PC Update Thursday 8/01/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 8/01/02

By Beth

Marissa managed to get her article about "Lancelot" on the front page of the Port Charles Herald. Ian compliments her on her writing but thinks she made an interesting choice of appellation for the shadowy avenger. Marissa's excited, calling Ian's comments her first good review, but Jamal reminds her she left out some details, mainly about how badly Lancelot hurts the bad guys. Despite this, he thinks she did a great job on her first published article. Marissa still insists Jamal is her good luck charm. Jamal's not used to be thought of that way, but Marissa insists. She asks about his dreams and learns that he always loved to race bikes. Marissa pushes for a reason why he stopped, and he mentions Alison's dislike of the whole idea. Marissa doesn't think he should have let anyone stop him. Jamal doesn't elaborate but says Alison wasn't the only reason he quit racing. Running the bike shop is good business, and he enjoys it. Marissa doesn't believe him. He should be out there getting some excitement and listening to the roar of the crowd. He admits he was good, and she challenges him to prove it. They go outside and get on a motorcycle for what will be Marissa's first ride. They put on helmets and get ready to roll.

Ian tells Chris he was looking for him last night but he'd already left the hospital. He mentions all the publicity the shadow man's been receiving, and Chris thinks he deserves a medal. Kate stops by Ian's table and thanks him for the flowers he sent for watching Danny last night. She gives him a large manila envelope filled with her bio and a long list of personal references. She thought it would save him some time and get him to stop spying on her. It should answer all his questions. Having already apologized, Ian asks when she's going to forgive him, but she changes the subject. She asks his opinion on Marissa's article, but he's not too sure about making the shadow man out to be almost a saint. He thinks it's just someone who enjoys the attention and has a huge ego. Kate thinks that describes Ian, but she follows his gaze across the room to Chris and assumes he thinks that's who Lancelot is. Ian says that Chris is certainly no one's hero. Kate remembers seeing him on television and thinks he could have been trying to drum up some publicity, but Ian says he's his own favorite topic. If he were the avenger, he'd never keep quiet about it. Ian says he's due back at the hospital, and Kate makes sure he has the envelope she gave him.

Alison walks in the park with Amanda, who says it's just like when Alison was a little girl and they used to take strolls through the park. When Alison points out that they never did this before, her grandmother says at least she thought about it. She brought Alison out to the park to inform her of a decision she's made. She's going to send Alison away to college. Alison appreciates the offer but tells Amanda she can't just send her away. Amanda believes she can indeed, but Alison stands firm. She has her own life to live. Amanda doesn't like the choices her granddaughter has made, and unintentionally hurts her by bringing up Rafe's abandonment of her and his subsequent marriage to Livvie. Amanda doesn't understand Alison, but she tries. She offers to take her on a cruise, but all Alison wants is some time alone. Amanda relents, telling her granddaughter she loves her. As she walks away, Alison says she loves her too.

Back at the hospital, Chris and Colleen talk about Lancelot. Colleen wouldn't mind meeting him in a dark alley, and Chris tells himself that everyone wants to know who Lancelot is. He has a folder containing some newspaper articles about the avenger.

Livvie awakens before Rafe and thinks about what she learned from the Avatar. The baby will be special. Rafe wakes up just before Lisa comes by with breakfast and the newspaper. Hearing that the Avatar is one of the main stories (and is now being called Lancelot), he tells her to take the paper away, since that subject is upsetting for his wife. Livvie tells him she isn't worried anymore; she doesn't think Lancelot
will bother her again. Puzzled, Rafe asks when she's actually seen the Avatar. Livvie denies knowing Lancelot, but Rafe doesn't believe her. She insists that even if she'd met him him, it wouldn't be a big deal. He hasn't hurt anyone. Rafe can't believe her attitude now, especially after she fainted just from hearing about the Avatar. Livvie points out he's never hurt an innocent person. She tries to get him to back off but he won't. He admits he held something back from her, and she accuses him of being the one who's keeping secrets. He tells about his encounter with the Avatar when he was a little boy. It's destructive, but Livvie refuses to believe it's anything less than a hero. She wants him to stop talking about it, but Rafe says he has to fight it, for their baby's sake. He was trained to defeat most evil forces, not just vampires. He knows how to fight the Avatar. He'll have to go through the host, appealing to its humanity. If the Avatar's too strong, the host will have to be destroyed. Livvie can't accept that. She begs him to leave it alone, but Rafe insists he has to do this to protect their family. He doesn't want the baby exposed to this kind of danger. He knows what the Avatar can do, so he has to destroy it. Livvie pleads with him not to, and then Chris enters the room and asks them to keep it down, since he could hear them all the way down the
hall. He adds that in his opinion, Livvie's right. Rafe tells him to mind his own business. Chris politely apologizes and says he's happy everything's worked out for them. A new baby is very special. Hearing that last word, Livvie snaps at him, not believing she heard right. Chris explains that she knows what he means; a baby is such a blessed event. He cheerfully leaves them to get some rest. Rafe says he was right about one thing. Having a baby should be a wonderful time, and he's not going to let this hang over them. He's going to take care of the Avatar once and for all. Livvie again begs him to leave it alone, but all he'll promise is not to do anything to hurt her or their baby.

Kate catches Ian trying to pick the lock on Chris' apartment. He admits he has a hunch that Chris is the avenger, since he's so obsessed with the guy. He gets the lock open, and Kate insists on going inside with him. Ian finds several newspaper clippings on his desk, and Kate finds several videotapes of news stories on Lancelot. The whole place is like a shrine. When Kate asks whether they'll find any hoods in the bedroom, Ian decides it's time for her to get out of there. Kate wants to know what they're going to do now. Ian mumbles something about Chris hosting a dark force, which Kate questions. He thinks Chris is getting more powerful and therefore more dangerous. Kate realizes he's talking about something supernatural again, and Ian says if that's the case, it won't go down without a fight. He gets Kate out of there but lingers a bit too long himself. As he closes the door, the Avatar appears with a reminder that Ian was warned not to interfere.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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