, but now she's going to let it happen. She admits that the doctor who was just there is working for her. His test will prove whether or not Rafe is the father of Livvie's baby.

As Ian tries to lock the door of Chris' apartment, the Avatar appears with a reminder that he was warned not to interfere. Kate goes back to look for Ian and finds him on the floor, with Chris crouched down beside him. Assuming he's the reason for Ian's situation, she orders him to get away from her friend. Chris tries to explain that he didn't do anything, but Kate pulls out her can of pepper spray. As they struggle for possession of the can, Ian gets up and punches Chris in the face.

As Chris sits on his couch in bewilderment, Ian searches his apartment and Kate brings him an ice pack for his head. He asks what they're doing but they brush his questions aside. Kate advises him to prove his whereabouts when Karen was attacked. Ian returns from the bedroom with the announcement that there aren't any clues in there: no robe, hood, gloves, nothing. Tired of being a good sport about this, Chris gets up to call the police, but Ian pushes him back down. Standing over him, Ian demands to know when was the first time he let the spirit of the Avatar inside his body. When did he become the host? This is the first that Kate has heard of this, so Ian explains that an ancient spirit is controlling Chris. As he talks, the puzzled look on Ramsey's face is priceless. Ian implores him to tell him how it happened, so that maybe they can fight it together. Chris gets a demon-possessed look on his face, then bursts out laughing. He asks whether Ian is out of his mind; this was almost worth getting clocked over. Ian wants an explanation of all the newspaper clippings and videotapes. Chris says it's all for a business proposal for investors, billing Port Charles as "the safest town in America." He's been out buying up all the vacant lots in town, getting on top of the real estate market. After taking a call on his cell phone, Ian apologizes to Chris. A carjacker is in the hospital, thanks to the Avatar, and Chris obviously didn't do it. Chris can't believe Ian wants to stop the Avatar. Ian says that sooner or later, things will get out of hand. Chris thinks it's heroic, and he'd be proud to be the host. Leaving him alone, Ian tells Kate this was the most stupid thing he's ever done, but Kate tries to soften the blow. Ian's more worried now because he doesn't have any idea who the host is.

Rafe goes to the pier to look for the Avatar, since he knows it would be somewhere by the water. He calls out that he knows all its secrets. He remembers himself at ten years old, when he had his first encounter with the spirit. Now he just has to wait. He knows the Avatar is close. Hearing something, he shouts at it to face him, and is startled to see Alison comes down the stairs just as a shadow approaches. Rafe tries to push Alison away from the area but she won't go. To protect her, he pulls her down, telling her to cover her eyes and stay down. The shadow turns out to have been from a fisherman. Alison wants an explanation for what just happened, and Rafe's embarrassed. He thought she was in trouble, but he was wrong. He was just following his instincts. Assuring him she's not hurt, she says maybe one of them should move to Australia so they won't be having all these awkward meetings. Rafe won't do it; kangaroos give him the creeps. That tickles Alison, who doesn't want to deal with the reversal of seasons a move Down Under would involve. They'll just have to make it bearable to stay in Port Charles. Rafe shushes Alison, telling her not to say a word. In spite of this, she asks him why. He tries to keep her quiet and get her out of there but she's not even remotely cooperative. Finally, he tells her to just trust him and get out. He needs to know she's safe. She goes up the stairs but sneaks back down and hides behind some barrels as Rafe crouches and calls out the Avatar. He can feel its presence, and he's been waiting a long time to see it again. As the shadow of the Avatar looms over Rafe and calls him "Slayer," Alison peeks out from her hiding place.

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