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Port Charles Update Friday 7/26/02

By Beth

Ian straightens up his place in preparation for company, and Kate arrives with the agreed-upon pizza. She looks around and comments that it's cozier than she expected it to be, and Ian credits Eve with making it a home. While he puts Danny to bed, Kate looks at the family photo displayed on a table and thinks coming over wasn't such a good idea after all. When Ian returns, he notices she didn't pour any wine and offers an alternative if she doesn't like that kind. Kate admits it's actually one of her favorites, but she thinks she had too much of it with Brennan while in New York. They even had some at that restaurant she told Ian about. Ian stops her from saying any more. He saw her there, and she was alone. Kate is displeased to hear this but tries some damage control; it certainly wasn't Kate that he saw. Ian explains that he started to send a bottle of wine over and that the bartender mentioned knowing her. The man also said that Kate always goes there alone. Kate is furious. If he wasn't spying on her, he should have stopped by her table. Ian says he didn't want to invade her privacy, but Kate thinks that's what he's doing now. Ian says they're becoming friends, and he knows what she's going through. At that, she slaps him hard, saying he knows nothing about her or her life. How dare he do this to her? Ian isn't judging her, but he felt sorry for her. This infuriates Kate even more; he obviously thinks she's pathetic and has an imaginary boyfriend. She's heard enough. Accusing him of setting people up and then spying on them, she tries to leave but he won't let her.

At the pier, Livvie confronts the Avatar. She now knows it isn't human, but she thought it was when they met the other night. She was desperate to become pregnant, but now she wants to know what she's really carrying inside her. She cries and screams at the Avatar to stop hiding and tell her what it is. When she demands to know what it did to her, it replies, "What you asked for." Livvie insists she never asked for this. She screams after it as it walks away.

Rafe and Alison are surprised to see each other outside the lighthouse. Hearing that Livvie is on her way, Alison tries to leave, but Lucy comes out and stops her. She pretends that Rafe is early but he insists he's here exactly when Lucy wanted him to be. Lucy tries to get both of them to go inside but Alison can't. She knows Lucy meant well, but this isn't right. Rafe tells Lucy she shouldn't have done this, and Kevin pokes his head out the door and chimes in his agreement. They all go inside, and Kevin asks Lucy what she was thinking. She wanted to give Rafe and Alison some time to settle things, but Kevin yells that they are settled. He thinks this was cruel to Rafe and Livvie, but most of all to Alison. He demands that she put an end to her matchmaking. Lucy admits she may have made a bad call, but she can't stand seeing the pain in their eyes. Rafe takes over the browbeating and tells his cousin not to help. He's married now, and seeing Alison won't help. In the doorway, Livvie hears that Alison was there and loses her temper. Rafe and Kevin try to placate her by pointing out that Alison isn't there now. Kevin asks Rafe to pour the wine and Livvie's sparkling water while he gets the spaghetti. Livvie tells them how glad she is that they're all together. She wants them to be close but knows it will take time. Lucy is giving her the classic Lucy look the entire time. Kevin makes a toast to Rafe and Livvie, putting Lucy on the spot more than once, but she still manages not to drink to something she doesn't believe in.

She starts talking about babies being blessings from angels, then asks Rafe whether he believes in angels. Livvie tries to get her to stop. As Rafe answers Kevin's question about baby names, Livvie feels another pain and claims it's the baby moving. Kevin knows it's too early, and Rafe takes her to the hospital. The others offer to go too but Rafe asks them to just back off. Kevin is highly annoyed with his wife who insists she didn't do anything wrong. Kevin says they've been over this and she shouldn't ask him to take sides. Lucy doesn't want him to, but she does know Livvie pretty well. Kevin thinks that's the problem. He wants her to stop thinking of her as the Livvie they know, and start thinking of her as a newlywed and young mother-to-be, because these things tend to help mature people. He just can't believe she's looking for trouble right now.

Jack sets up for the photo shoot, and Alison arrives with a suitcase full of "cute" little outfits. She shows him all the things she brought and mentions how cute they are. She thinks it's time to stop moping around and instead take advantage of the opportunities she has. Jack is amused by all her outfits but knows something's wrong. She's not ready to talk about it. However, she's finally ready to have some fun. She changes into one of her cute little outfits and they start the photo shoot. Alison says she's going for a sexy, smoldering, sizzling look. Jack has never seen this side of her before, but she claims it's always been there, just hidden. Since she's been talking nonstop, Jack tells her to stop so they can take the pictures. She insists this is the beginning of the sexy, sophisticated Alison. Suddenly she gets dizzy and Jack helps her down off the bike. She thinks maybe she's dehydrated, but he's convinced it's related to her condition and insists on having her checked out. She doesn't want to, but he gives her an ultimatum. Either she goes with him to the hospital or he's calling an ambulance. She thinks this is silly but agrees to go, and although she wants to change back into her other clothes, he won't give her time to do that.

Rafe gets Livvie to the hospital to wait for Dr. Neumann. When she gets another pain, he goes to look for the doctor. She hears Alison and Jack on the stairs; the neurologist said Alison needs rest. Livvie goes over to the stairs and Jack calls her "mommy dearest." She goes up a few stairs to confront Alison. Jack wants to stick around but Alison tells him to go ahead and bring the car around. He agrees but says he'll be back to get her if she isn't outside in two minutes. Alison and Livvie get into an argument, brought on by Livvie's refusal to believe Alison isn't hanging around Rafe. When Livvie gets another pain, Alison touches her arm, and Livvie jerks away from her and falls down the stairs.

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