PC Update Monday 7/29/02

Port Charles Update Monday 7/29/02

By Beth

Victor arrives at the lighthouse with a fresh-baked peach pie. He's
disappointed to hear that Livvie and Rafe are already gone. Lucy sits
him down for a talk, asking him not to tell Kevin about their
conversation. She thinks Livvie is headed for big trouble. Lucy
believes Rafe and Alison belong together and that Livvie has done
nothing but lie about everything. Victor tells her that Kevin really
wants everything to work out. He was really nervous about tonight and
wanted it to feel like a normal family dinner. That's why Victor
brought the pie. He wanted to do something nice for his son,
granddaughter, and great-grandchild, because no matter what Livvie has
done, she's still family. Lucy realizes he could have told her to mind
her own business but he's too good a father-in-law to do that. After
he leaves, Lucy rehearses what to say to Kevin as an apology. Nothing
sounds right, and she has trouble making herself say any of these
things. Deciding to focus on the innocent unborn child caught in the
middle of this, she sits down and pokes a fork into the peach pie and
starts eating.

Kate is furious with Ian for questioning her. She has no intention of
discussing her private life with him. She accuses him of following her
and pumping the bartender for information about her. Ian points out
that she's the one who recommended the place; that's why he was there.
He thought they were becoming friends, and so did Kate, but now she
thinks she was wrong. She orders him to get out of her way before she
starts screaming. He tells her to go, and keep running whenever
someone catches her in a lie. It's very mature. She takes issue with
this and decides to stay and have it out with him. Ian has no right to
question her about her private life. Is his life so pathetic that he
needs to follow her around? Ian points out that she's the one who kept
talking about her boyfriend and what a great evening they spent
together, but when he asked her about it, she refused to talk about
it. Ian gets beeped by the hospital and says he has to get Danny ready
and contact the babysitter. Kate stops him; she doesn't like Ian, but
she does like his son, so she can stay and watch him while Ian's at
work. That way, Danny can go on sleeping, and she can make some more
calls to her imaginary boyfriend. After Ian leaves, Kate calls her
"significant other" again and says how much she misses him. She wishes
they could be together, and says that no one could possibly

Marissa and Jamal wait anxiously to see whether the attacked pimp
makes it through surgery. Jamal thinks what the shadowy avenger did to
him was brutal. Doree and another officer, Jerry, approach them to ask
a few questions. Marissa has some questions for them as well, but
Jerry slows her down. Jamal explains that they didn't actually see
what happened. Marissa adds that it was obviously the shadowy avenger.
She asks whether they have any idea who it is yet, but Doree reminds
her they don't know for certain that's who beat up the pimp. Chris
emerges from surgery and announces that the pimp is going to make it,
He did his job, but if there were any real justice in the world, the
pimp would be on his way to the morgue. Doree and Chris argue about
his belief that the victims are getting what they deserve. He thinks
the police should just give up and let the shadow man run the town. He
tells Marissa and a newly arrived reporter that they can quote him on
that. The reporter is there to interview Chris, at his request.

Doree wants to know what Chris is really up to, but he insists he's
not up to anything. He meant every word he said about the vigilante;
it's the best thing to happen to Port Charles in years. Doree isn't
sure they can trust the shadow man, but the way Chris sees it, she's
just mad at him because they're not together anymore. He takes the
reporter off for his interview, and Marissa is angry that she didn't
get her story. She doesn't work for a paper yet, but she will if she
can get this story. Then, she'll be able to work anywhere she wants.
All she has to do is figure out who the shadowy avenger is. Jamal is
lost in thought. Thinking of the cases he knows about, he realizes
that in every instance, the shadow man was protecting a woman. Marissa
is excited; she thinks she has her story now. When Jamal mentions that
he isn't Sir Lancelot, she gets the idea to call her story, "Lancelot
Comes to Port Charles."

Chris tells the reporter he thinks the avenger is doing a real public
service. Standing nearby, Doree tells Ian that the way Chris has been
going on, he almost seems to be the vigilante. Ian remembers what Rafe
told him about the Avatar and thinks there's something to what Doree

Livvie picks a fight with Alison on the stairs. No matter how many
times Alison says she's going to leave her and Rafe alone, Livvie
demands that she stay away from them. Livvie then pretends to get
another pain, and when Alison touches her arm, she jerks away from her
and tumbles down the stairs. Rafe appears on the scene immediately and
yells for help. Deniece tends to Livvie while Rafe yells at Alison to
stay away from her. Livvie thinks she's going to lose the baby. Dr.
Neumann admits that there could be a serious problem and wants to run
some tests, including a blood type test for Rafe in case of internal
bleeding. Livvie begs Rafe to promise they'll try again, and he

Jack returns, looking for Alison, and learns the bad news. She tells
him how Livvie started in with a huge scene and wouldn't let up, no
matter what Alison said. Livvie was flailing her arms and then pushing
Alison, and she seems to want Alison to push back, as if she wanted to
fall down the stairs. Rafe hears this and loses his temper. Does it
make her feel better to think that way? Rafe says Livvie is crying her
eyes out, thinking she's lost the baby. How could Alison think she did
it on purpose? He's starting to wonder whether it really was an
accident. Alison can't believe what he just said. Jack defends her,
but Rafe wants to know why she was arguing with an upset pregnant
woman in the first place. He doesn't think Alison should be at the
hospital at all, but Jack sets him straight on that; Alison wasn't
feeling well and he brought her to see a doctor. That's when they ran
into Rafe's lunatic wife. Alison tells them to stop arguing and admits
she shouldn't have argued with Livvie. Rafe says everything would have
been fine if she hadn't shown up. He wants her to leave him and his
family alone. Jack thinks they should leave the hospital. He knows
that Alison will be miserable whatever happens. If the baby lives,
Livvie and Rafe will stay together. If not, Alison will be blamed. He
doesn't normally agree with Rafe about anything, but this time he's
right; Alison has to leave them alone.

The doctor is concerned about Livvie's cramping, but she'll know more
when the tests come back. Alone, Livvie tells her unborn child that
she's sorry she couldn't let it live, but she didn't know what its
real father was or what kind of monster it could be. She'll try again,
though, and Rafe will be the father. She had to fix this the only way
she could. When Rafe returns, Livvie tells him not to blame Alison for
her fall. The doctor returns with the news that the baby is fine. The
little one has its heart and soul set on making its way into the
world. Rafe is relieved, and Livvie cries her eyes out.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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