PC Update Tuesday 7/30/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Beth

As Jack tries to get Alison out of the hospital, a nurse finds them with the news that Livvie and her unborn baby are both in perfect health. Alison is excited, thinking she can go try to patch things up with Rafe, but Jack grabs her arm to stop her. He reminds her that Rafe told her to stay away, and that's what she should do. He gets an idea for a way to help her loosen up, and takes her away from the hospital. 

Jack drags Alison to a carnival that's closed for the night. She doesn't think it's a good idea but he assures her it's all right with the owner. He just wants her to have a good time and forget about Rafe for a while. He finds the switch that turns on the music, then prepares for her to show her strength with the hammer. She reluctantly agrees but wants him to go first. Thinking about Livvie, he hits his mark, then gives the hammer to Alison. She's quite pleased with herself when she makes the bell clang. She admits that this is her first carnival. Amanda never let her go as a kid because she was a Barrington. However, Alison used to catch her grandmother watching old movies late at night, and in those movies, couples went to amusement parks, and there was always a handsome hero who could sing. The hero would always win stuffed animals for his girl, and it was very romantic. Jack admits that he can't sing, but he can play the carnival games and win her some stuffed animals. He tries knocking down bottles but misses, and eventually Alison knocks them down. Jack wins her a huge stuffed bear. She's really grateful to him for the carnival. They take a break, and Alison snuggles up to Jack, which he obviously doesn't mind.

Ian doesn't care for the way Chris reacted to the Avatar's latest act of justice. He doesn't like what he thinks of as hero worship, preferring to know the avenger's motives before making a decision about it. Chris doesn't get it; he thinks it's simply a courageous man who enjoys giving the scum of the earth exactly what they deserve. He thinks his colleague must be jealous. After all, Ian is usually the one who plays hero, and he probably can't stand the fact that now someone else is getting all the attention. Following this exchange, Ian thinks back to his conversation with Rafe about the Avatar. Nearby, Chris brags about his interview. Ian isn't impressed, and neither is Colleen, who reports that he's been taking a lot of time off this month. She shows Ian the schedule. Ian gives Frank a report on a patient, then asks whether he's talked to Chris lately. He explains that Chris is "on a roll" about the shadow, but Frank already heard about that from Colleen. He remembers when the punks who were harassing Mary were found hanging upside down, and Chris told him off for laughing about it. Chris didn't think Frank should be laughing at the avenger, but that's not what he was doing. It was weird. Ian isn't sure what to make of it.

Livvie can't believe the baby survived her fall down the stairs. She tried so hard to kill it. Rafe arrives with the news that he called Kevin and Lucy. Dr. Neumann returns and hooks up the fetal monitor. Alarmed, Livvie says it's too soon for that, but the doctor thinks it might be possible. She finds the heartbeat, which thrills Rafe, but Livvie is obviously not happy about this. The doctor notes that something is a bit odd; the heartbeat is louder and stronger than any she's ever heard at that age. It's almost as if the fall energized it. Rafe doesn't understand how the baby's heart could be too strong, but the doctor assures him it's just a little surprising but certainly nothing to worry about. She insists that Livvie stay at least overnight for observation. Rafe is puzzled by Livvie's reaction to the good news. He's relieved that the baby's all right, but Livvie seems almost disappointed. Livvie's upset that he said that, obviously thinking she was putting on a better act. She tells him to get away from her. When he apologizes, she accuses him of being the one who's disappointed. Rafe admits he was conflicted before, but that's changing. She and the baby are his priorities now. Livvie tells him she needs some sleep. Rafe offers to stay there with her but she wants him to go home and get the apartment ready. As soon as he leaves, she jumps out of bed and makes sure he's really gone, then gets her clothes from the closet. She doesn't know how the baby managed to survive the fall, but she's going to find its real father and find out exactly what kind of baby she's carrying.

On his cell phone, Chris discusses some property with someone, stressing that no one can find out about it. He adds that his schedule should be getting easier, since he's considering giving up his medical practice to devote himself fulltime to more rewarding activities.

Ian stops Rafe to clear up his questions about the Avatar. Rafe says the host has to be willing to let the Avatar in, and probably wants to be a hero. The more attention the Avatar receives, the more the host starts to believe its own hype, and it all gets out of control. The host definitely knows that he's the Avatar. Rafe asks whether Ian has a lead, but Ian claims he just wants to know what to look for. He promises to let Rafe know if he comes up with anything. Ian nears Colleen on the phone trying to get another doctor to cover for Chris, who checked out again. Ian wonders what Chris is up to.

Livvie goes to the pier and insists that the Avatar show itself and talk to her. Her baby shouldn't be alive, but it's even stronger than ever, and she wants to know why. The Avatar appears and tells her she shouldn't be there. She demands to know what she's carrying, or else she'll tell everyone in town who the Avatar really is.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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