PC Update Wednesday 7/31/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Beth

At the pier, Livvie demands that the Avatar tell her the truth about the baby or else she'll tell everyone in Port Charles who their hero really is. She wants to know whether what she's carrying is human or not, and if she doesn't find out, she'll blow the Avatar's cover sky high. The Avatar warns her not to say anything; if she does, Rafe will find out that he isn't the baby's father. The Avatar pulls her inside its lair and closes the door. Livvie looks in awe at all the newspaper clippings tacked up on the wall. She's amazed by how much good the Avatar has done. That's why she chose the shadowy avenger to be the father of her child. She chose a hero, and she doesn't want to stop the important work being done, but she's afraid. When they conceived the baby, she thought her benefactor was human. Now that she knows what he's become, she wonders what the baby is. Is it a monster? The Avatar informs her that it is a special child destined to do great things. The baby is better than its father. It will be more powerful yet human. Livvie is awestruck. The baby survived the fall because of this. Everything will be fine. She informs the Avatar's host that she always liked him even before he became like this. Promising to keep the identity secret, she takes its hand.

Jack is at the hospital looking for Alison's sweater. Lucy runs into him, and Jack informs her that Rafe actually accused Alison of pushing Livvie down the stairs. Hearing this, Lucy adds this to the list of times she wants to shake her cousin, but Jack tells her to get in line. Lucy's on her way to see Livvie and try to mend fences, but her heart isn't in it. They open the door and discover that her bed is empty and Livvie is nowhere to be found. Lucy's aware that she was told to stay in bed. Lucy stands there trying to figure out where Livvie could be, but Jack is through trying to understand his ex-girlfriend. He relays what Alison told him about how Livvie was goading her, acting as if she wanted to fall down the stairs. Lucy doesn't think that makes any sense. She wouldn't want to lose her baby, especially since it's her only way to hold on to Rafe. Reiterating that he's finished trying to figure her out, Jack wishes Lucy luck before leaving. Outside Livvie's room, Lucy chants to herself that she isn't going to meddle. However, she trusts Alison's instincts, and if she thinks Livvie wanted to fall, she may be right. Lucy realizes there's only one reason Livvie would try to lose her baby. Lucy introduces herself to Lisa, a young nurse, and says she wants a copy of Livvie's chart to give to her personal internist. Lisa isn't too sure about this, but Lucy uses her position as a board member to get what she wants. She grabs the chart from Lisa and takes it aside while she calls one of the doctors. Lucy funded his paternity research testing and thinks it's time to have it put that research to work for her. She informs him that her stepdaughter is pregnant--telling him no congratulations are needed--and there's a question of who the baby's father is.

Marissa has her laptop at the Recovery Room and is so engrossed in writing her story that she's oblivious to Jamal's arrival. When he finally gets her attention, it really startles her, and they have a good chuckle about it. She's excited about her article now that she has her angle. As she reads Jamal what she's written so far, Jamal expressed amazement at how she gets the same look on her face that Casey used to get. Marissa changes the subject away from her twin, and Jamal wants to know why she doesn't want to find out about her. Marissa points out that her sister is dead, and there's nothing else to know. Casey died after having a lousy life and never having realized any of her dreams. Jamal says Casey wouldn't want her sister to feel sorry for her.

At Mary's request, Alison comes to the Recovery Room to fill in for the regular employees, most of whom are out sick. Mary is very appreciative, but Alison doesn't mind since she needs something like this to keep her mind off her problems. Unfortunately, her first customer has just arrived, and it's Rafe. Stammering that he doesn't want to make her uncomfortable, he offers to leave, but Alison invites him to sit down. She tries to take his order, asking whether he knows what he wants. Rafe replies that he's been asking himself that a lot lately. He apologizes for the crazy accusation he made against her. He knows Livvie's fall had nothing to do with her. The accusation really hurt Alison, but she's glad everyone is all right. She suggests staying out of each other's way as much as possible, saying she'll come back when he's ready to place his order.

Marissa chokes on a bite of food. Jamal performs the Heimlich maneuver on her, and the offending food goes flying across the room. Rafe stands by, concerned, and Alison brings her some water. Marissa assures them all that she's fine, then tells Jamal that as her life flashed before her eyes, all she could think was what a bummer it was that she never got a Pulitzer. She thinks about how so many people came to her rescue.

Rafe decides not to eat there after all. He wishes he could stop thinking about Alison, but he can't. Telling him they'll both get past it eventually, she insists that he go ahead and eat something. She knows what he likes, so she orders for him. Rafe laughs at himself and admits that running into her wasn't an accident; he saw her come in. Now he has to get out; he left Livvie all alone at the hospital, and he should be there with her. As they wrap up their conversation, Jack comes in and asks Alison whether the "creep" is bothering her. Rafe leaves, and Alison says he just came in for something to eat. It's hard to see him and Livvie together and having a baby, when Alison is the one who should be carrying his child. Jack's just worried about her. Here she is, trying to get over Rafe, but the guy comes sniffing around her every chance he gets. Jack wants to wait around until her shift is over in three hours so he can take her home, but Alison reminds him he's not her bodyguard. She really enjoys all the time they've been spending together, but they don't need to be together every single minute. A kiss on his cheek thanks him for being such a good friend.

Leaving the pub, Marissa calls Jamal a hero for saving her life. He laughs and says she wasn't supposed to see him do the rescuing. Marissa thinks someday she'll be ready to talk to him about Casey. Then she realizes that if Jamal hadn't saved her, maybe "Lancelot" would have. It could still work. They could be walking down the street and Marissa could start screaming that Jamal is hurting her, and Lancelot would come to her rescue. As she screams in demonstration, the shadow of a hooded figure appears nearby. Jamal points out that he would be "sidewalk pizza" if Lancelot thought he was attacking her. Marissa concedes that her plan needs more work; she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her "good luck charm."

The doctor meets with Lucy, who tells him she was honored to fund his research. He wants to talk to Livvie but Lucy wants to keep this between them, saying it would upset Livvie. She realizes that normally a patient has to give consent, but she just knows he has plenty of other wonderful research ideas and she'd like to fund them. She wants to keep this between the two of them and work together to determine
whether Rafe is the father of Livvie's baby.

Rafe goes back to Livvie's room to check on her. She's glad to see him, and beckons him to lie down in bed with her. As they snuggle up together, Livvie talks about what a perfect life they'll have because of their very special child.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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